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Until Life Do You Part?

Adeline Matrin was just a regular girl. She lead a regular life and had regular friends. So, why did things change? Was it her dad's marriage to Marie Stanly? Or was it moving to her Mom's in Colorado, and meeting Alec? There was something about Alec and his family. Something strange. And yet, beautiful. And Adeline was going to experiance it first hand.

I own everything!! HAHAHAHA! (Though. My descriptions are a bit more Twilightish than they should be...)

1. Forgot My Own Persona

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I awoke with a start, not opening my eyes, but feeling the heir of the supple darkness around me. The sounds were less sounds and more of contemplation and the echo of thoughts bouncing chaotically through my sour mind. The air was cool and damp, leaving a fresh layer of dew upon my skin, and causing me to shutter back in a convulsive and denying act, away from the shivver of ice. The ground beneath me was stone hard, yet, something, this one thing being unknown for the time passing, softly pressed it's smooth and warm surface against the side of nose, to brush past and leave me with want of it's return. My orbs still covered behind their protective casing, feign to flutter into reality, disguised the true position of what I'd come to conclude.

Ushering forth a sigh, my body struggled to gain control over itself, which, though it had been in control since conception, seemed as though it had never before moved on it's own. Joints cracked and snapped in every place on my body, letting me know that, although I knew not physically how long I'd been incompasitated, it had been a long passing since I'd been coherant.

Something cold and stone-like held my hand, yet, with a gentleness I'd never known. I forced my orbs to open, not knowing what I might find, but, knowing that my safety might be on the line. Not that the being that held my hand so gently, was evil. Yet, my surroundings might prove to be dangerous. As I opened my eyes, I cried out, for light filtered in from all directions, temporarily blinding. Shaking off the blindness, I forced my eyes to focus on what lay before me.

That is when it happend. When I met the eyes of soft silver, that peered back at me. They were outlined by purple shadows, just beneath, which contrasted sharply with the light ivory skin and the curly blonde hair that just touched gently carved eyebrows. Though he smiled, a shiney white smile, the boy's forehead was creased with worry. I allowed my eyes to travel down, past his chorded neck, to the tightly muscled ivory arms that held me gently. I sighed, and pushed my aching muscles to lift me up. Where was I? And who was this angelic figure that held me?

"Slow!" his melodic voice leapt gently to my ears, as he cautioned me. "It has been a while, I'm guessing. Your muscles need exercising. Badly!" His laugh echoed lightly around me, as I shook the dazed look from my features.

"W-ho..." I half croaked, and grabbed my throat as a pain shot down it.

Handing me a small white glass filled with water, the boy spoke "Drink. I'll see what I can explain to you, and you may ask questions later." He beckoned, as his radiant smile succeeded in making me obey.

I swallowed the water quickly, needing to ask him one very important question before he continued "Wait! Who...Who am I? I-I can't remember anything about myself..."

His brow furrowed together once more and he pursed his lips together and replied "You're name is Adeline Noel Matrin. You're 17, and until a few days ago, you attended Barsley Highschool in Blue Springs Colorado. You're mother's name is Darlene Hitcher and your father's name is Ted Matrin. You're an only child, unless, as you once told me, your stepmother counts as a child. You lived most of your life with your father, until he married Marie, your stepmother. You moved here a few days ago, to live with your mother..." He stopped at that, leaving me to believe that there was more to the story.

Looking around, I took in my surroundings. There was a small day bed in the center of the well lit room, with an iron headboard and ivory colored bedding. The walls looked to be of expensive stone, with the windows draped in, what I guessed, ivory silk curtains. The floor was of a pearl colored stone, which, was why it was cold and hard beneath me.

"Where am I?" I asked, pushing my hair from my face.

He smiled at the question and spoke "At my house. This is my sister Allie's room. She won't mind if you stay here for a few days. Until we can make the guest room comfortable enough for you to stay in."

"Do you...Do you have a mirror I can use?" I spoke. I must have look like something from a horror movie, judging by the way I felt.

"A bit of an odd request..." he laughed lightly "But, I think I can find one for you..." Standing, he walked behind me, to a dressor I'd over-looked. It was made of an old wood, it seemed, with a rustic finish. Opening one of the drewers, he shuffled a few things around, and pulled out a small mirror.

"Here you go..." he smiled, before handing the mirror to me.

Taking a deep breath, I muttered "Here goes..." and looked into the polished glass. Dark mahogany hair draped my pale face, that had a natural purple shadow under each of my brown eyes. Dirt smudged the side of each cheek, outlining a soft stain of red just next to my mouth.

"Are you as pleased as I am?" the boy smiled.

"Hardly..." I glared.

Shaking his head lightly, he laughed "You don't see it now, but you will..."

"Whatever..." I sneered and grabbed his wrist, without asking, to pull myself to stand. Stumbling backwards, I groaned loudly, when his strong arms wrapped around my waist to steady me. Not that I didn't like his arms around my waist, but he'd caught me off gaurd. It was such a gentle motion. "You don't have to do that, you know...Everyone loses their balance every once in a while..."

"One, I know I didn't have to. Two, everyone doesn't include you. And three, you're very fragile and the floor is made of stone..." He grinned wryly.

Rolling my eyes, I ignored the feeling of safety that had crawled to the pit of my stomach with his action, and pushed his arms from my waist.

"Who are you, anyways?" I asked, curiously and cautiously.

"Alec Torrance," he spoke matter-of-factly, as he turned and beckoned me to follow him to the door.