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Dreams of a Girl (one-shot)

Edward remembers his past with Bella, through a dream. This one-shot follows Bella and Edward ups and downs from high school to present day. PG-13, AUHuman.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

1. Dreams of a Girl (one-shot)

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We went to bed that night, exhausted. We had had a big day...and an even bigger night. My beautiful fiancée snugged closed to me as sleep took her. When I heard the sound of her faint snores, I also let sleep take me. Take me away from my long day at the hospital. Take me away from my troubles. Take me away, just for a few hours.

That night, like usual, I dreamt of my time with Bella Swan. Bella and I had been together since high school. We were inseparable. We were the perfect couple. She had long wavy brown hair while mine was a copper colour and untameable. Bella loved my hair. Her eyes were a chocolate brown and they melted my heart every time I looked into them. My eyes were emerald green. We were both very pale from living in Forks, Washington, all of our lives. She was smart, funny, and popular. Everything a man could ask for. And I loved her, very much.

I remember the first time Bella and I had made love. It was the best night of my life. I was gentle and patient with her as I showed her how much I loved her. It was prom night and only a few weeks before graduation. I was so excited that Bella and I would be attending the same college. I would be studying medicine while she studied journalism.

But when we got to college, everything changed. Bella started experimenting with drugs and alcohol and attending frat parties. Her grades were slipping but she didn’t seem to care. Her friends stopped talking to her and she had been avoiding me. Her new friends were dragging her down more and more, and when she was confronted about all the things she was doing, she'd start crying and throwing a tantrum like a two year old.

I just wanted my old Bella back.

After a couple of months, Bella had apologised for treating me badly, so we scheduled a date to get back on track. I thought that maybe the old Bella, my Bella, might come back to me.

But she didn’t.

Instead I found her on the couch screwing best friend. There was yelling and screaming, and then Bella brought on the water works telling me that she was sorry and that she loved me. I threw the flowers I had bought her on the ground and walked out her door.

She and Jacob had apparently been seeing each other for a few weeks. And after our confrontation, they had made it official. I killed me seeing my ex-best friend and my ex-girlfriend together everyday. They held hands and kissed every five seconds. I tried to escape it but everyone would talk about what a great couple Bella and Jacob were.

Eventually I moved on. Well, not fully move on. I could never get over bella, no matter how hard I tried. But I started dating. Tanya, Lauren, Kate. I even dated Rosalie a couple of times. Rosalie is now my sister-in-law and is pregnant with my nephew/godson. I was happy for her and Emmett.

One night I went to my dorm room after my date with a sophomore named Angela, about a week after I graduated from college, I heard a knock at my door. At first I thought that it was Angela, until I opened the door. Standing outside my door was a soaking wet Bella, her hair was a mess, her makeup was smudged and she reeked of alcohol.

"Can I come in?" she asked. I had missed the sound of her voice. Soft and sweet.

"Yeah," I said, still in shock. Why had she come here? And why was she wet? "Here, let me get you a towel."

She smiled and said "Thank you." I came back with a towel and a dry pair of clothes.

"You left these here before..." I said when I saw her eyeing the clothes suspiciously. I wasn’t about to tell her that I kept a couple of pairs of her clothes so that I would forget her scent as I cried myself to sleep each night.

Her face twisted in pain as I spoke; reminding her of the night she ripped out my heart and soul.

I faced the other direction as she changed out of her wet clothes and into the dry ones. The smell of freesia and strawberry filled the air and I felt at home.

"Done," she said once she had changed. I turned around to face her. Seeing her beautiful face again (even with a makeup smudged face she was still beautiful) was painful.

"Sorry about the clothes," she said. "I didn’t even notice it was raining at first." She attempted a smile. It looked more like scowl.

"I caught jacob in bed with another woman," she finally explained after a brief awkward silence.

I remained quiet while she talked and talked about how great things seemed between her and Jacob, when all the time he had been seeing her and a girl named Leah.

She told me about how she went to rehab and is no longer taking drugs and how tonight was the first drink she's had in almost a month. I think that she expected me to be proud of her or to congratulate her or something.

But there was nothing but silence.

She tried a new tactic, and started talking about school. She was catching up on all of her classes and has been accepted into two grad schools. One here in Seattle and one in Chicago. She was going on a tour of the campus tomorrow. I think she wanted me to say "Stay in Seattle," but really I was hoping she'd take the one in Chicago. Far away enough that I wouldn't have to be in pain everyday when I saw her.

But, yet again, silence.

Eventually, she sighs and says, "I know I was selfish and you have every right to hate me, but just know that I never stopped loving you, Edward."

She looked at me expectantly, but I remained silent. When she figured that I wasn’t going to say anything, she got up off the couch she had been sitting on, and I though she was going to leave. But instead she straddled me and started kissing me. God, how I missed her lips against mine. The way her teeth took my bottom lip and bit and suckled. The way she caressed my face with her hands leaving a tingling feeling on my skin. The way her lips traced my jawbone and nipped at my Adams apple. It felt like it did before. But this wasn't before, no matter how much I wished otherwise.

I pushed her back and sat her next to me. I then got off the couch and asked her leave. I had to be strong and stop this before I got hurt again. Plus, she was drunk and upset, and I didn’t want her waking up tomorrow full of regret and just to run back to Jacob.

Then she stared begging. Literally begging. On her hands and knees, crying for my forgiveness. I held back the tears and the urge to comfort her. The urge to tell her that I loved her, too, and that everything was going to be alright.

I picked her up off the ground and a glimmer of hope sparkled in her eyes. "Please, Bella," I said, my voice breaking, "Just go."

She stared into my eyes and saw into my soul, the same one that she had broken. She saw the raging battle in my mind and knew that I didn't want her to leave. But she also saw the part of me that knew it was best, so she left.

But before she walked out of my door she said to me, "Maybe someday we'll be together again."

I walked over to her and stopped right in front of her. This would be my last chance to tell her to stay and love me and hold me. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, "I’ll be waiting for you, Edward."

As Bella walked out my door for the last time, I collapse on the floor and started to cry, holding the cheek she had kissed. I could still feel that tingling sensation. And for a dream this all felt so real.

I opened my eyes to see my beautiful fiancée kiss my cheek, and along my jawbone. "Good morning, handsome," she whispered in a husky, morning voice. She started trailing kisses across my chest and abs.

"Morning, jess," I whispered back.

I hated waking up to another woman after I dream about Bella. This may seem weird, but I feel like I’m cheating on her. Not the other woman. And I hated making love to Jessica while I imagined Bella’s face. I wished and wished that it was Bella and not someone else.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jess (otherwise I wouldn‘t be marrying her in four weeks), but Bella will always have my heart and soul. Not matter how much she's broken them; they will always belong to her. I will always belong to her. But I had to move on.

When mine and Jessica’s morning escapade ended she got out of bed and got ready for work. She was a nurse at the hospital I worked at in Chicago. I would have to get up, too, but not for another few hours.

Now, I bet you’re wondering "What about Bella?"

Well, it turns out that Bella’s plane to Chicago crashed that day. Drunken pilot. There were no survivors. If I had stopped her and told her the truth, that I loved her more than anything, than maybe she wouldn't have died.

Maybe someday we'll be together again, I though as I got up out of bed and strolled over to the window. As I opened the window and the Chicago morning breeze filled my apartment, I swear I heard Bella’s faint whisper:

I'll be waiting for you, Edward.