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Take 7 on the high school run.

Well as you know, Bella and Edward made the decision to spend the rest of their lives with each other. So here they are again. The Cullen family relive the high school charade for the 7th time since aquiring Bella. The family have moved back to their 'hometown' of Forks, Washington after many years Follow them as they face new people, new places, and new experiences. (BPOV) Rated teen for story purpose. CONTAINS: BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS AND SOME LANGUAGE. Please R&R, I would love to find out your opinions.

This is my first piece and I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Many thanks.

13. Chapter 13

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So today was the day.

Edward’s birthday party.

I was standing in the closet choosing what outfit to wear, listening to all the hustle and bustle Alice was making downstairs.

That little pixie hasn’t stopped moving all morning, luckily she threw Edward out to pick up Nessie before he could spot the decorations strewn all over the carpet.

“Bella Cullen! Get your butt down here this instant!” ugh, Alice.

I skittered out of the closet wearing my favourite jeans and T-shirt.

I flew down the stairs and to the lounge where Alice was rushing around like a tornado pinning up banners and streamers.

“Alice? don’t you think this is a bit much?” I asked timidly knowing the reaction I’d evoke from her.

“Oh Bella, think of it this way, the more wild and outlandish, the quicker Edward would want to get out of the limelight, meaning you would be able to get home quicker, get to bed and hump like rabid dogs!”

I stared at her, my mouth gaping.

“Alice! Christ girl, take it easy. How ‘bout I leave you to it and go help Esme?”

“Yes please Bella, let the master decorate,” With that I left her to it and went to find Esme, who was in the kitchen making food for our human family.

I walked over the stove where she was baking some sort of casserole.

It was just us three at home today, Edward was out picking up our daughter.
Emmett, Jasper and Rose were out hunting, while Carlisle was at the hospital checking over his patients.

“Hey Esme,” I smiled.

“Hello Bella dear, had Alice gone off on one again?” she made a tutting noise. “That girl needs to learn that more hands make light work.” I chuckled at her.

“After all these years you’d think I would’ve learnt to leave her alone. So, is there anything you need help with here?”

“Sure, why don’t you start on grating the cheese.”

I reached for the grater and sliced in perfect pieces.

The smell kept reaching my airways and making me cringe, but I kept it down and hurriedly finished the job.


“Yes Bella?” she smiled.

“Would you tell me a truthful answer, without worrying about my feelings?” she looked at me curiously, her porcelain face furrowing in question.

“I will try my best.” she said as I smiled at her.

“Do you ever regret taking me into your family?” I asked, looking down in embarrassment.

There was no reply.

Minutes passed when I finally looked up to notify her reaction.

She had a look of horror on her face, and extra moisture building up in her eyes.

“Never! What on Earth made you come out with that? Regret taking in someone I see as a daughter? How could you think like that?” Her words spilled out as if they were her last.

“I’m sorry, its just even now I look back at my past and I see that my early years just caused you trouble. Even now I look at this family, at Edward and I know that this is where I belong. I just don’t know if I deserve it all…”

“Bella, Bella! Stop this nonsense right now, you are a part of this family, you are my daughter, whatever flashes through your mind, clear it. You deserve to be in this family more than anyone, and I will not be having you think otherwise. Do you hear me?” I solemnly nodded.

“Now come on lets go and help Alice finish up.” She kissed my cheek, squeezed me tight, and led me out to the living room.

My cell phone started vibrating on the kitchen side, making a rumbling noise.

Six pairs of eyes flashed to my phone, then to me as I picked it up to answer.


“Bella, love, Ness and Jake are in the car with me now, we should be at the house in about ten minutes,”

Nessie and Jake knew of the plan, they would distract Edward with nonsensical conversation then lead him to the living room where the surprise is revealed.

“Oh sure, give them my love and I’ll see you all soon.” I replied.

“Will do, love you.” That sentiment always made me smile.

“Love you too, bye.”

I closed the phone and nodded to the family.

They all scurried along to the places, with Alice and Esme straightening things up and making last minute adjustments.

I covered them all with my shield, so no one could give away the surprise.

We could hear the tyres coming down the edge way of the forest.

The tyres spinning against the gravel drive and coming to a halt outside the house.

You hear the conversation flowing between my daughter and her father.

Some pieces of information from her mouth were rather amusing.

“…this lovely pumpkin outfit, you know for Halloween,” Nessie said trying to distract her father.

“That’s rather ironic isn’t love?” Edward replied as they started ascending the porch steps.

“Dad, every kid loves Halloween. I know its ages away, but that’s going to be the month my little bubba’s coming.”

I could just picture her broad smile when talking of her unborn child.

Jake took Nessie’s hand and led her to the living room, where we were all now situated.

He stepped through the doorway and…

“SURPRISE!” The family shouted.

The look on Edward’s face was priceless.

It was a cross between embarrassment, annoyance and happiness.

With all my previous surprise parties he’d organised over the years for me, he’s not getting off lightly.

I looked at him and gave my best apologetic smile. He sighed, shrugged and smiled his dazzling smile right back at me.

I walked over to him and kissed him fully on the lips.

“Happy birthday Handsome,” I whispered in my most lustful purr.

“Was this your idea? Or was it Alice’s?” I giggled at him.

“Bit of both actually. Do you like it?” He gave me an undecided look and leant down to my ear.

“You are so so so lucky that I love you,” He teased me and then turned to the rest of the family, all standing there with beaming grins. “Thank you everyone, it was something I definitely wasn’t expecting.”

Everyone giggled, breaking the awkward silence that had arisen.

Esme walked over to her son.

“Edward, you deserved a party. It will cheer everyone up and put a smile on that solemn looking face of yours.” She teased and dragged him over to examine the décor.

He followed Esme’s lead with a smile in my direction.

Alice skipped over to my side beaming with joy. She gave a quick wink.

“Told you he’d love it.” she boasted. Yeah, I sarcastically thought.


Edward an I decided to put an end to the party session for us, so we could really enjoy his birthday.

A cheeky grin spread to my face as I thought this.

He looked down and smiled his knowing smile.

He was definitely impatient for something as he picked me up and flew into our room.

He kicked the door closed and flung us both onto the bed, pinning me down with his weight and smothering me in sweet kisses.

“You haven’t had your birthday present yet,” I said between our lip locking, remembering his piano in the spare room.

He chuckled and released me so I could get up.

“Come on then, what’s my beautiful wife bought me?”

“ You have to come and see.” I said beckoning him to follow me.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him outside the door to his present.

I turned to face him, smirked and jumped on his back.

My palms were securely over his eyes. He made a groaning sound like a petulant child not getting his way.

It made me giggle.

“Just a few seconds more, I promise,” I whispered. “Now, open the door and take us through.”

He did as I asked and I could see it.

The piano was decorated with a big blue bow and looked perfect in the spacious room.

“Can I look now?” He asked.

“Yes you can, in five, four, three, two, one…” I removed my hands. “…open!”