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What if Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edward's leaving pulled them closer? What if Bella chose her Sun over the Eclipse?

In honor of the upcoming Twilight Saga: New Moon release in November, I have created a story that in my opinion, should have followed New Moon. Hope you like it.

11. Chapter 11: The Most Sinful Garden

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Chapter 11: The Most Sinful Garden


We had another great ball that Sunday and I gave Tanya quite the send off, much to the dismay of Heidi and Renata.

Now all of the guests were back from whence they came and it was time for my first day of training with the new members of the guard.

Demetri, Felix, the newcomers and I stood in a large room equal to the size of the Great Hall. They stood in an even horizontal line awaiting my instructions. Demetri and Felix stood a few paces behind me, facing the four.

I hope this is over soon. I knew I should not have skipped breakfast. You would think our fearless leader would at least have a few snacks handy! - Demetri.

I wonder what is wrong with Renata. I suppose I should not have thrown her through that wall a couple nights ago. But you DO NOT call out another man's name while ignoring the one who is giving you pleasure to begin with! Damn that Edward. I hope she doesn't tell on me. The masters will be most displeased to learn that I have behaved in such a disrespectful fashion. - Felix.

My, we must work on our anger issues, Felix. The other thoughts came from the new recruits.

This really is a beautiful city. An even more beautiful castle. Juliana would have loved it here. - Drake. On a good day, he seemed to be more depressed than Marcus-well, almost.

I wonder if Demetri and I will be able to take a drive together later. He seems to be much more pleasant when he doesn't have to interact with that dreadful Felix. What any woman sees in that brute is beyond me. - Madeline. Her hair was styled sort of like Alice's only she wore it the same crimson color as her eyes.

"From what I have learned, there are three main things one must have in a battle to achieve victory. One, having the power to disarm your enemy is an advantage, whether it is physical," I motioned to Felix. "Or mental. Two, whether you have extra abilities or not, having as many comrades on your side better ensures that you will make it home to your family. And three, strategy is the key to a successful victory. With this being said, let us begin with one of the most basic forms of defense. Phoebe, step forward please."

Oh, wow! He's actually talking to me! Oh, he's so handsome-no, he's not handsome. He's beautiful, she thought.

Phoebe had naturally curly blonde hair down to her shoulders. She had full, pink lips that made me wonder how they would shape when she moaned in ecstasy. She stepped forward shyly. I noticed her brother Brent watching me intently, speculating every move I made.

"Now Phoebe, if my memory serves me, the only time your power really makes itself known is when you experience a heightened emotion?"

"Yes, mostly anger," she said in a soft voice. It was more enticing than Jane's, but it had exactly the same undertone of innocence.

"Just as I surmised. Well, today we are going to work on channeling your power in a couple defensive exercises. So, Felix, you are to come at Phoebe as if you are going to attack. Phoebe, before Felix gets the chance to pin you, or as they say in battle-go for the jugular-I want you to form a protective wall of fire. Understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Masen," she said politely.

I chuckled lightly. "Please, just call me Edward." Brent's eyes narrowed into slits as he watched the shyness in Phoebe's eyes and the intrigue in mine. "Felix, pin only. It would be a shame to see you burned to a crisp." Although it made no difference to me either way.

The others immediately retreated several paces, giving Phoebe and Felix room. I looked towards Phoebe. "Ready?" she nodded once and slid into a hunting crouch. I turned to Felix. "Ready?" he grunted gruffly, mirroring her actions. I stepped back a little. "Go." Before Phoebe could blink, Felix had her pinned.

Hmm, she smells nice. I like the young, innocent type. Oh yes, she smells like a virgin. I would love to fu-.

"Enough, Felix," I said, before his disgusting thoughts could descend any further.

At once he was off her and standing back in his corner. Phoebe bounded to her feet, giving me an apologetic smile.

"No worries. You just have to focus more. In any given battle, your enemy may be as fast and as strong as Felix, if not more so. This time, I want you to concentrate a little bit harder." Felix and Phoebe slid back into their defensive crouches again. "Go." Once again, Felix pinned Phoebe on her back. Only this time, I did not have to order him off her. He fled to the nearest wall when she lit the hem of his robes on fire. The others laughed while Felix threw off his robe, stomping out the fire.

Good for you, child. - Demetri.

That's my little sister! - Brent.

