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Past Memories

As Jacob and Renesmee begin to take the next steps in their relationship, things take a turn for the worst. When the past comes back to haunt them, will it ruin their relationship, or streghthen it? Does love really conquer all? Or will love be the source of all their problems? Free Image Hosting

This is the sequel to Unknown Desire. I recommend you read that first, or you'll probably be confused.


5. Chapter 5

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Bella's POV

There was a knock on the cottage door, and I answered it.

“Jacob?” I gasped. He looked so... horrible!

“Hi. Can we talk?”

“Um, sure. Come in.” I stepped out of the way. “What's wrong with you? Did something happen to my daughter?” I immediately began thinking the worst case scenario.

“No. She's fine, I guess.”

“Then why aren't you with her?” I wondered. They're inseparable!

“She doesn't want to be.” he said in such a small voice.

“What?” What did she do? Are they breaking up? How is that possible? Aren't they engaged?

“Why? What happened?”

“She found out. She found out about you and me, and she's so mad. She was screaming, and crying, and wouldn't let me talk to her, and when I asked if I could explain, she threw a fit and pushed me out of the room, then locked herself in, she was crying, and-and-” I think he's about to cry too. He was talking so fast, and his hands were trembling.

“Jake, Jake! Calm down. What did she say?”

“Her last words were something about-about leaving.'” he grimaced as he said it.

“Oh my god.” I gasped, shocked that such things were happening with them of all couples.

“It's all my fault, and I don't know what to do, she's never going to talk to me again, and I'm so scared because I can't live without her.” he went back to talking fast.

“Oh, Jacob.” Poor Jacob! I should talk to her, after I comfort him of coarse. I threw my arms around him and hugged him, feeling protective of him. Of coarse I was protective of Jacob, he was my best friend. He put his head on my shoulder and hugged me back. Suddenly, there was a gasp from behind us.

“What the hell?” Renesmee's voice rang.

“Ness, it's not-”

“I was just coming over here to find you and talk this out, and this is what I see? Jerk!” she flung her ring at him, and left.

Renesmee's POV

I walked into the cottage in hopes to find Jacob and work through this, when I walked in on him and my mother, in a tight embrace.

“What the hell?” I spat. They both turned to look at me.

“Ness, it's not-” Jacob tried.

“I was just coming over here to find you and talk this out, and this is what I see? Jerk!” I threw my engagement ring at him, and ran out.

My sight was blurred by the huge tears that were pouring from my eyes. I couldn't run, so I stopped. I collapsed on the ground, probably about one hundred miles from the cottage. Otherwise known as the middle of nowhere.

I clutched myself, for I was shaking with painful sobs.

“Why can't I be good enough?!” I screamed. “WHY?!”

I sat there and cried for what felt like hours, until there was no more to cry. Then, I stood up and ran to my house.

He was there, waiting for me.