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What if Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edward's leaving pulled them closer? What if Bella chose her Sun over the Eclipse?

In honor of the upcoming Twilight Saga: New Moon release in November, I have created a story that in my opinion, should have followed New Moon. Hope you like it.

8. Chapter 8: Always the Gentleman

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Chapter 8: Always the Gentleman


I drove the entire night, only stopping for gas. I arrived in Volterra around 3 p.m. that following day. I stood in an alley waiting. I knew the guards would notice my scent and find me. The guard never disappoints.

"Edward, how nice to see you again. Come with us." Felix ordered as he and Demetri approached wearing their customary Volturi hoods.

"Of course," I said, shouldering my bag.

As we made our way down the long tunnel to avoid the sun, Demetri attempted to make chitchat. "So, where is the mouthwatering Isabella?"

I suppressed a growl and sighed. "You will know soon enough, Demetri. No need to ruin the surprise."

I walked down the same familiar corridors. The last time I made this walk, Bella was by my side. She was frightened of course, but I would have given my life to protect her that day. We passed Gianna. She smiled once and continued working. I was fairly surprised she was still alive.

Felix, Demetri and I stood outside of the familiar doors. I squared my shoulders and took an easy breath. The doors opened slowly, dramatically.

"Showtime," Demetri called.

We stepped into the room and Marcus, Caius and Aro were sitting on their respective, for lack of a better word, thrones. Jane and Alec stood by their side. Marcus looked as bored as ever. Caius was as cautious as always at my sudden reappearance. Aro was...well, Aro.

"Edward! What a marvelous surprise!"

"Hello Aro. Caius. Marcus," I said with a sort of half bow to each of them.

"What brings you to Volterra and where is the lovely Isabella?" Aro inquired. Caius inclined forward to hear my explanation, while Marcus stared at a painting behind my head. His thoughts solely on his late wife Didyme.

"She is the reason I am here. When we spoke last, it was with the frank understanding that...that she remain untouched with the condition of her transformation."

"Yes, I remember. Such an interesting young lady she is," Aro smiled.

"Yes, well, some unexpected things have transpired and it is no longer...her wish to become one of us."

"Is there a particular reason you keep referring to Isabella as her and she?" Caius asked, tilting his head speculatively.

"Bella," I could not suppress the pain in my eyes as I spoke her name. "She has decided that she would rather take a different course of life. May I?" I gestured to Aro with my hand.

"Please." He motioned for me to come closer. I held out my hand and Aro began reading my thoughts. I could see it all as he went through it. The numerous fights Bella and I started to have about Jacob, becoming a vampire and making love to her. Felix and Demetria loved these memories the most. I could hear them snickering as the memory of the first and last time I explored her private area replayed itself. Then there was the memory of her saying goodbye to me. Aro took in my grimace as I remembered watching Bella walk out on me. The next memories were of me sneaking through Bella's window, stealing her blouse and the picture. And the last and probably the most explanatory memory was my confrontation with Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle.

"And here I am," I said when Aro released my hand.

"Fascinating," Aro said, unable to contain his smile. "So would I be correct in saying that your sudden decision to come to Volterra, to come to us, is for the sparing of young Isabella's life?"

"Yes. I realize that her decision to remain a human voids any previous agreement, but I would like to make another offer."

"Another offer?" Caius spoke sharply. "You have the audacity to walk into Volterra and tell us that Isabella has decided that she wants to remain a human-a decision that was no longer hers to make to begin with-and you want to make another offer? You try our patience, boy!"

"Easy, brother, easy," Aro said, patting his shoulder. "Let us hear young Edward out."

"Thank you, Aro. My offer is this. Spare the life of Isabella Swan and my life will be dedicated to your services."

Aro raised his eyebrows. He was intrigued by the idea. Caius sat back in his chair interlocking his fingers speculatively. Though he would never admit it aloud, my offer peaked his interest. Marcus was still staring at the painting, but his thoughts now considered my staying in Volterra.

"What a very intriguing offer you have made us, Edward. Of course, before my brothers and I can even begin to consider it, there would be certain stipulations," Aro warned gravely.

"Of course."

"One, your service to us will be for the remainder of your existence. This is nonnegotiable."