Nice one! - Madeline.

Impressive. - Drake.

How do you like that, jackass? - Phoebe thought smugly.

Felix gritted his teeth, but otherwise made no movements. Jackass may he be, he was very well disciplined.

"That was good. Extremely dangerous to our Felix here, but otherwise good. Now Phoebe, please do not take offense to this, but you are not concentrating."

Well, it is a little hard to create a fire when just the smell of you makes me blaze in my nether regions, she thought.

I composed my expression, not wanting to stress her brother more than he already was. "When you are faced with an enemy, you must learn to focus strictly on that enemy and what you can do to keep yourself alive. For example, Felix, I would like to demonstrate for the others. You and I."

Felix smiled widely, flexing his fingers. The thoughts of the others were completely silent as they watched us crouch. Felix ran for me and he barely had time to comprehend my actions before I was on his back ready to tear his head off. He remained perfectly still.

"Voila." I bounded off his back as he mentally blamed my besting him on my ability to read his next move.

I moved back to Phoebe, standing behind her. I placed my hands on her shoulders as her brother tensed behind us. "You have to relax, Phoebe. Relax and focus in on your enemy. When you are in battle, you only have one shot at survival. No mistakes, no do over's. Let yourself slip for one second and it is the end of you. Now, try again."

Once more Felix and Phoebe slid into their defensive crouches.


Felix bounded for her, but she did not move. Instead a wall of fire blazed just as he was about to lunge. Felix immediately pulled back as the flames flared. Phoebe slid out of her crouch and the flames slowly faded away.

"Well done, Phoebe," I said, clapping along with the others. Instantly, she ran to me throwing her arms around my neck. I stood there a little unsure of what to do. No one was really paying attention to us-no one except Brent.

"I'm sorry Edward, I-I don't know what I was thinking," she said, drawing back from me.

"Think nothing of it, little one. All right, we will come back to Phoebe tomorrow. Right now I would like for us to move on to Madeline"

Madeline stepped forward, her eyes on Demetri. He made the same little star struck eyes right back at her. Oh, please.

"Madeline, what is the extent of your abilities?"

"I'm not exactly sure. When my creator Nicolai was attacked by the drifters, I tried to heal him. It didn't work out. However, when I was injured I was able to reattach my arm."

She pulled up her sleeve to show me as if I might not have believed her. "Not even a scar, impressive. How long did it take for all of your nerve endings to reattach?"

"Give or take the time it took for me to start the healing, I would say about a good ten minutes?" she said, turning to Drake.

"Ten minutes," he confirmed. I swear for the mask of glum he wore he could have been Marcus' twin.

"How long before you were able to regain full usage of your arm?"

"It was a good twenty minutes."

"Have you been able to heal those who have sustained less fatal injuries?"

"I never had to try."

I turned to Felix and Demetri who regarded me wearily. "I know, I know. Just hear me out. The best way to assist Madeline is to...have someone injured."

The room was so silent; all that was needed was a cricket. "No volunteers. Very well."

By then the thoughts turned frantic.

I wish anyone would try to tear my arm off! Hopefully it will be the pretty boy. He thinks he's something since he read my mind and countered my attack! - Felix.

Madeline is beautiful and everything about her fascinates me, but this is something I cannot allow. If my arm is torn off and she cannot reattach it...well, I just won't volunteer. - Demetri.

Oh no! Please, please, please do not choose me, Edward. You are so hot and I know if someone tears my arm off I'm going to cry and I really don't want to seem like a baby in front of you. - Phoebe.

Uh, no. If anyone even thinks of tearing my arm off I am sending their ass through a window! - Brent.

If Juliana were here, she would be begging me to volunteer just so she could watch. How my love was so easily fascinated by new things. - Drake.

"Madeline," I said, calling all of their attentions to me as I unbuttoned my jacket. "It only makes sense that as the leader I should be the one to volunteer."

There may as well have been a resounding sigh of relief in the hall.

Okay, Maddy. You can do this. You have to. You have not known him long enough to make snap judgments, but if you fuck this up, it's more than likely that Edward will kill you where you stand. - Madeline.

Well, that was probably not true...probably not. "I believe in your abilities, Madeline. Please do not disappoint me." It was a little difficult to hide the looming threat in my voice. She nodded cautiously as I rolled up the sleeve of my shirt.

