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Past Memories

As Jacob and Renesmee begin to take the next steps in their relationship, things take a turn for the worst. When the past comes back to haunt them, will it ruin their relationship, or streghthen it? Does love really conquer all? Or will love be the source of all their problems? Free Image Hosting

This is the sequel to Unknown Desire. I recommend you read that first, or you'll probably be confused.


1. Chapter 1

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“Renesmee Carlie Cullen? I love you. I want to be with you everyday for as long I live. Will you marry me?” he looked nervous while asking the last question.

I jumped into his arms and kissed him hard, without even giving him an answer.

“Yes *kiss*yes *kiss* yes!” I answered.

“I didn't think you'd react like this, not that I mind.” he laughed once the ring was placed on my finger.

“Sorry I attacked you.” I bit my lip.

“Like I said, I didn't mind.” he repeated.

“Wanna get out of here?” I offered.

“Definitely.” he took my hand and led us to a car, which was not his.

“Where's your car?” I asked, looking around for the Rabbit.

“It's at home.” he answered. We got into a huge limo, with a driver.

“Lots of room in here.” I winked once we began to drive.

“Yeah.” he agreed.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Home. Unless you wanna go somewhere else?” he asked.

“No, home's where I'll give you my anniversary present.” I put my fingers in his hair and moved to sit

in his lap. I trailed my fingers around his face, and then his neck. He took my hand and kissed the ring that rested on my ring finger.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“For what?” he asked confused.

“Putting up with me, asking me to marry you, being perfect....” I trailed off.

“Well thank you, for putting up with me, agreeing to marry me, and being perfect...” he mimicked me.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too.” he said. The car stopped and the driver opened the door. We thanked him and he drove away.

“'Kay! Time for your present!” I squealed, sounding freakishly like Alice with my excitement. “It's in the garage!”

“Um, okay?” he sounded skeptical.

“No peeking!” I warned and clamped my hand over his eyes. We got to the garage, and I led him to the white sheet that was covering his present.

“Keep your eyes closed.” I warned and took my hand away. I moved the sheet off the car that Rose called a 'fixer upper'. He liked to work on cars, so I figured he could work on that one since his car was now in perfect condition.

“Alright! You can look now!” he opened his eyes and looked over the car. “Well, it needs lots of work, and I thought you would want to fix it... If you don't like it, I can get something else. I guess I could-”

“I love it.” he cut me off. “It's great! Thank you!”

“Your welcome. It doesn't beat your 'present', but nothing could.” I stole a glance at the gorgeous ring on my finger.

“I love you.” he grinned at me.

“I love you too. Let's go upstairs.” I hinted. Jake picked me up, which I didn't protest, and brought me inside.

“I'll get ready.” I whispered and went into the closet. Luckily Alice has loaded my closet in my new house, with all my new stuff that we bought today. I slipped out of my dress, and into the 'outfit' I had sent Jake a picture of earlier.

I walked triumphantly back into the bedroom, to see Jake had changed into a white tank top and his plaid boxers. Mmm. He caught sight of me, grabbed me, and kissed me hard. We kissed for a few minutes, and he brought me to the bed.