It made sense. Without Bella, the outside world held no meaning for me.

"There is nowhere else for me to go, Aro. I accept this condition."

"Two, my good friend Carlisle and I share two very different views on how one should live this life. We hunt only one way. If you are a Volturi, you will hunt as we do. No exceptions."

I was a monster already. May as well make it official.

"Condition accepted."

"And third, you will do what we ask, when we ask. No questions, no arguments. Failure to comply will result in one of two punishments. Jane's impeccable powers," he paused and I glanced at her. She smiled widely, her lips pulling back over her teeth. I suppressed a smile of my own. Had it not been for her power I would have torn that little girl to pieces long ago. "Or death," Aro concluded.

"I understand completely."

"Very well. We will discuss it and make our decision," Aro said, turning to his brothers, speaking in hushed whispers. It was a little unnecessary considering that I could read all of their minds.

"It's such a shame that you and Isabella did not work out," Demetri commented, smugness filling his tone.

"Yes, it is," I replied curtly.

"I must be honest, Edward. I thought you would have taken that sweet little treat a long time ago. From the looks of it, she was dying to give you a taste," Felix threw in crudely.

I would have hit him for speaking in such a way, but when I heard the decision in Aro's mind, I laughed quietly. "Yes, I suppose she was dying for it."

At once, they knew my sudden shift in mood was suspect. Alec and Jane looked at me with the same nervous dread Felix and Demetri had.

"We have come to a decision," Aro called. I shifted a little so that I could see Felix and Demetri's expressions. "Edward, you have an impeccable gift. Possibly one of the most powerful in this room. In the whole city!"

Jane began to pout a little.

"Now, now little one. You know this as well as I do," he cooed. "So with that in mind, Edward, we have decided that your new position shall be the head of the Volturi Guard. Accept this, and Isabella will be unharmed."

There were so many thoughts now. Alec and Jane were offended that Aro would put anyone above them based on extra abilities. Demetri and Felix felt insulted that I would be above them. Only Felix voiced his opinion.

"But masters, we have been here the longest. Edward does not have the training or the experience to serve as head guard."

"I disagree," Aro said simply and that was the end of the argument. "Well, Edward? Do you accept the position?"

"Your offer is most generous, masters," I said bowing. "But I have a few requests."

Aro looked at Caius who nodded, then at Marcus who sighed. "Go on."

"Well, first, I have a few friends in Alaska. The Denali Coven. There's one in particular that I would like to come up here and visit me from time to time."

"Done. Next?" Aro was growing more and more excited.

"Unless they come here themselves, the Cullens are not to be touched." It was amazing how I automatically detached myself from them. Still, they were the only family I knew once I began this life. The least I could do for them was ensure that the rest of their existence bore no surprises.

"Well, of course, Edward. I have no desire to harm Carlisle and his lovely wife or his children."

"Good. I would also prefer it if no one addressed me as Edward Cullen. I am a Cullen no more. That bond, along with another is long broken," I said, suddenly finding the floor very interesting. I sighed, meeting Aro's curios gaze once again. "In any case, I prefer for my last name to be Masen."

"Edward Masen, Head of the Volturi Guard. I like it!" Aro exclaimed. As long as you did whatever he wanted, he could be quite reasonable.

"And lastly," I turned to Felix reaching out. He flinched slightly. This pleased me immensely. I rubbed the sleeve of his hood between my fingers. "These are not exactly my style...they are so macabre. And since I will be the head, perhaps my attire should signify that."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Armani, black, 22 long."

Aro clapped his hands and laughed. "Excellent! I will have Renata take your exact measurements right away. Welcome, Edward Masen, to the Volturi." He held out his hand. I walked forward, and kissed his ring.

A moment later, Heidi walked into the room with ten unsuspecting tourists-victims, I suppose I should say. For the first time in years, I let myself smell, really smell the human scents. Heidi stopped when she saw me.

"Masters?" she said, confused.

"Afterwards," Aro assured. "Edward, would you care to join us?"

Felix and Demetri locked the doors and the tourists finally came out of their trances. They took one look at the red eyes of the Volturi and began to panic.

"I would love to."