Look at his biceps! My god, could he be any more perfect! - Phoebe.

"Would you like me to do the honors?" Felix asked stepping forward.

"Seeing as how this will be the closest you ever come to injuring me, I don't see why not," I said, knowing it was what he wanted all along.

Felix stepped up to me, ripping my right arm off. I clenched my teeth as the venom pooled in my mouth. My body tensed to attack him. "A little warning would have been nice."

"Sorry. Thought you were ready," he said dryly. He handed me my arm and stepped back in formation beside Demetri. He always itched for a fight with me and was sorely disappointed when I remained relaxed and controlled.

"All right, Madeline. You're up to bat."

She took a deep breath and rolled her neck from side to side. She took my arm, lining it up evenly with the socket. She placed her hand over the tear and stood motionless. Nothing about her changed while she healed me, which was a very good thing. This meant that during battle, she would be completely aware of approaching enemies.

After five minutes of healing, I could feel the nerve endings reattaching themselves. Carlisle would find her abilities to repair dead tissue fascinating.

"Are you in much pain?" Phoebe said, coming to my side.

"No, why do you ask?" To be honest, a part of Madeline's healing abilities was to numb the pain. You felt everything, but there was no pain. It was like some strange form of anesthesia.

"Oh, well, I just thought..." she trailed off shyly. I looked through her mind and saw that there was a brief flicker of pain on my face a moment ago. It must have been when I was thinking of Carlisle.

"I assure you I am in no pain, whatsoever. Madeline is very good at what she's doing."

Madeline beamed at me and Demetri stared at her fondly. Brent pulled Phoebe away from me, placing a protective arm around her waist. Watching them made me wonder how many potential suitors she had lost to her brother's over protectiveness. Drake stood off to himself, staring blankly out of a window. Twenty minutes after that, my arm was completely healed and fully functional.

"Thank you, Madeline. The masters will be very pleased with your development. All right everyone, we will do a couple more practices and then we can call it a day. Drake, you are a, for lack of a better term, cloak, correct?"

"Yes," Drake said. Although he gave me his full attention, he was still as lifeless as a psychiatric patient on a twenty-four hour suicide watch.

"What is the extent of your abilities?"

"Our creator Nicolai was never much for exploring supernatural abilities."

Oh yes, he thought that their abilities were good for their own self-preservation, but otherwise served no purpose. "Then you have not had the chance to cloak another? Madeline perhaps?"

"No, I never tried."

"All right. Since you are more familiar with Madeline than any of us, you can practice with her."

He stepped forward and stood beside Madeline.

"Let's start off with something simple. Cloak yourself please."

A moment later, Drake disappeared completely. The others looked around the room, amazed. Listening to his thoughts, I could tell that he had not moved a step from where he was already standing.

"Drake, come back please."

He reappeared beside Madeline.

"I wonder...Drake hold Madeline's hand."

He obeyed taking her hand, awaiting further instruction.

"Good, now cloak yourself please."

A moment later, Drake disappeared again this time taking Madeline's left hand along with him.

"Cool," she said, raising her arm. As she held it up, it looked as though her hand had been amputated at the wrist.

"Reappear please."

He faded back in, a small smile threatening to light on his face.

"Now I want you to take hold of Madeline."

He stood behind Madeline, holding his arms around her waist. Demetri was less than pleased with this. I nodded once and the two of them disappeared completely.

"Good. It seems that for the moment you are fully capable of cloaking yourself as well as another so long as there is some type of physical contact," I said more to myself than to them.

Drake and Madeline reappeared again.

"Ok, now I want to try something different. Cloak yourself, Drake. Good, now I want you to try to cloak Madeline without touching her."

"Uh...ok," he said, unsure if he could do it.

The room was silent as Drake concentrated on spreading his powers to Madeline. I kept a careful watch on his mind to ensure that he was not cheating to move things along. Drake remained separated from Madeline by two feet. I looked down at my watch, not because I was irritated, but because I was curious as to exactly how long it would take for some type of change to occur. The answer, about ten minutes after he began. Madeline's left side began to gradually disappear. One-half of her body was completely gone at the end of that ten-minute mark. Then like a snap of a rubber band, both Drake and Madeline reappeared.

"Damn it all. I'm sorry, Edward."

"For what? That was excellent progress. We will work on that some more tomorrow as well."

