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Life After High School

Edward and Bella have graduated high school and are set to be married in a couple of months. What happens when Edward decides he's tired of refusing Bella? Rated adult for later chapters. Not sure how graphic they'll be but just to be safe i'm rating this fic adult.

Please be nice. this is my first fanfic. review if you can. ***I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS!!! All rights reserved to the amazingly wonderful talented stephenie meyer.

1. Graduate Carnival

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I coudn't believe it. I had graduated high school! Me! I did it! It was amazing to me that i could even pass after all i had been through when Edward had left me. But after a miscommunication Alice had raced me to Italy to save my life, Edward. We were almost too late but I reached him in time. When we got home it was a little awkward the first night i woke up and Edward was in my bed watching over me as i slept. After that things went back to normal until Edward proposed to me. That's how i got here. In Edward's car. On my way to our graduation carnival the school was throwing.

I must have been staring at Edward because he smiled his crooked smile and looked over at me.

"Bella, love, what are you staring at?" he asked in his perfect velvet voice. His eyes were a smoldering topaz. He was insanely beautiful.

"I...um...well...you." I mumbled, taking awhile to find the right word. I said it so low I almost thought he didn't hear me, but when he started chuckling, I was sure he heard me.

"Love, it's okay if you stare at me. I don't mind. As long as you let me return the favor every now and then. You really are too beautiful for your own good." he said to me calmly.

"Sure, sure." I said back to him as we pulled in and parked at the carnival. I smiled a little at my picked up term from Jacob, my best friend, who also happened to be a werewolf.

He got out of the car and walked around to me at human speed to get the door as i was opening it. When i got out he grabbed my hand and we started walking towards where everyone was.

"So what do you want to do first?" i asked him. I should've known better than to let him do what he wanted though. Because he said the one thing i would have a problem with.

"I want to ride that ride," he pointed at a ride that was spinning in circles very fast and that was sure to make me sick, "with you." he finished.

I groaned and he chuckled at me. "I'll get sick for sure on that ride, Edward." i said.

"No you won't. Not if you close your eyes. It's just like when i run with you on my back. If you want you can get on my back and burry your head in my neck if that helps." he said, clearly enjoying the memories of running together.

"Okay, fine." i said as i walked up to the ride and sat down on one of the seats. Edward followed and buckled me in and then sat down and buckled himself in but not as securely as he had me. The ride started then and i did exactly what he said, i closed my eyes. He was right. If i closed my eyes and imagined i was running with him, that's exactly what it felt like. I had a moment of courage so i opened my eyes. That was clearly a mistake cause as soon as i did that my stomache started churning. The ride stopped and i felt very dizzy. Edward picked me up and put me in his car to take me home. He knew that i wouldn't want to ride anything else after that and he seemed fine to be going home.

When we pulled up to the Cullen house, every outside light was on but none in the house were on.

"Where is everyone?" i asked as we got out of the car. He walked up to me and picked me up and started kissing me, breaking my concentration. I wrapped my legs around him and started kissing him back as he walked towards the porch.

He stopped to let me catch my breath. "They're out hunting. They went to Alaska to hunt and they said they would want to stop by the Denali's so they should be gone for at least a day." he said to me casually.

I stopped breathing. Me and Edward were alone. In the Cullen house. For tonight and tomorrow night. The wedding was set for a couple of months but i didn't think i could wait that long until i could really have all of Edward. He noticed my breathing stop and turned to me, his eyes black with desire. "Edward," i choked out, "Edward, wait, does this mean..?" i asked, not knowing how to finish. He slowly walked up to me and pressed his body against mine and leaned down to kiss me again instead of answering.

He picked me up again and i wrapped my legs around him again. Never breaking the kiss, he walked up the stairs and turned on lights in the house and suddenly i was laying on a bed with Edward hovering over me. I looked around the room, it was Edward's room. He leaned down to kiss me again as he started to unbutton his shirt. My clumsy, frantic fingers tried to help him unbutton his shirt but he ended up pushing my hands away because they were getting in the way and soon he was shirtless.

I sat there staring as his perfect marble chest for a couple of minutes. It seemed like forever since i had heard his voice and i couldn't stand it. I had to ask him something, get him talking again. I searched my mind for something, anything, that could get him talking again. "Edward." i stopped. i didn't know how to do this.

"Yes, love?" he asked me. His voice was a little husky and it was strange.

"Edward, what...what are we doing?" i asked, confused. He had told me many times that he wanted to wait until the wedding to have sex so it didn't make sense what he was doing right now.

He rolled his eyes at me and sighed. "Well i was going to ask if you would like to have a shower with me after that carnival. So would you like to?" he asked me calmly.

I didn't trust my voice to be confident after the shock of his question so i just nodded yes and he got up to start the water.