Felix wasted little time snatching up a middle-aged man. His wife screamed and begged while Demetri took her for himself. Everyone was feasting while I stood and watched. Then I saw her. This one girl kneeling in the corner. She had long brown hair. She stood on her knees, eyes shut tightly, praying in Italian. I hurried to her before the others tried to stake a claim. I kneeled before her and sensing my presence, she opened her eyes. Her eyes were a bright, brilliant green. Her lips were pink and full. She clutched her cross, whispering in Italian.

Roughly translated, she said, "beautiful angel."

I touched her face and her eyes closed. She tilted her head, taking my hand. In doing so, she exposed to me the pulsing vein in her neck. Through their minds, I could see the others watching with growing interest and mounting bloodlust. Giving in to the monster raging inside me, I sunk my teeth into her frail neck, severing the vein. Her warm, flowing blood filled my mouth.

"Ahh, better than a glass of lemonade on a hot day," Aro mused as the others laughed.

The girl whimpered and squirmed in my arms as I greedily sucked her sweet nectar. I drained her to the last drop and her body grew limp. I gently lowered her body to the floor. Her once brilliant green eyes now dull, lifeless. I swept my hand over her face, closing her eyes. In the mind of Aro, I could see her blood glowing in my eyes.

"Always the gentleman, Edward," Heidi said, with an implying smile. Hmm, she would be fun. "Masters, would it be all right if I showed Edward to his new quarters?"

Aro laughed a knowing laugh, taking his seat on his throne. "Yes, yes, and have Renata take his measurements, will you?"

"Of course, come with me, Edward."

I picked up my bag and winked at Felix. From his thoughts not only did he think he had a claim to my position, but to every single female in the Volturi.

I was expecting just a simple room. Instead, I had the space of three apartments. Television, running water, a bed, sofa and one of the best views of the city.

"Renata will be in shortly. I hope that everything is to your liking, Edward."

"That it is." I turned to her, for once giving her my full attention. It had been so long since I took notice of another woman's beauty and Heidi was remarkable. Endless legs, flowing mahogany hair, full, soft to the kiss lips. By now, the venom had melted her contacts and her red eyes mirrored mine. She moved closer, barely leaving an inch of space between us.

"If there is anything that I can do to make your stay here more comfortable, you will tell me, won't you?"

"I won't hesitate," I whispered, taking a lock of her hair between my fingers.

She smiled and strutted out of the room, knowing I was watching her. After she closed the door, I threw myself on the bed, awaiting Renata's arrival. Then my cell phone started to ring. I checked the caller I.D. and groaned. I would have ignored it, but that would only make them take the next flight out here.

"Yes, Alice?"

"How could you?" Alice said as I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah man, what the hell?" Emmett yelled.

"Let me guess, you have me on speaker phone," I said dryly.

"Yes, this is a family conference, Edward," Carlisle said calmly. "Alice has told us some...some very disturbing things."

"Edward, son, please tell me it isn't true." Esme's pleading tugged at the corners of my lifeless heart.

"It is true. I am now head of the Volturi Guard." I hated myself for it, but I had no other choice but to hurt them. They would never let me go if I didn't. "And yes, I have taken a human life."

"Are you crazy, Edward? What the fuck are you thinking?" Rosalie exclaimed.

"Edward, we're coming to Volterra. We have to talk some sense into you, son," Esme said.

This I could not allow. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Esme. My masters agreed-."

"Your masters? What the hell is going on up there?" Emmett interrupted.

"As I was saying, my masters agreed that all of you would remain untouched. That was one of the conditions of me accepting this position. If you come here and try to take me back, the agreement is off the table and I am not responsible for what happens to any of you."

"Edward, you can't mean that!" I could practically hear Esme's sobs through the phone.

"I do."

"And the other agreement? Is it true, Edward? Are you up there protecting that traitor bitch Bella Swan?" Rosalie hissed. "I swear if I see her again-."

"Rosalie, listen and listen good. What I am doing has nothing to do with her. If I should hear that harm has come to her by your hands, by any of your hands, I will come visit you and I will not leave until the responsible party is a burning pile of ash."

"Edward," Esme whispered softly.

