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Past Memories

As Jacob and Renesmee begin to take the next steps in their relationship, things take a turn for the worst. When the past comes back to haunt them, will it ruin their relationship, or streghthen it? Does love really conquer all? Or will love be the source of all their problems? Free Image Hosting

This is the sequel to Unknown Desire. I recommend you read that first, or you'll probably be confused.


8. Chapter 8: Sister, Sister!

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With the wedding less than a week away, Alice and I spent the day together planning things. Also, today was the day that we were trying on our clothes for the wedding. I try my dress on everyday because I'm so excited, but Alice wants to make sure Jake's tux fits and everything.

“Now remember, you two are not allowed to see each other while in your wedding outfits.” Alice reminded us as we went to her room.

“I know that, Alice. You've told us a million times.” I sassed her.

“Whatever. Ness in here. Jacob in there.” she pointed us into separate rooms. Me in her room and Jake in my old room.

* * * *

Once we were done, I said goodbye to Alice and we went home. What Jake didn't know was, I had a very special early wedding present waiting for him, something I can tell he misses.

No, it's not anything like that, if that's what you're thinking! It's his older sisters, one of which he hasn't seen for a few years. Rachel (who goes to college and is now on break) and Rebecca (who married a surfer in Hawaii and hasn't had the money to come back home). So, I got the numbers from Billy, made a few calls, (and charges to the credit card, not that that's in issue with my family) and picked them up this morning!

Just as we were pulling out of the driveway, his phone rang.

“Hello?” he answered. “What, Embry?” his tone became a growl.

“No, I'm going home.”

“I don't think Ness would like that very much.”

“No! Why don't you try telling her that then? See what she says.” he challenged his best friend.

“See what I have to say about what?” I demanded, not liking being the subject of their conversation.

“Here, you ask her and see what she has to say.” he handed me the phone.

“Hey, Embry. What's up?” I answered.

“I was asking your grumpy wolf if he would get his furry butt out there and cover for me.”

“Well, not tonight. How about you call someone else?” I tried to stay nice, Jake can't leave, it'll ruin everything!!

“Why? Since when does he have to do what you say?” he asked me.

“Since he imprinted on me, dumb ass.” I said in a sarcastic tone. Jake laughed at my answer, but he knew the truth.

Embry tried to argue, but I cut him off since we were just about home.

“Call someone else. Goodbye.” I hung up on him as the car came to a stop.

“He can be such a fucking jerk sometimes.” Jake complained as we went through the door.

“Watch your language, baby brother!” Rachel scolded him playfully.

“Rach?” he asked, surprised.

“Duh.” she teased.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as he picked her up into a hug.

“Sheesh, you don't even greet the other sister.” Rebecca made her appearance.

“Becca? I haven't seen you in so long!” he gave her a hug too. “What are you guys doing here?”

“You're cute ass little fiancée called us and flew us in!” Rebecca explained.

“Ness?? You did this??” he asked, still in shock. I nodded. “Oh my gosh! Does Dad know you're here?”

“Yup, we got here this morning and saw him. I think we were the last people he expected to see walk through the door.” Rachel laughed at the memory.

“I can't believe this.” Jake shook his head, a huge grin still on his face.

“Jesus, little bro, how freaking tall are you??” Rebecca asked, looking up to him. “I feel like a troll doll compared to you. I'm gonna stand with shorty over there.” she laughed and came over to me.

“Now I can tell you two are related.” I laughed, since 'shorty' was my nickname for quite some time.

“Well that's what happens when you move away and don't see your brother for years.” he joked.

“I was going to.” she defended. “I didn't think that your being a wolf would make you that tall, though. And so muscular too. Whatcha got going, an eight pack?” she asked him.

“Yup, pretty much.” he shrugged and took a seat. We all did the same.

“Damn. I'm gone for a few years and my little brother and twin sister find their soul mates. Speaking of which, Rach, when do I meet this Paul?” she changed the subject. I could tell we would get along just fine.

“Well, I'd bet he could come over tonight. He doesn't even know I'm here. We're surprising all the wolves, aren't we?” Rachel giggled.

“You want me to call him?” I offered. “You know, keep the surprise until the last minute?”

“Oh would you?” she smiled excitedly.

“Yeah, you guys can talk and I'll call him.” I got up and went to the kitchen to dial Jared and Paul's house, since they're roommates.

“Hello?” Jared picked up.

“Hey Jared, it's Ness. Is Paul around?” I asked.

“Yeah, hang on....” I heard him scream for Paul to quote, 'get his lazy ass over here and pick up the god damn phone' as he said.

“Hello?” Paul answered, maybe he was sleeping.

“Um, did I wake you up or something?” I asked.

“No, Jared did that.” he said jokingly. “What's up?”

“Um, could you come over here? Jake wants to talk to you.” I lied.

“Can't he do it over the phone?” he whined.

“No, he can't do it over the phone. You have to come here.” I insisted, motioning to Rachel for help. I put the phone on speaker so she could here him.

“I'm not coming over there just to talk with someone.” he resisted stubbornly. Rachel held her hand out for the phone, I gave it to her.