Drake and Madeline stepped back into formation. The last to showcase his talents was my new biggest fan, Brent.

"Brent, step forward, please."

He came forward, standing in the spot where Drake had just stood.

"What is the extent of your telekinesis?"

"Never really had much use for it in combat, but I can levitate objects."

"Have you tried it on people?"

"Once on Pheebs there, but only when she stole my iPod."

"Our iPod," she clarified.

"I would like to see that."

Brent sighed and motioned for his sister to come stand in front of him. He stepped back a little and started to stare into her eyes. His power took the less amount of time to start. Within just a minute of looking at her, Phoebe began to gradually levitate from the ground. He lifted her about six feet off the ground, holding her there.

"Very nice. You can let her down now."

Carefully, as if he were handling a crystal rose, he lowered his sister back to where she once stood. She smiled brightly, stepping back into formation.

"Demetri and Felix step forward please." If he could lift one person then perhaps he could lift the two of them as well. Demetri seemed genuinely interested, but Felix was annoyed.

Great, I have to be a part of another show and tell!

"See if you can lift Demetri and Felix."

Brent wore a smug smile and something about his eyes made me a little uneasy. It was the shock on Phoebe's face that made me realize that not only were Demetri and Felix being levitated, but I was as well. Instead of the standard six inches he used with his sister, the three of us were floating a good eight inches from the floor. We hovered there as I spoke.

"Well, well, I am thoroughly impressed, Brent. It seems that you have the strongest concentration of everyone here. You may lower us now."

Just as carefully as he did with Phoebe, Brent lowered us back down.

"You seem to have a good enough handle on your abilities, so the next few days will be focused squarely on expanding the abilities of Phoebe, Madeline and Drake. All right, we can stop here for the day. Everyone is dismissed."

Demetri went to talk with Madeline while Felix left the room, his thoughts on Renata and making amends. Actually, now that I knew they had relations, she began to lose her appeal to me. Something about being with a woman that Felix has had made me want to vomit. As long as he stayed away from Heidi, we were all right.

"Edward?" a sweet voice called to me.

"Yes, Phoebe?"

"I want to apologize for my brother's actions earlier. You specifically said to levitate Felix and Demetri. What he did was dangerous and totally uncalled for." Little creases formed in Phoebe's forehead.

"You are far too beautiful to frown, so please don't. While it was not what I asked for, it showed me that your brother has progressed further than my expectations. Now we can focus more on the development of you and the others."

I would love for you to focus on my development. "All right, well, Brent and I are going to go grab a snack. Would you like to join us?" she asked hopefully.

"Thank you for the offer, but I have a prior commitment."

"Ok, bye." She walked back over to Brent who wrapped his arm around her waist again and walked her out of the room. He may be a problem.

I went to Aro to give him my daily progress report. He was most pleased.

"Wonderful! Wonderful! Madeline shall be most useful, and Drake, brooding as he may be, has a very special talent."

"I think I am more partial to Brent. He seems to be very controlled and further along in his development than expected," Caius said contemplatively.

"And young Phoebe is quite the spitfire! She seems to be taken with you, Edward," Aro continued with a knowing smile.

"She's young. It's just an infatuation-a crush, actually."

"Her brother seems to be bothered by that," Marcus said, with bored and distant eyes.

"Do you think he will become a problem?" Caius inquired.

"Nothing that I can't handle."

"Good, because Brent has the potential to be one of the greatest members of the guard and a valuable asset. He and his sister alone could disarm and decimate hundreds in battle. It would be a shame to lose them due to your insatiable appetites." In other words, if you cost us our two best recruits because you cannot keep it in your pants, your punishment will be legendary, Caius finished in his thoughts.


That night after Heidi left, I took a shower and lounged on my sofa by the fireplace. I started to reread Shakespeare's Othello. When I first read the story, I thought Othello was a fool to be taken in by the traitor who called himself a friend. Now, with a newfound respect for the despondent, I felt a sort of comradeship with him. Whether it was real in my case or a delusion in his, having the one you love twist the knife in your back with the one you hate justifies you in losing your sanity.

What am I doing? Everyone knows that he's with Heidi...and sometimes Renata. They're both so beautiful, so in different leagues than me. I should just go back to my room right now.