"Then this is what it's come down to?" Jasper said, speaking for the first time since the conversation started.


"Son," Carlisle began.

"Carlisle, I am not your son. I am not your brother and I am not a Cullen, not anymore. I am Edward Masen, Head of the Volturi Guard and if any of you ever gave a damn about me, you will go on as if I no longer exist.

"Edward, please," Esme sobbed. I could hear Alice sobbing as well.

"I will say this one and only once-DO NOT CALL ME EVER AGAIN!"

I hung up the phone, crushing it between my fingers. It was time for an upgrade anyway. I put my fam-I mean the Cullens-out of my mind. I unpacked my bag. I realized I had no need for the clothes I brought. Alice bought all of these clothes anyway, they were nothing more than reminders of them. I burned the clothes, tossing the bag in one of the large closets. I held the bag holding Bella's blouse and our prom picture. I wanted to burn them too, but I could not bring myself to do it. Instead, I opened one of the dresser drawers. I ran my fingers across Bella's smiling face. I carefully placed the bag in the drawer, slamming it shut.

There was a knock on my door. It was Renata.

"I heard a certain someone needed a tailor."

"You heard correct. Please, come in."

"I come bearing gifts. From our masters." She presented me with a black, velvet box. I opened the box and inside was a gold Rolex. I flipped it over, engraved were the initials E.M.

I slipped on the watch and Renata took my measurements. About ten minutes later, she came back with my suit.

"To celebrate your arrival, there will be a special feast tonight in the Great Hall and a party in your honor on Friday. Heidi is looking forward to seeing you and I must admit...so am I," Renata said with an unabashed smile.

"Well, far be it for me to disappoint two very lovely ladies."

"Shall I tell Heidi to meet me outside your door around seven?"

"You shall."

Renata smiled widely, nearly tripping over her own feet as she made her way through the door.

I walked into the bathroom and took a warm shower. I dressed in my all black Armani suit with matching Armani loafers. I slipped my watch back on and combed my hair so that my waves were going back. There was a light knock on the door. When I opened it, Heidi and Renata stood outside, jaws agape. Their lustful thoughts had me grinning from ear to ear. Heidi wore a flowing peach gown with her hair pinned back. Renata's gown was gold, her hair curled and pulled over to her right shoulder.

"My, my, don't you two ladies look especially delectable tonight."

They giggled, linking their arms on either side of me. We walked to the Great Hall. Alec, Jane, Demetri and Felix stood outside the hall waiting for me.

Jane glanced at me once before turning her attention back to the closed doors. Well, I guess he does clean up rather nicely, she thought in spite of herself.

"Coming from you, Jane, I will take that as the grandest of all compliments."

She narrowed her eyes, obviously embarrassed. I laughed heartily. "Shall we, then? Oh, Felix, would you mind terribly opening the doors for us?"

Felix glared, but held his tongue. He knew who the boss was. "Yes, sir," he said, almost spitting the words. He pushed opened the doors and the girls and I made our grand entrances.

"Ahh, Edward! Black is definitely your color!" Aro called exuberantly.

"Yes, Edward. You are looking casket sharp," Caius said, still a little resentful that Aro was so desperate to have me that he would agree to any of my terms.

"Edward," Marcus said, heaving another deep sigh. The wives were out tonight so it seemed he was especially depressed.

I mingled with my masters. Tomorrow was the party, then I had the weekend to myself, but like any job, first thing Monday morning I was to start training the new members of the guard. There was Brent the telekinetic, Phoebe the flame, Drake the cloak, and Madeline the healer. Brent and Phoebe were brother and sister, saved from a car crash by a drifting nomad and subsequently turned. Drake and Madeline were nomadic drifters. Their creator was killed in a fight over territory. They fled and ended up here. Demetri was instantly taken with Madeline. Drake looked almost as sullen as Marcus did. Through his thoughts, I learned that his love was taken from him as well. His fiancée, Juliana, raped and killed in a dark alley while they were in college. He mostly kept to himself. Overall, the four were very young.

"Brothers and sisters, friends and family, we would like to thank you for joining us on this most joyous of occasions," I smiled a little as Aro spoke. It must have really bothered Felix and Demetri that Aro would be making this same speech again tomorrow. "I would like you all to welcome our new brother, Edward Masen, who is now the new head of the Volturi Guard."