“Hey there, lazy. I was going to surprise you. I'm here, and I wanna see you. Won't you come over to talk to me? Am I special enough?” she asked him sarcastically.

“Rachel??!!! Why didn't you say so? I'll be there in a few!” he sounded much more enthusiastic, then he hung up.

“All the power of imprinting.” she giggled.

“I know exactly what you mean.” I replied motioning with my head to Jacob.

“I thought you would.” she playfully bumped hips with me. “So, what's for dinner?”

“Whatever you want me to make.” I answered.

“Ooh, Jake's got a girl that can cook? Figures!” Rebecca laughed. “Make anything, I'm starving!”

“Well, if we've got two werewolves here, then we'll need a lot.” I chuckled and went back to the kitchen to find something.

“How about chicken? And.....” I searched the cupboard of food. “Rice?” I offered.

“Ooh! Sounds good. I'll help. As you can probably guess, Rach and I know a thing or two about cooking, growing up with Jake and our Dad and all.” she volunteered.

“Kay, how about Rachel make the rice and Rebecca make some vegetables? I'll do the chicken.” I assigned the jobs.

“Able to cook and knows how to give orders, no wonder you're his imprintee.” Rebecca commented. Us girls laughed.

* * * *

As dinner was almost prepared, Paul arrived.

“Rach!” he yelled once he got in.

“Paul!” she squealed as he grabbed her waist and kissed her.

“So this is either Paul, or it's her secret lover.” Becca joked as they kept kissing.

“Sorry, I'm being rude.” Rachel pulled out of Paul's grip and put her arm around his waist. “This is Paul, my boyfriend. Paul, this is Rebecca, my sister.” she introduced formally. Paul held out his hand for Becca.

“Hey, none of that formal crap. Gimme a hug.” Becca embraced Paul. “Damn, all these werewolves make me feel like a midget!” she complained again.

“Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. And don't think none of them will call you 'shorty', because Paul and Jake aren't the only ones who do it.” I notified her.

“Oh great. If I here it once, I'm getting a bat.” she gave her little brother a look. I could tell they were all pretty close growing up.

“I dare you to, shorty.” Jake challenged. She stuck her tongue out at him and we all had dinner.

* * * * * * *

“So, Becca has some news.” Rachel announced for her sister as we finished up dinner. Becca look annoyed.

“Thanks a lot, Rach. Not right now.” she widened her eyes and gave her sister a look that told her she meant it.

“Just go ahead and say it, Becky.” Jake had a smug smile on his face, I didn't know why.

“You know I hate being called that, Jay-Jay.” she had the same smug look on her face.

“Fine, I won't say it. Don't call me that.” he whined.

“Hmm, I'll have to remember that one.” I laughed and playfully kneed Jake from under the table.

“Yes, you will. He hates it. It's the one thing he cannot stand.” Becca informed me.

“Moving on,” Jake interrupted. “What's the news?”

“Honey, don't be rude. If she doesn't want to say it now, she doesn't have to.” I scolded Jake. He just gave me a death glare.

“Oh, now I see how it is. I gotta give Ness props. But, I'll tell you guys.” Rebecca sighed.

“I left John.” she revealed, Jake gasped.

“You guys have been married for so long now. Why?” he demanded.

“Things aren't working out. I just don't love him like I did. And I think he's seeing someone else. So right before I left, I packed up all my stuff, and told him. We got into a huge fight, and I told him the divorce papers would be in the mail and I never wanted to see him again.” she looked like she was blinking away her tears.

“Oh, Becca.” I gave her a big hug, she sniffled.

“It's fine, it's fine. I'm not going to ruin such a happy occasion. You guys are getting married!” she wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to change the subject with a forced smile.

“Becca, you sure you're alright?” Jake asked her, already concerned.

“I'm fine.” she lied, I could read her like a book. Probably because I can so easily read her brother....

“Alright, if you say so.” he mumbled.

“So, Ness, what's your dress like?” Becca changed the subject.

“Hang on, I have a picture in my phone.” I took out my phone and found the picture. “Here.”

“Oh my gosh! You look stunning in it!” she squealed.

“Let me see.” Rachel sat up from Paul's arms and took the phone in her hand.

“Hey!” I darted around at superhuman speed and grabbed the picture before Jake could see, since he was about to steal it.

“Damn! You caught me!” he cursed himself.

“I knew you were gonna try something funny, little brother.” Rachel teased him. There was a howl deep in the forest, the girls probably didn't hear it.

“Shit, I have to go. Rach....” Paul groaned, looking much like Jacob when he leaves me.

“Aww, I'll miss you.” she smiled up at him. They linked hands and went on the porch to say goodbye in private.

“I think I have to go too, Ness. It sounded important.” Jake told me.

“You sure you can't stay? Your sisters just got here!” I tried to talk him out of it.

“I should go just to see what it is.” he said.

“Do you have to?” I gave him the most innocent puppy dog eyes I could.

“I'll just see what they want, then I'll come back. I promise.” he caved.

“Deal. Hurry back.” I smiled at him. He gave me a quick kiss and went out.