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What Not To Wear

Remember Alice is a fashionista.... What if she was entered to be an assistant in What Not To Wear?? Who will be the contestant she will be working on?? Read to find out!!


1. Chapter 1

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What Not To Wear (one shot)

Alice POV

“Emmett!” I screamed on top of my lungs. I was planning ahead on what we should do for Christmas this year. Edward came out of his room looking groggy as ever after playing scrabble with Bella.

“He’s out somewhere.” Edward said smiling. I skipped to the living room and turned on the television.

“Oh well, I’ll just go watch my favorite show What Not To Wear. They have raffle show for a Christmas special on who’s going to be a special assistant.” Edward turned back to his room grinning. I gasped.


“And the winner is…” Stacy and Clinton said together pausing for dramatic effect. They looked straight at the camera like I was the winner.

“Alice Cullen from Forks, Washington. Nominated by her brother, Emmett Cullen! Emmett’s purpose was she is a fashion freak!” they laughed together at the purpose of Emmett’s purpose of why I was nominated.

“Oh My Gosh!” I squealed thanking Emmett wherever he was. Edwards face popped out of his bedroom door frowning. Jump for joy with me Edward! I thought, jumping. Edward shook his head.

“You weren’t supposed to know until tomorrow.” He said disappointed. I creased my forehead wondering why Edward would make such a dumb mistake. He knows I can see the future.

“Jacob was there…” Edward started to say. Does this mean I can see Jacob’s future or all the werewolves? I thought. Edward shrugged answering my question.

Emmett’s POV

“What now Jacob?” I asked irritated. This was Edward’s plan, why can’t he be the one to go instead of Jacob? I looked at Jacob frowning. I could see beads of sweat on his forehead, and he looked like he was going to blow.

“Look bloodsucker, I know I owe you my life. But I really, really need to go!” I boomed with laughter on the last sentence. Jacob reddened then went to the restroom. I checked my watch, one minute till 2:00.

I pressed my hard face against the restroom door. “Hurry up dog! It’s starting already!” Ugh they announced it already. Alice must’ve already seen this. Thanks Jacob, I thought.

Alice’s POV

I heard the sound of crumbling gravel and the tires squeal. Emmett’s here! Now I have someone to tell the good news to, not like Edward the pessimistic person.

I opened the door before Emmett could open it. “Hi Emmett! I have some good news to tell you!” I was about to start explaining when Edward appeared beside me holding a stool. He put the stool down stepping on top of it then grabbing Emmett up by the collar of his shirt. That’s so funny! Since Emmett is taller than Edward.

“Why did Alice see the future when you and Jacob were supposed to be there?” Edward growled tightening his grip. “It was supposed to be a surprise!” Edward stared at Emmett reading his mind.

Emmett glowered “The dog had to pee.” he explained to me whining. I laughed sarcastically on the explanation. Thank you Edward, I thought.

Edward nodded and went back to his room. “Well, I better get packing for the show.” I said running to my room. I rummaged through my closet for clothes to pack for the week.

“Esme!” I whined walking through the hallway then opened their bedroom door. I saw Esme working on some blueprints for the house in Canada. “Can I go shopping for clothes to wear this week?” I asked crossing all my fingers for a yes.

I raised my eyebrow expecting an answer soon enough. “NO.” she replied steadily. “Use what you have Alice, get clothes out of your walk-in closet that you haven't worn yet.” I whimpered. I never take no for an answer Esme, I thought stubbornly.

I walked straight at Esme's face and kneeled down. “But Esme!” I complained. I looked at her warm liquid gold eyes, praying.

“No.” I stomped out of the room rummaging again through my clothes. Aha! I found the perfect outfit. It was a Nanette Lepore sequin georgette mini dress that will make my eyes pop. I paired it with my favorite Jimmy Choo T-strap sandals. The next outfit was a Stella McCartney black silk bow-sleeve dress with a vintage black Louboutin pumps. Perfect!

