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The Jagged Tin Edge

Bella is being babysat by Jasper. One slip and things change. But what will happen? A Jasper/Bella Fic.


2. Jasper attacks

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I had no time to react. Jasper leapt at me, eyes black with desire for my blood. I screamed as he landed, knocking me to the floor and spilling sweet corn everywhere. I thought he'd bite me but his lips met around my cut finger, sucking the blood from it. I knew that small cut wouldn't last for long and then I'd be done for. So far, he hadn't bit me. I struggled to pull away, screaming and shouting.

He slapped me, hard across the face and pulled away from my finger. His eyes were without reason and they saw no recognition in my face. I was no longer Bella. I was Blood. He snarled and bared his teeth. I screamed again and kicked him. There was no effect but he snarled louder and seized my throat. This was it. Goodbye Edward. I cried out in pain as his teeth sliced through my skin. The venom was instant and my neck was on fire.

Edward, Edward, Edward, EDWARD! I screamed out his name as though hoping he could save me. Nobody could save me now. I was done for. Then the pressure was released.

Jasper's POV
"Bella! Bella!" I couldn't breathe. If I did, I would kill her. She was screaming. What would the others do to me when they found out? I needed to do something, stop them from finding out. I picked her up. I didn't dare try and suck the venom out, I was afraid if I tried, her blood would draw me in. I carried her out into the woods. I tried to ease her pain. She continued to scream.

"Bella. Bella, shh!" I hissed at her. I had no idea how I was going to explain this to the others. Bella disappeared when I was watching her. Yeah, right. Like that would happen. I needed to think of something. I put her in a small space in a cluster of trees. I needed to think of an excuse. Carlisle. Carlisle wouldn't judge me, he'd help. But he'd want to bring Bella back and then everyone else would know. I just needed to think of something. Right, I could stage an attack? Say that Victoria attacked and ran off with Bella when she went to the loo? Would that work?

I ran back to the house and tidied up her lunch stuff. Oh god, what was I going to do? This wouldn't work unless I had Victoria's scent in the house. I couldn't exactly go up to her and say, "Hey, run around Bella's bathroom so that I can pretend you took her instead of me attacking her" I could forge a note saying Bella had run away but that probably wouldn't work.

I had to make it look like she was dead or Edward would look for her. How to do that? A car crash would be simplest but they'd expect a body. Oh GOD! I was stuck! I heard a noise upstairs. I rushed upstairs. Victoria, I was in luck.

"What do you want?" I snarled.

"The blood of the girl"

"She's not here," I growled.

"I will find her. You can't guard her forever" I didn't attack Victoria because I needed her to run away. She leapt out of the open window and was gone. Then, I dialled Edward's number.