The guests turned to me clapping with radiant smiles. Even Jane and Alec held small smiles. "And now," the side doors open and about twenty humans were brought in, each looking more frightened than the last. "Let the feast begin!"

Growls and snarls filled the room as the guests scampered about like frightened little mice in a pit of snakes. I released Heidi and Renata as they went to hunt their dinner. As for myself, I found another little brunette. She ran past me to the doors, pulling on them futilely. I stood behind her, her scent calling me like a moth to a flame. She sensed me behind her. She turned slowly. This one's eyes were a radiant blue. She stared into my eyes, mesmerized by me. I took her hand twirling her around. I pulled her into me, wrapping one arm around her waist.

"Beautiful creature," she breathed.

I carefully pulled her hair back from her neck. She moaned softly as I rubbed my nose over the pulsating vein in her neck. I bit into her neck as she writhed pointlessly in my steel grasp. Her body began to slump and I fell with her, savoring each pressure drop. This one died with her eyes closed and a peaceful smile on her lips. I was getting better at this.

When I stood, I saw that Heidi and Renata had been watching me with intense interest. Aro looked pleased. Caius speculative and of course Marcus, satisfied, but bored. I motioned towards the door and Aro nodded.

"Ladies, what do you say we head to my place and get a little more comfortable?"

The girls giggled taking my arms. Felix stood by the door, glaring at me. "Do me a favor, big guy. Don't wait up," I teased.

We walked back to my apartment. The girls had taken to familiarizing themselves with one another. I pulled off my jacket, watching as they unzipped each other's dress. Heidi unpinned her hair, letting it fall freely around her shoulders. She wore red-laced lingerie with garters and pantyhose.

"Very nice," I said unbuttoning my shirt.

Underneath Renata's dress, she wore purple lingerie, tight and revealing. I wasted no time removing my remaining clothes. I stood before them in my black briefs.

"Come to me, my lovelies," I commanded. Heidi the more beautiful of the two reached me first. I pulled her in my arms, kissing her. She moaned against my lips as Renata kissed my back and shoulders.

Hmm, I think this will get his attention, she thought. She fell to her knees, pulling down my boxers. As Heidi's tongue danced with mine, I smiled at Renata's mental assessment. Oh, my. Little Edward is not little at all.

She took me in her mouth, giving me the absolute greatest feeling I have ever had. Heidi stopped kissing me. "No fair, Renata."

"Now ladies, there is more than enough of me to share."

The girl's eyes were now black with desire. Heidi kneeled beside Renata, going under her, slipping my others into her mouth. I groaned loudly, unaccustomed to feeling this type of emotion. I could smell them both now. They were wet for me.

"Let's take this to the bed," I said. The girls stood, taking my hands. "Strip for me. Slowly."

The girls willfully obeyed, removing their undergarments. They looked like goddesses in oil paintings come to life. I suddenly was struck with a wicked impulse. "Lay back, Renata."

She smiled, her thoughts curious as to what I would ask of her next. She lay back in the middle of the bed, twirling her fingers around her nipples. Heidi and I climbed on the bed with her. I stood on my knees behind Heidi, kissing her neck. "Pleasure her," I commanded. Heidi bent forward, her hair spilling over on Renata's stomach as she placed her face between her thighs. Renata moaned loudly, rubbing and pulling at her taut nipples. I ran my hands down Heidi's sides. I wanted her first. I pushed her legs apart, swiftly entering her. She threw her head up, moaning my name.

"Oh, Edward!"

Renata reached up, grabbing Heidi's head and bringing it back down to her now swollen clit. I closed my eyes and I could see Bella's face. The more she smiled, the harder I pounded Heidi.

"Oh, god, Edward! You're going to make me come!"

I growled, gripping Heidi's hair. She moaned, I moaned, Renata moaned. Anyone who passed by my door might have thought we were all under the most excruciating of tortures. In one solitary moment in time, the three of us came together, riding the high waves of ecstasy.

The girls switched positions and the three of us went at it for the rest of the night. Volterra was beginning to be my new favorite place.