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Take 7 on the high school run.

Well as you know, Bella and Edward made the decision to spend the rest of their lives with each other. So here they are again. The Cullen family relive the high school charade for the 7th time since aquiring Bella. The family have moved back to their 'hometown' of Forks, Washington after many years Follow them as they face new people, new places, and new experiences. (BPOV) Rated teen for story purpose. CONTAINS: BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS AND SOME LANGUAGE. Please R&R, I would love to find out your opinions.

This is my first piece and I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Many thanks.

5. Chapter 5

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Emmett wanted all the lads to go hunting this weekend, and I didn't object to Edward going in the slightest. He needed to go hunting and he loved competing against his brothers. So he left a few hours ago with a beautiful everlasting kiss. I would see him tomorrow.

It was just us girls today and that was good. We needed to plan today because in five days time it was my husbands birthday. Not just any birthday though, it's his 180th birthday. I am planning on a little party for him.

Alice was in on it, and she has been doing very well to keep her thoughts controlled around him. Speaking of Alice, I had to talk to her. I sprinted to her bedroom door and knocked.

"Come in Bella." Alice answered. I opened the door and saw her laying on her stomach, on her huge bed, reading a fashion magazine, as usual. "You don't really have to knock when the boys are out Bella." she chuckled.

"Sorry, but I don't want to intrude on your privacy."

"That's ok I understand your selfless nature." she looked up from the magazine and glared at my clothes. Oh I forgot about that, she had to dress me.

"Bella!" She exclaimed. without warning I was dragged into her huge closet. Pristine bagged garments were thrown in my face, then I was shoved into her bathroom and forced to change. She shut the door and I began to undress.

Honestly, I didn't mind the outfit today. Red leather pumps, dark skinny jeans and a plain white tee. I guessed that I wasn't going out anywhere today then.

I walked out of the bathroom with a smile. Alice's face lit up when she saw my reaction to the clothes.

"You like them then?" I nodded. "I thought maybe you deserved one laid back day." She giggled and dragged me to her bed.

"Thanks Alice, I knew you had it in you." we were both chuckling now.

"So Bella, what can I do for you, before I rudely interupted with a major fashion statement." Alice and her fashion, would it ever stop. One day I am going to dress her, see how she will like it. Alice coughed and laughed.

"I doubt it Bella, you will have to catch me first." Well perhaps maybe I will let her off then. After all I was the one who burned the clothes. "Much better." Who made this tiny dwarf able to see the future? Very annoying.

"Anyways Alice," I began. "As you know it's Edward's birthday______"

"We're having a party. YIPPEEE!!" She interrupted. I glared at her for not letting me finish. "Oops, sorry, keep getting ahead of you. You know it comes naturally to me."

"That's okay, but as I was saying, I am putting you in charge," God help us. "I want it to only be a small party, just the family." Her face was so enlighted, like a little girl in a candy store.

"I'm on it Bella, this is going to be great." she was actually jumping up and down in her place. I thanked her and she kissed me on the cheek, before I got to the door I remebered something though.

"Oh Alice?"

"Yeah Bella?" she replied.

"I need your help with something." I felt so ashamed having to ask this about my own husband. "What do you think I can get him for a present?"

She thought for a moment, then her face lit up.

"I have just the thing."