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The Jagged Tin Edge

Bella is being babysat by Jasper. One slip and things change. But what will happen? A Jasper/Bella Fic.


4. Bella wakes up

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I opened my eyes and the sunlight stung. There was something else, bright and shiny. I took in a breath and was assaulted with strong scents of...well, everything. Fern, pine, snow. There was something closer, like honey, chocolate, and sunshine. It was spicy, like paprika and chilli mixed in together. I sat up.

"Awake. Good" I looked up. He was perched in a tree branch above my head.

"Jasper" I hissed.

"Bella" he said, jumping down, a slightly patronizing smile on his face. I snarled at him. Before, I was weak. But now I was newborn and bursting with strength. I charged him, knocking him to the floor before he could move. I was lying on top of him in the grass. His scent was strong and it wafted around me enticingly. But more then that, I could feel him. Every muscle, every bone. He was warm and soft now. I didn't move and neither did he. We just lay there.

"Bella" he said eventually.

"What?" I said, remembering my disposed rage.

"Can you get off me?"

"Oh. Right" I got up, pulling him with me. I pulled too hard and we were both catapulted into a tree. This time, he was pressing against me.

"Your turn" I said. He put a hand on my shoulder to stop me moving and moved away.

"What was with the attacking me thing?"

"You attacked me," I pointed out.

"Right. Yeah, sorry about that. This might make up for it. The fact that A) I didn't kill you and B) I have something to make you happy" he said.

"What is that?" he took a bag that had been hanging
surreptitiously from a branch and unzipped it.

"I had a hard time getting this, so be grateful" he pulled out a clear bag filled with red liquid. My mouth watered.

"I can't move you at the moment. You're not old enough to have a resistance so I need to wait. I don't want you hunting alone. The town is nearby and people go hiking a lot. Not at this spot though" he tossed the bag to me. I couldn't help myself. I ripped it open and drained the salty liquid.

"Human?" I said.

"Yes. I'd prefer to start you on animal but I didn't want to leave to find you any. In case you decided to go walking" I tossed the empty bag to the floor.

"You got anymore of those?" I asked.

"Yes" he pulled a second bag and gave it to me. I gulped it down.

"You need to slow down. I don't know when I'll be able to get another one. I'll try and get an animal next time"

"Can't I just go hunting with you?"

"No. no I need to keep you away from Forks"

"You haven't told them" I'd always assumed that when I was turned, Edward would be beside me when I woke, when I hunted. But it was Jasper.

"No" he confessed.

"Why not? They'll have to know at some point! How are you explaining my disappearance then?"

"I said Victoria has got you. If they catch her and she denies it, they'll most likely assume she's lying"

"And if they don't?"

"Well, I was going to find her, catch her, kill her and then say that she'd already killed you. Then you're gone"

"No. you can't do this"

"Please Bella. Stay here"

"Fine" he smiled, handed me one last bag of blood.

"That needs to last you. I'll be back as soon as I can but don't leave here"

"What if someone turns up?"

"Stop breathing. Or make sure to hide the corpse"


"Right. Bye" he disappeared. A thought occurred. I hadn't even thought about Edward until just now. Why not?