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What if Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edward's leaving pulled them closer? What if Bella chose her Sun over the Eclipse?

In honor of the upcoming Twilight Saga: New Moon release in November, I have created a story that in my opinion, should have followed New Moon. Hope you like it.

4. Chapter 4: Goodbye

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Chapter 4: Goodbye


I walked into the house and it was a Cullen family reunion. Carlisle and Esme were in the kitchen talking softly. They stopped when they heard me come in. Emmett and Jasper were back, sitting in the living room with Rosalie.

"Hello Bella," Carlisle said lightly, although worry was etched on his face.

"Hello, Carlisle. Hi Esme."

"Hi Bella."

We stood there awkwardly as if it was my first time meeting them all over again.

"I took the liberty of packing a bag for you," Alice said.

I turned to her and my emotions must have been off the charts because Jasper came and stood beside her. He placed his hand on her shoulder protectively, while looking at me with a confused glance.

I took a deep breath, trying to get my emotions under wraps. "You took the liberty of packing a bag for me," I repeated.


"Mmm-hmm and what about Charlie?"

"I called him and told him that you would be staying with us for the next two days."

I sighed again, rubbing my forehead. It was beginning to get too difficult for me to control my temper.

"Are you all right, Bella?" Jasper asked.

"I'm pretty sure you already know the answer to that. Um, is my stuff upstairs?"

"Yes, in Edward's room."

"Of course it is," I said, ascending the stairs. I walked into Edward's bedroom. The door was already open. He was standing there in the dark, staring out of the window with his back to me. Dramatic much?

"Where have you been?" he said as I flipped on the light switch.

"As if you don't already know. I'm sure Alice didn't hesitate calling you, telling you I ditched school and my future disappearing and all of that," I said, beginning to get bored with the whole situation.

"All of that? Are you really going to stand there and blow all of this off as if it's nothing?"

"Yeah, because it was nothing. Jake is my friend and I'm going to see him whenever I want to." I practically dared him to forbid me.

He turned to me. His eyes black with rage. Usually, his fury worked wonders for my sexual attraction to him. Now it only made me want to laugh.

"Bella, you will not go back to La Push and you will not see Jacob again!" he growled.

I scoffed. "Jealous much?"

"Excuse me?"

"The last time I checked, Edward, my last name was Swan not Cullen. You don't own me and you sure as hell don't tell me what to do."

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag from off the bed Edward went out of his way to bring in.

"Nice bed. Too bad it will be cold tonight."

"What does that mean?"

"What do you think it means? It's not like you and I are going to be wearing out the springs any time soon."

"Bella, we need talk."

"Yeah, we do, but not here." I walked out the door, Edward close behind me.

"Where are you going?"

"I don't know. Why don't you ask Alice? She seems to be good at telling you things about me, right Alice?" I said as we made our way down the stairs.

Alice gasped as if she was devastated by my harsh words. "Bella, I only told Edward because I wanted to protect you. If something happened to you-."

"Edward would run to the Volturi again, asking for death. Yeah, I got it, Alice. Thanks."

"Bella, what has gotten into you?" Carlisle asked staring at me as if he was looking into the eyes of a stranger. He looked as though he would try to check my temperature at any moment.

I laughed. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"What the hell does that mean?" Edward yelled, grabbing my arm. The entire family watched us.

"I'm only going to tell you this one time, Edward. Take your damn hands off me."

Edward's eyes grew wide as his hand fell from my arm. He stumbled back, mouth hanging slightly open. I really didn't need the hassle of this tonight. I took out my cell phone and called the one person I could count on without starting a war.


"Hey, Lee, it's Bella."

"Oh, hey, Bella. What's up?"

"Well, I know it's kind of last minute, but would you mind picking me up?"

"Sure, oh wait. Are you with the leeches?"

"Yeah," I said, with a heavy sigh.

"All right, I'll be there in a few."

I hung up the phone slipping it into my pocket. "I'll wait outside."

"Bella, what is going on?" Edward said when he finally found his voice again.

"I really don't think you want to get into this with your family standing here watching."

"Come on, Bella. I mean, it's just us," Emmett joked. I could tell from the smile he tried to wear he was as worried as the rest of them. I looked down at my watch, hoping Leah would be here soon.

"You're going back to La Push to see that dog, aren't you?"

"I'm warning you, Edward, you do not want to have this conversation here."

"I don't want to hear that! What is going on with you?" he yelled.

I sighed, dropping my bag to the floor. He wanted to have it out right here in front of his family? Fine.

"This isn't working for me, Edward."

"What isn't?"

"Us. This little...whatever this is. It's not working anymore. Edward, I'm tired, I'm just so tired of constantly having to worry that something's going to go wrong and you're going to go running off again because you feel bad."

"Bella, I would never leave you."

"I heard that before."

"Bella, I swear I will spend the rest of my flawed existence doing whatever it takes to erase what I've done to you. Just give me a chance. Give us a chance."

As he pleaded, the family stood there frozen. You really would think they were human. Too shocked to turn away, too embarrassed not to.

