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Take 7 on the high school run.

Well as you know, Bella and Edward made the decision to spend the rest of their lives with each other. So here they are again. The Cullen family relive the high school charade for the 7th time since aquiring Bella. The family have moved back to their 'hometown' of Forks, Washington after many years Follow them as they face new people, new places, and new experiences. (BPOV) Rated teen for story purpose. CONTAINS: BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS AND SOME LANGUAGE. Please R&R, I would love to find out your opinions.

This is my first piece and I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Many thanks.

1. Chapter 1

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There it was, sunrise, over the breathtaking scenery of Forks. When we left Forks about 70 years ago, I would never have imagined I would come back to this exact meadow. Here we lay, me and Edward, with our arms wrapped round each other, blissfully resting in the place where our lives changed forever. I could lie here forever, knowing that however long I stayed here, I was loved. Today was a special day though, and I knew i didn't want to miss it.

Not wanting to disturb my love, I gently shook his arm and whispered "Edward?" he let out his low chuckle and hugged me closer to his chest.

"Yes my love?" he simply replied. I leaned out of him to give him a quick smile.

"Do you know where we are going this morning?" I asked, teasing with him. I mean he couldn't seriously forget the place our love blossomed.

"Well, I do believe we are starting high school. Apparently there was a rumour, that once upon a time at the very same school we are starting today, about 70 years ago, a vampire fell in love with a human," He teased, flashing his beautiful crooked smile. After all these years I still have not managed to get over Edwards smile.

"Hmmmm," I replied. "Maybe we should look into that story." I laughed and kissed his chest. He leaned down and kissed me on the full lips hugging me closer. Even being so used to Edward's kisses, they still never fail to dazzle me. Knowing that we had to get back home to get ready for school, I broke away from Edwards lips.

"Hey, I wasn't finished," he chuckled. Then he gave me a quick peck on the cheek to prove his point.

"Come on, we have to get ready for school and guess what?" He would never have the answer to this, but I'm pretty sure he would have a reply.

"What?" he asked softly, trying to get a peek into my mind.

"I love you," I said with as much love and devotion as I could possibly show.

"I love you too, with all my heart, now and forever," and with that he kissed my forehead and helped us both to our feet.

With our hands linked together, we walked to the edge of the forest. I crouched down to prepare to race Edward back to the house, when suddenly I was being lifted onto his back. I knew Edward loved to carry me, sometimes I even think that he forgets I can run fast. But I let him have his way and he went off speeding in the direction of the house.

There it was, still as big and beautiful as ever, the Cullen mansion. Unfortunately our little cottage corroded after many years, so we, including Renesmee, moved back in with the family. Ah my Renesmee, how she grew up, strong and courageous, just like her father. My girl and Jacob finally married when Renesmee turned 18, and their wedding ceremony was just as beautiful as mine and Edwards was.

Esme kindly built Renesmee and Jacob a beautiful house in the middle of the forest. It was close enough that Renesmee could visit us, and close to Jake's homeland, La Push. Renesmee was secretly grateful that she could move out that day, I knew it was because she was getting annoyed with her father listening to her every thought, about her and Jacob's private life. I always remember the look of relief on Renesmee's face, the first day she left for her new home.

"ISABELLA MARIE CULLEN!" I recognized Alice's voice immediately. What had I done wrong now? Edward blocked her path to me, reading what triggered her anger.

"Alice?" I asked timidly. "What's wrong?" Then I suddenly remembered. The clothes. Alice had done another hideous shopping spree, and the clothes she had bought for me were outrageous, skimpy skirts and heels the size of mountains. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I invited Jake over quickly and I burnt them in the woods. Luckily Alice still can't see the wolves, so I was in luck, up until now. She must have been hunting and found the scraps.

"You know exactly what I mean." She held up the shredded cloth with a frightening glare. "Do you know how rare these clothes were?" Edward responded for me with a lighter approach.

"Alice, Bella didn't like the clothes, you can't force her to like them." Thank goodness for Edward, he could charm a tortoise out of a shell. Her reply was a menacing growl. I had to apologize the best way I could. I touched Edward's arm to allow me and Alice some space. He moved into the house.

Alice stood there waiting for an explanation from me. Well here goes I thought. "Alice?" She looked up into my eyes. "I am truly sorry. I just didn't want to hurt you, so I thought taking the clothes out of the picture, you might eventually forget about them." She finally had some understanding in her eyes, I was truly grateful for that.

"Fine I forgive you Bella, but just this once. You owe me big time though." I pulled her into a hug.

"I do owe you Alice, thank you." I felt her grin wickedly. She pulled back and smiled even wider. I knew that look and it obviously wasn't good for me.

"To make up for it Bella, you have to do something for me." I dread to think where this is heading.

"Fine." I replied. I knew i would regret it, but Alice always got her way in the end.

"You have to let me dress you for a whole week." I nearly ran away shrieking with fear. Alice? Dress me? dear Lord help me. "You are not allowed to change when you get home either, so don't get any ideas." Well this just keeps getting better and better. Well I suppose I did owe her this.

"Okay Alice, you win." Her face lit up with excitement. "But only for a week." I said before she got any other excuses.

"Yay!" She squealed and dragged me through the house. I gave a quick 'help me' glance to Edward, as Alice towed me to her bedroom in a matter of seconds.

Well, the nightmare begins. She pulled me through the door and started immediately. Just not to bad i begged mentally.