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What if Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edward's leaving pulled them closer? What if Bella chose her Sun over the Eclipse?

In honor of the upcoming Twilight Saga: New Moon release in November, I have created a story that in my opinion, should have followed New Moon. Hope you like it.

2. Chapter 2: Tortured by Desire

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Chapter 2: Tortured by Desire


Things have not gone as well as I would have liked between Bella and I. Even on the plane back from Volterra, staring into her eyes and her staring into mine, I knew something was wrong. I was never foolish enough to believe that the four months we spent apart would not change our relationship. But I never thought I would ever feel so disconnected from Bella. Even today, when I kissed her, there was nothing behind it but lust. Something was wrong.

"Is everything all right, Edward?" Esme asked as I windup the most depressing song I have ever played on the piano.

"I don't really know."

She sat beside me on the bench. "Tell me what's bothering you."

I sighed, covering the keys with the case. "It's Bella, Esme."

"What about Bella?"

"Things have been...I don't know, different between us since we came back from Volterra."

"Well, Edward, from what you and Alice have told us, that poor girl witnessed some very frightful things. On top of that, there's all that old business with Victoria still trying to kill her. She's probably just scared."

"It's not that, Esme. She keeps saying that's what it is, but I know better."

"Then what do you think it is?"

"I don't think she feels the same way about me anymore."

"Edward, that is ridiculous. Bella loves you."

"I know she loves me, but I don't think she's in love with me anymore. When I left her...she changed. She became this completely different person. She's not my Bella anymore. She's...she's his."

I could hear Alice and Emmett disagreeing with me in their thoughts, but they were wrong. They didn't know Bella the way I did. She loved me yes, but she may have loved Jacob more.


That night I made Steak and potatoes for Charlie. Once he finished eating, he went into the living room with his beer and watched a baseball game.

I went upstairs and decided to call Jake.


"Hey Jake."


"Well, yeah, who were you expecting?"

"No, it's just...I thought that he would have talked you out of calling me."

"Now Jake, you should know by now I'm not that easily persuaded," I laughed.

"Don't I know it. So where is your bloodsucker anyway?"

"I don't know. I guess he is at home. He's not supposed to be back for a few hours."

"So I have you all to myself?"

"Only if you want me." Something about sneaking around and talking to the one person that constantly drove Edward insane, gratified me in a way that Edward never would.

"I'll always want you, Bells. I really miss you. When are you going to come back down to the rez? Everyone misses you."

"Everyone? Does that include your fierce protector?" I joked.

"Ok, Leah is not your biggest fan, granted, but it's only because she thinks you're breaking my heart."

"Then she has every reason to hate me. Jake, I know I haven't been fair to you since Edward and his family came back. I've been spending more time with them than with you and you literally saved my life when they were gone."

"Bella, it's all right."

"No, it's not. It's not fair of me to lean on you so hard when he left and then put you off to the side now that he's back."

"Bella, I just want you to be happy."

"But I'm not happy. Not seeing you is hurting me so much. I feel like I'm going out of my mind or something. I don't want to lose you, Jake. I can't."

"You won't. Not ever. Look, why don't you come by the rez tomorrow after school?"

"I can't, Jake. Edward is always around, he never let's me do anything on my own. If it is not him, then he has his family hovering over me. It's getting to be too much."

"I'll figure something out, but I WILL see you tomorrow."

"Do you promise?"

"I promise, Bells."

We talked up until 11:45. Jake had something up his sleeve for tomorrow and I was excited at just the thought of seeing him again. I took a long, warm shower. It was strange. Talking to Jake behind Edward's back made me feel sexy for some reason. I changed into my light blue cotton tank that stopped just below my breasts and a pair of dark blue cotton boy shorts with white ankle socks. When I went back into my room, Edward was sitting in the rocking chair, staring out at the moonlight.

"Hi," I said, turning to my mirror to brush my hair.

"Hello, love. How did you sleep?"