"You can't change it, Edward. You can't erase it. You can't be as oblivious as you're acting. I know you feel it crumbling too. There is no us, not anymore."

I heard someone gasp. I believe it was Esme.

"Bella..." he looked at me heartbroken. I wondered how I would feel when I saw that look in his eyes. I thought I might cry or want to comfort him, but now I felt nothing.

"This will be the last time you see me again," as the words escaped my lips, it dawned on me that I was beginning to quote Edward's exact words to me when he left all those months ago. I guess Edward realized it to because he looked up, finally meeting my eyes.

"So is that what this is about? You want to punish me for hurting you?" I turned my head as Edward came closer to me, holding on firmly to my sides. "Then punish me. Be angry, yell, and scream, I deserve it all! But Bella don't...don't walk out on me," he pleaded.

"Why not? You make it look so easy."

"Bella, I don't understand. You were more than willing to come to Volterra with me when you thought Edward was in trouble. You took him back, how could you do this?" Alice pleaded.

I turned to her. "Are you seriously questioning me? Where the hell do you get off asking me how I can do anything, Alice? As I recall, you were all too willing to leave without saying goodbye. All of you were!"

"Bella, that's not fair," Alice blubbered. "After everything that happened, we thought-."

"Well, you thought wrong, Alice!"

My anger must have been beginning to build because Jasper winced, never taking his eyes off me.

"Bella, we thought that leaving would be in your best interest," Carlisle reasoned. It was hard to get upset with him or Esme. "We only did what we thought was best for you."

"That's all I've been hearing, Carlisle. But did anybody think to ask me what I want? Did anyone think of what it would do to me to hear Edward tell me that he didn't love me, that he didn't want me anymore? No, of course not. Edward did say that vampires are selfish creatures. That seemed to be the one thing he didn't lie to me about. Speaking of creatures, you guys don't have to worry about the 24/7 Victoria watch. Jacob and the others will take care of it."

"So that's it then? You choose him?"

"Yes. You said so yourself. I need a normal life. Your world isn't for me. I see that now."

As if the tense atmosphere was not enough, Rosalie sat on the couch clapping slowly. She clapped and stood, smiling at me wryly. Here we go.

"Well, it's about time. I was getting very sick of this whole Saint Bella act."

"There was definitely some acting being done, but none from me, Rosalie."

"Sure there was. You acted all perfect, portraying the wide-eyed innocent angelic act and Edward just ate it right up."

I smiled, pulling myself out of Edward's grasp. He was staring at me silently with the same heartbroken expression.

"You want to know the best thing about all of this, Rosalie? I'm going to die someday and that means that I will never, ever have to deal with your bullshit again. I mean, you made it very clear that you thought I wasn't good enough for Edward. Maybe I wasn't. But why don't you tell everyone what really bothered you about our relationship, Rosalie?"

"Why don't you enlighten us, little Bella?" she mocked.

"What bothered you was that he chose me. Plain, simple Isabella Swan. He chose me and pretty much ignored you, perfect little Rosalie. But then again, you're not so perfect, are you? You're more flawed than the humans you envy. I mean I look at Emmett. Sweet, loving, playful Emmett and then I look at you and I swear I don't see it. Tell me Emmett, is it the sex that keeps you around?"

"Hey!" Emmett exclaimed, hurt that I would insult his love.

"What else could it be? Underneath all of her beauty there is only an evil, nasty woman who's as ugly as she is beautiful."

"Yeah? And what about you, Swan? Think you're so damn perfect, don't you? What are you going to do? Run down to La Push, marry that flea bag Jacob Black and have his mongrel babies?"

That was the line. I could care less what she thought of me, but no one insulted Jacob. "At least I can have his babies."

As soon as I blinked, Edward was in front of me, shielding me as Emmett restrained Rosalie. I didn't care what she would do to me if she got free of him. Jacob would avenge me. Jacob.

Emmett dragged Rosalie out of the room as she hissed and growled at me.

"You really have changed, Bella. I honestly don't know who you are anymore. Or how you can say these things to my children," Esme wept as Carlisle held her.

"Yeah, well, being abandoned tends to change a person, Esme."

Finally, Leah's car pulled up outside. She honked the horn and Edward held my arms, refusing to let me go.

"Bella, don't do this. Please."

"I have to, Edward."

"Why? Do you think he could ever love you more than I do? I love you, Bella. And I'm so sorry that I hurt you. I would give anything to take it back."

"You can't, Edward. And everyday that I'm with you I'm waiting and waiting for you to decide that you're too dangerous or that I deserve something better and just walk out. I can't live like that, Edward. I won't."

"Can you honestly look in my eyes and tell me that you don't love me anymore?"

Like a disease running through my blood, I knew the words as though they were etched into my soul.

"I'll always love you, Edward...in a way. But it's time for a change and I'm tired of trying to be something I will never be. I'm human, Edward, and like you said, time heals all wounds for my kind. Goodbye."

And as he did for me, I stood on my tiptoes, kissing him lightly on his forehead. I wriggled my way out of his arms as he stood there as still as a statute. I picked up my bag and walked out the door without looking back at the family I once thought would be mine.