I went down the staircase and saw Emmett sitting on the sofa quietly, that's not really like him. “What's wrong Emmett?” I asked innocently. I already know why anyway. He got grounded by Edward because he didn't accomplish the surprise for me. Poor Emmett, it’s weird seeing him quiet.

He looked up at me puckering his lips and making puppy eyes. I went up to Edward's room knowing exactly what Emmett wants me to do. “NO!” I heard Edward say before I could knock on the door.

“Come on Edward, it’s not a big of a deal for Emmett to spoil the surprise. And it’s not like Emmett to be sitting there quietly! Look at him, and besides you know he doesn’t mean it.” I protested. Just because it’s a sunny day and he didn’t get to be with Bella, doesn't mean he can torture Emmett, I thought. Weird, why am I in Emmett's side?

“Fine.” he grumbled. I heard Emmett cheering downstairs obviously eavesdropping on our conversation. I heard him turn on the television and played his Guitar Hero: World Tour instantly. I sighed, glad to have Emmett back to his normal self again.

I went back to my room to search for other outfits. Distressed, I didn’t find accessories for my clothes. Then, I heard a loud knock on the door. Bella, I thought. “Emmett, open the door!” I shouted loud enough for Emmett to hear it over the surround sound speakers and sound proof headphones.

Ugh, I guess he didn’t hear me. I walked downstairs and opened the door for Bella. “Hi Bella! Ready for another makeover? I have some outfits for you to try on!”

“Alice, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t need more clothes? And besides, you already gave me ten outfits that cost one hundred dollar each for school.” I frowned; it always worked if I do that. Bella thought for a second and spread her arms.

“Well, I need to look perfect for Edward don’t I?” She hesitated. Then Edward appeared beside Bella holding her at the small of her back to probably go in his room and have fun.

“Fine, but after what you two are going to do, I get her.” I said stubbornly tired of Edward having everything he wants first.

“Plane tickets are in my bag.” I said to my self excited and nervous. I hugged Jasper good-bye when my flight was called.

“Go up those stairs and to the left.” The flight attendant said instructing me where my plane seat was. I wonder who the contestant that I will be working on for What Not To Wear is. I concentrated on that subject for the rest of the flight to New York.

When we finally landed in NYC, I hurried to the front of the line to get out first. I was excited to be in the same room as Stacy and Clinton. Then I got a whiff of familiar scent. Mike Newton. Why was he here? I saw him walk past me with a carry on three times as big as my carry-on.

Is it possible Mike Newton is going to be the contestant? I shook my head pushing the thought away.

When I went to get my luggage I saw Mike again, getting other bags that he has. I then saw my red luggage and got it in one swift movement. The guy on my right was looking at me weirdly like I just won the lotto and gave the money to a millionaire. I raised my eyebrow until he looked away.

I got in a cab and told the man where I was going, he nodded. I sat back in my seat looking comfortable. In the inside I was wondering if it was really that Mike Newton kid. And I really don’t want to shop with him.

When I arrived in the destination, I saw Mike going in the building. If I was human I would have vomited, I thought. “Hey Mike!” I shouted loud enough so he could hear. He turned around smiling, when he saw me that face turned into a shocked face. He knew that I was a fashion freak.

Then with short expectations, he ran back to the cab I arrived in. He gave me the debit card while he passed by. I heard him say “Back to the airport please.” I shrugged.

When I walked in the building I saw Stacy and Clinton sitting together in a sofa. “We saw it.” They explained sadly together. I handed them the card and walked away.

Emmett’s POV

“Does she know already?” I said giddily. No one answered me, I shrugged. I can’t wait to see my little sisters face when she get back. Oh I know, I’ll get a camera for the moment. I clapped to myself getting excited about the idea.

When I got the camera, I heard a car stop in front of the house─ it’s her. I hurried to the front door and turned on the camera. Click, I pushed the button the exact moment Alice went in the house. Man, it was the camera; it was supposed to be the video. I sagged to the living room.

Oh well, at least Edward’s plan worked. Then I heard Alice. “Oh Emmett!” she said in her pixie like voice. I turned around grinning.

“Sorry?” I apologized asking. She laughed loudly.