"I didn't. I came inside and did some homework and then I got started on dinner. How was your night?"

"Nothing special. Just talked to Esme."

"How is she?"

"Worried about me."


"That's just a part of her personality. She's worried about you, too."

"Well, tell her thank you, but I'm fine." I put my brush down and went to sit on the bed.

"I want you to know that Emmett and Jasper have been bugging me about going on a hunting trip with them. The prey around here has become trivial and well, we kind of want some sort of challenge."

"When are you leaving?" I hoped I didn't sound eager, but the wheels were already turning in my head. It had to be spontaneous or Alice would see my future disappearing and tattle to Edward.

"Tomorrow morning, but the good news is that you can spend the night at my house. Alice is very excited about having a slumber party."

"Yeah, that sounds like fun," I said, considering different scenarios, but being careful not to make any definite decisions.

"May I join you?"

"Now Edward, when have you ever had to ask me?"

In an instant, he was by my side. He brushed the hair from off my shoulder, rubbing his nose against my neck. The cold of his nose and the gentle stroking of my tender place sent chills through me.

"Edward," I moaned.

"You don't know what it does to me hearing you moan my name."

Edward was weak. Maybe this night would not be a total loss after all. I kissed Edward's lips lightly. I wrapped my legs around his waist, positioning myself on his lap. I could feel his hardness pressing against me.

"Bella, we shouldn't..."

"Sshh," I said, placing my finger on his lips. "Just a little bit, please, Edward?" I said in the baby voice he could never resist. I pushed his shoulders. He sighed and I'm guessing against his better judgment, lay back on the bed. I couldn't believe it. Edward was actually cooperating with my sexual explorations. He was dressed in a light blue buttoned up shirt and dark jeans. Hmm, maybe we should lose this shirt. I managed to undo three buttons when Edward grabbed my hands. His once topaz colored eyes were now black.

"Bella. This is too dangerous. We have to stop."

I leaned over him. I kissed his lips softly. I whispered in his ear, "You have to learn to relax, Edward. Perhaps I can help you do that."

When I started sucking and nibbling on his earlobe, he gasped, clutching the pillow underneath his head. I finished unbuttoning his shirt as he laid there, his breaths coming quick and hard. Edward had the sculpted body of a Greek God. My perfect Adonis. He started to moan as I kissed his chest and stomach, caressing him with my fingertips. I moved down further, running my hand over the bulge in his jeans. I wondered how far he would let me go before he stopped me. I squeezed him as he groaned aloud. I could feel my own desires leaking through my shorts. I slid down further, unbuckling Edward's belt. I slipped my hand inside his pants, he felt so big. He stopped me the instant I started to bite his hipbone. He flipped me over on my back, pinning my arms to the bed. He leaned into me, sniffing my skin.

"I can smell you," he whispered.

"And what are you going to do about it?" I challenged.

He growled softly, pulling down the straps of my top. He stared at my bare breasts. His breathing came quicker. Harder. He brought his mouth to my breasts, suckling them and twirling my nipples between his lips.

"Oh, god. Just like that," I moaned.

He moved down further, kissing and sucking on my stomach. I bit my lips so that my loud moaning wouldn't wake Charlie. I raised my hips and Edward swiftly pulled down my shorts. He leaned between my legs, sniffing me. His cool breath fanning against me made me shudder.

"Bella, you smell amazing."

He ran his fingers over my clit so quickly I almost didn't notice the movement. Almost. He twirled his fingers around my clit, placing his finger on my pressure point in a way that made the juices shoot from my body. The powerful orgasm wracked my body. Anguished moans escaped my lips as my body arched off the bed.

"I can't take it, Edward! Make love to me now!" I moaned.

"You know I can't, Bella."

I stared up at the ceiling as the room finally stopped spinning above me. Anger and unanswered desire boiled inside of me. He angled himself over me, meeting my gaze with regretful eyes.

"Get off me, Edward."

"Bella, please. I'm sorry. I don't mean to tease you I just...I couldn't live myself I were to hurt you."

