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Take 7 on the high school run.

Well as you know, Bella and Edward made the decision to spend the rest of their lives with each other. So here they are again. The Cullen family relive the high school charade for the 7th time since aquiring Bella. The family have moved back to their 'hometown' of Forks, Washington after many years Follow them as they face new people, new places, and new experiences. (BPOV) Rated teen for story purpose. CONTAINS: BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS AND SOME LANGUAGE. Please R&R, I would love to find out your opinions.

This is my first piece and I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Many thanks.

2. Chapter 2

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Why did I ever agree to let Alice do this? I knew she would take advantage of it. The clothes that I had on, were the kind of things at the back of the store, where I would never go. The low cut blouse, the skirt barely covering my bum and the heels, I couldn't even go there.

"What do you think?" Alice asked twirling me in front of the mirror. Should I tell her the truth? But I can't, she may hook me on to this style for the whole week. Okay here goes.

"Alice, I think its ok for parties and stuff," And common prostitutes I added mentally. "But it's just not for me," Alice's face dropped. I had to make her happy somehow. "I guess I could wear it just for today?" Alice grew a huge grin on her face and pulled me into a tight hug.

"Bella?" Edwards voice called from downstairs. "Are you ready yet, love?" He would have a shock when he saw what I had to mean by 'ready'.

"Yeah, I'm coming." I answered back. Well I have to go to school somehow, better to get it over with.

I was down the stairs, and into Edwards waiting arms, in seconds. I felt his jaw drop. I stepped back to see if he was ok. Edward's eyes were all lit up and a crooked grin covered his face. Was this because of the clothes?

"You look stunning, as usual." Edward complimented. How could he say that? I looked like a pole dancer. I suppose I could enjoy the attention for once.

"Edward, can't we just go already?" I pleaded. The sooner the day was over the sooner I could change.

"Don't even think about it!" Ugh there was Alice seeking my plans for later. She had a mocking grin on her face as she climbed into her car and off to school.

Suddenly Edward kissed me on my full lips, making me forget my worries about my apparel. His kiss sent me into spiral mode, and he pulled back with a chuckle before I could get carried away. I entwined my fingers with his and pulled him towards the car.

We were round the corner from school and I was happy in a way because I was going to get to see my Nessie.

It had been nearly a week since the last time I saw her and Jake. Renesmee still had her beautiful youth, even after all these years. Jacob, well apart from being a bit more muscular, he still looks the same. After I finally got over Jake calling me mom, I fully accepted him as my son in law. I was also glad because I can still love him in a way that does not make me feel guilty.

We were finally on the school grounds, and Edward nicely slipped into an empty space. Jake and Nessie were waiting for us on the pavement, with huge grins on their faces. Edward opened my door and I hopped out willing to see my daughter.

Renesmee ran right up to me and I tightly pulled her into and embrace, never wanting to let her go.

"Hey mom." She whispered. My Nessie. Smiling brightly up at me.

"Hey sweetie." I replied loosening my grip on her, I kissed both her cheeks and she jumped into Edward's waiting arms. I looked over at Jacob, he was smiling sweetly at Renesmee, I'm glad they still fully loved each other.

I walked over to Jacob and pulled him into a vice tight hug as well. It was good to see them both.

"Hello Jake, how are you holding up?" I asked. He chuckled.

"I'm doing fine thanks Bells, couldn't be happier." He truly seemed to mean it.

"That's good, I'm glad." And I was. Edward came over and clapped Jacob on the shoulder. I breathed a sigh of relief, they were still on speaking terms.

"Mom, I hate to ask, but why are you dressed like a...well not like....different?" Well, it took her long enough to realize.

"Don't even go there hun." I didn't really want to replay the morning to her.

"Alice." She exclaimed with a chuckle. My daughter knew me to well. Edward and Jake also covered their mouths to hide the amusement.

With that Jake and Nessie rushed off to their lessons. Edward put his arm round my waist and guided me through to the front office. The entrance was relatively the same as it was 70 years ago, that made us both grin. The memories we shared at this place.

The office held a fairly large woman, with cherry red hair and glasses. Edward spoke and introduced ourselves. He stayed as a Cullen and I had to be Bella Black, Jacobs sister. She handed Edward our timetables and wished us good luck on our first day. Little did she know. Edward handed me mine and I took a swift peek memorising it. I had Geography with Thompson.

"Well it could be worse." Edward commented. "We only have four lessons together, that is terrible, but i suppose it's better than the last school."

"I don't disagree with you there." Ghastly school. Me and Edward only had two lessons together in New York.

The final bell rang and me and Edward quickly kissed and headed our seperate ways. Well there it was the small classroom were my first lesson has begun. I knock on the door and prepare for another round of high school.