"Phoebe," I said, opening the door before she could knock or run back to her own room. She had changed from her previous attire. Now she wore a sleeveless yellow neck halter blouse with denim shorts shorts and knee high black boots. She had her hair pulled back from her face, making her look all the more beautiful.

"Hi Edward."

"This is a pleasant surprise. Please, come in."

"Thank you." Oh god. I'm really in here. Ok, Pheebs. You're in the door. Don't blow it. Don't stare at him like a lovesick puppy, and for god's sake, don't say anything stupid!

"Have a seat," I said, motioning for the sofa. She sat down and took a moment to take in the large room.

I sat beside her on the sofa, closing the book. "So, what you brings you by tonight?"

"Well, this is a big castle and it gets kind of boring when you really have no one to talk to."

"That can't be true. There is Drake, Madeline, and your brother. The rest of the guard-."

"The rest of the guard are a bunch of uptight you-know-what's and you've seen Brent. His main concern is making sure no one touches me. Drake is...well, Drake. He spends most of his time in isolation, thinking. I told him one day he would become petrified from unmoving so much. Then he said, ‘perhaps that is my fate, dear one.' He's a lot more fun when he's with Madeline. She at least can get him to watch television. But that's about it. Madeline is a lot of fun when I hang out with her. These days she's strictly about Demetri. I think they might have started doing it," she half whispered.

Actually, from their thoughts they were waiting for the right time. She wanted to take things slowly and he wanted to do whatever it took to make her happy.

"Hold on, what exactly do you know about doing it, little one?"

She scoffed. "Why I am insulted! Do you think that I am so innocent that I have absolutely no clue what goes on between a man and a woman when they are in love?"

"Oh, well, forgive me, Dear Phoebe. I do not mean to offend. It's just that I find it hard to believe that you would know anything about what goes on between a man and a woman."

"What I know may surprise you," she bluffed.

"Is that why Brent clutches you so tightly? He knows that you know of these things and he is trying to shield you?"

She became solemn as she spoke. "No. Brent and I were orphaned when our parents were killed in a carjacking. We were bounced around from foster home to foster home, each more dreadful than the last. When Brent finally turned eighteen, he filed for custody of me and it was just the two of us on our own...I'm sure you remember the rest."

"He's always taken care of you." Brent was twenty-two when he was turned, Phoebe just two days into her sixteenth birthday. From reading her mind, I discovered that she was a virgin. She believed in good old-fashioned love, the kind that she read in her romance novels. She was a big Danielle Steele fan.

Edward is so beautiful. He's like nothing I have ever seen. Well, that's not exactly true. He is the man from my dreams, the man I envision every time I read a love story. I wonder what it would be like to touch his hair, better yet, to kiss his lips. Are they as soft as they look? Would they feel like silk against my skin the way his voice speaks like velvet to my ears? I would give anything to have Edward give me my first kiss.

I had to keep her talking, steer her away from these thoughts if I could. With the man that I was now, I would not hesitate to give her what she wants. Yes, I was selfish and arrogant and by some accounts, I was a pig. Phoebe deserved better than someone like me.

"Do you like it here in Volterra?"

"It's a beautiful city. It looks as if it has been made of gold. I never dreamed I could live in such a beautiful place."

"Did you want to come here or did you want to finish school and try your hand in the human world?"

"What's the point? Since the transformation I only knew to view humans as a meal and nothing more. Their world is not for us...but I hear that others have tried walking and living amongst them." She tilted her head at me suggestively. She laughed as my eyebrows shot up in surprise. She was a bold little thing. "I told you before, Edward. It's a big castle and people talk."

"And what do people say?" I said, inclining towards her.

"They say that you once were a part of one of the biggest and longest lasting covens in vampire history-aside from The Volturi of course. They also said that you left them recently to join The Volturi Guard, but no one really knows why. There's speculation of course-."

"Oh, of course," I said sarcastically.

"Of course, there is nothing to substantiate it, so I treat it all as gossip."

"Do you?"

"Yes. Including the parts about your abilities and your...extracurricular activities."

I suppose that was one way to describe all of those wild nights. "What do they say about my abilities?"

"They say that you're one of those, you know, a telepath."

"I prefer to call it mind reading."

She stared at me now, her mouth hanging open in horror. As I laughed, it did not slip by me the sinuous way her lips curved into that "O."