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe you have already hurt me?"


"One more time. Get.Off.Me.Edward," I said, through clenched teeth.

Using his vampire speed, Edward was off me and standing by the window. I sat up adjusting my clothes as he watched with a pained expression. "Do you want me to leave?"

I climbed under my covers, turning my back to him. "Do what you want." I drifted off to sleep with the sound of my window closing.

I awoke that next morning with a note on my pillow.


Please forgive my actions last night. I should not have tortured you in such a way. When I come back, I promise I will work on my intimacy issues. I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I love you.


I balled up the note, tossing it into the wastebasket. "It's a little too late for apologies, Edward."

I took a quick shower and dressed in a white thin-strapped buckled blouse and blue skinny jeans with black flats. And just in case, I threw a swimsuit into my bag. As soon as I stepped outside, I spotted Alice in her car, waiting for me. Looks like it was going to be one of those days. When I got into the car, Alice looked at me with worried eyes. Well, she was a psychic. I guess she saw something she didn't want to see.

"Good morning, Bella," she said, trying a little too hard to sound cheerful.

"Good morning, Alice."

She started the car and drove down the road. Although she paid about as much attention to where we were going as I did. She was too busy watching me.

"That blouse looks fabulous on you. Too bad Edward isn't here to see it."

"Yes, too bad."

She grew silent then.

"Edward said that you two had a fight last night."

"Did he?" I said, in the same, flat even tone. I had nothing against Alice-well, that's not entirely true. She was my best friend, yet she had no problem abandoning me for four months because Edward told her to.

"You know he's only being that way because he doesn't want to hurt you. He could very easily kill you while attempting to make love to you. He's only looking out for your best interest."

"So I've heard." Man, was she planning to plead Edward's case the whole morning?

We arrived at the school about ten minutes before the bell was supposed to ring. Alice continued chattering my ear off about clothes and trips to Paris and blah, blah, blah. Jeez, I would rather have Rosalie here glaring at me. At least the silence would be peaceful.

"What is he doing?" Alice growled.

A second later, I heard the thunderous roar of Jake's motorcycle. I was so happy I could have screamed. Jake's hair was growing back. It was past his shoulders now. I got up, running to him.

"Jake," I breathed as he swept me up into his arms. Alice and the rest of the school stood watching us as we embraced like lovers torn apart by time and destiny. I didn't care. I was in my Jacob's arms and that was where I belonged.

"Bella, I can't believe it's been so long since I saw you. Let me look at you." He put me down and looked into my eyes. He smiled his warm smile and it was as if the time spent apart did not happen.

"Take your hands off her, Jacob Black," Alice hissed.

"And what are you going to do if I don't, leech?"

It was getting harder and harder not to laugh at the names Jake and his pack had for the vampires.

"Nothing short of peeling the mangy skin from your dead carcass, dog," Alice threatened nastily.

"Hey, Alice don't talk to him like that."

She blinked once, taken aback by either my fierce tone or the equal fierceness in my eyes.

"Bella, Jacob is dangerous. Being around him could get you killed."

"You mean the same way your husband almost killed me?"

She gasped. If she were human, she would be bawling her eyes out by now. "Bella...that was...a terrible accident."

"Yeah right, it's always accidents with you bloodsuckers, isn't it" Jacob scoffed.

I smacked him on his arm and turned back to Alice. "It was an accident and I don't blame Jasper for that or everything that happened afterwards."

The bell sounded and the students unwillingly drifted to their classes. They wanted to see what was going to happen between Alice and Jacob. Who could blame them? My boyfriend's sister was confronting my best friend as if we were sneaking around behind his back-I would be engrossed in the drama too!

"You better get to class. I'm going to go with Jacob."


"See you later."

Jake handed me a helmet and I climbed on his bike. I pulled my hair back, putting on the helmet and climbed on behind him, holding on tightly.

We sped off away from the school. I didn't look back, but I was sure I could feel Alice watching me.