Oh, shit! That means he's been hearing everything I ever thought and imagined since we met. Oh man! Oh Edward...are you listening to me now?

"Yes," I admitted when my laughter subsided. "Please don't be abashed, little one. I find your affections very flattering."

"Oh, god," she groaned covering her face with her hands. "You must think that I am the world's biggest idiot."

"No, I actually think Felix is the world's biggest idiot." That got a laugh out of her, but she still hid her face in shame.

I gently took her wrists, removing her hands from her face. "It should be a crime for you to hide such a lovely face."

"Not as lovely as Heidi's," she pouted.

"Phoebe, I do not regard you and Heidi as the same because she is older than you and...nowhere near as innocent."


"This is not to be taken as an insult, little one. You are but a child to me. I am over a hundred years old!"

"Forever living in the body of a seventeen year old, that's one year older than me. When you see me, do you think of a child?"

My eyes swept over her body, even though it was very unnecessary. "No, you remind me nothing of a child, you merely embody the innocence of one." I felt awful seeing the despair contorting her beautiful features. "You may touch my hair if you want."

She closed her eyes and laughed. Her laugh was as natural and as beautiful as wind chimes in the gentle wind of a summer's night. She reached her hand up, running her fingers through my hair.

It's like nothing I have ever felt before. It's thicker than wool. Softer than cotton. More luxurious then the finest bits of silk. It's-it's you, Edward. There's no other way to describe it.

She brought her hand from my hair, sliding it down my face. Her fingertips traced my throat, and then stroked my chest through my shirt.

Edward, I want you, she silently confessed. She stood up on her knees, her breasts rubbing against my lips. She slid her hand along the inside of my thigh.

"No, Phoebe," I said firmly.


"I can only be a gentleman for so long, you must stop," I said, feeling my erection push against my pants.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, placing my hands on her breasts. I don't need you to be gentle, Edward. I just want you to be a man. She knotted her hands in my hair, running her tongue up my jaw, biting my lips. She smiled, feeling the twitch in my pants. Wrong as it was, I allowed myself to indulge by slipping my hands underneath her blouse, rubbing her soft flesh. She began to grind herself against me. The two words that left me teetering on the brink of madness, sliding between her teeth. "Fuck me."

In an instant, she was lying flat on her back with me, the monster that I am, all over her. Kissing and groping while she moaned wild epithets to stave off all reasonable thoughts. She kissed me with the passion of a woman with untamed desires. She pushed me up off her. I hoped she had come to her senses and that she wanted to stop. I realized there was no such luck as she unbuckled my belt. No matter how hard I reasoned, I could not stop myself from kissing her soft, young lips. The roles were reversed and she was the sweetest fruit in the most sinful garden.

I don't give a shit if he is Edward Masen, Head of the Volturi Guard! If he has touched my sister I will cut off his dick, then tear him limb from limb!

I grabbed Phoebe's wrists. She went to speak, but I placed a finger on her lips. She understood at once.

What's wrong?

"Brent is coming."

Shit! He can't find me here!

"It's too late. He already knows you're here," I said, adjusting my clothes as she did hers.

Oh, god. I know Brent. If he thinks there's something going on, he will try to kill you and then take me away. What am I going to do?

"Fret not, little one. No one will take you from where you want to be."

Phoebe and I moved swiftly and efficiently.

"Edward! I know my sister is in there with you, open the door!"

I opened the door calmly and Brent invited himself in. "What the hell's going on in here?"

"What does it look like? We're playing Checkers. Want to play?" Phoebe said, playing the part of the innocent little sister to the dime.

"No, come on. We're going back to our own room."

"Why? What's wrong?" she made her eyes all big and doughy. Brent's resolve to be harsh with his sister about me faded quickly.

"Nothing is wrong, Pheebs. We just shouldn't bother Edward if it has nothing to do with training. If you want someone to socialize with there is Madeline and the other girls. All right?"

She nodded solemnly and stood. She took his hand and turned to me. "I had a lot of fun training today, Edward. I cannot wait for tomorrow."

"You two have a goodnight."

Brent nodded once. His suspicions of me were not as easily swayed. I closed the door, listening in on Phoebe's parting thoughts.

Don't worry, Edward. I promise this kitty will be purring for you again very soon.

Desirous shudders swept through my body at the sound of her enticing words. I needed another shower.