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Crystal Coast Academy; CCA

Please take a look back on my bio. Edward, being the son of his two travelling parents - Elizabeth and Edward Masen - decided to move to CCA just in time for the new year. But what happens when he wants to get to know the 'it' girl who has practically every boy at her feet.

Okay so I was just messing about when this idea came to me and I thought Id write it out and see what happened.

1. Chapter 1

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Okay, so moving to a new school isn’t so bad right?


Especially for me.

But I figured it was for the best.

With my parents travelling around so often, it’s easier for me to go to a boarding school. I mean its only going to be two more years until I graduate. So I just have to survive until then.

I watched as the cab my parents had hired disappeared before I picked up both my suitcases. I didn’t bring much – I figured I could buy anything else that I needed.

I fumbled with the keys before I managed to get the door open. As I looked up, I found two boys, one tall, burly brown hair and muscular and the other honey-blonde and smaller. They both turned to look at me. They were apparently half way through a fight.

The taller boy had whipped cream all over his face and a pillow over his head, as he was about to hit the other boy with it. The other boy had feathers over his head and the whipped cream bottle in his hand.

They suddenly looked back at each other before we all started laughing uncontrollably.

“Okay, so that wasn’t the best introduction,” said the blonde haired boy, through laughing. He placed the whipped cream on the coffee table by his legs before sticking his hand out to me.

“Jasper Hale,” he stated.

“Edward Masen,” I said, taking Jasper’s hand.

“And that lug over there is Emmett Cullen,” Jasper said, jerking his hand back to the other boy that was filling his mouth with whipped cream. He suddenly stared at us both and stated – with his mouth full of whipped cream – “What?” I couldn’t help but laugh. Again.

* * *

I had just finished unpacking all my stuff when there was a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I called through the door. The door opened and Jasper poked his head threw the space.

“Hey, Edward. There’s a party on in half an hour. You coming?” he asked.

“Sure. Any particular reason why there is a party on?” I asked. Jasper opened the door a bit more and I saw Emmett behind him.

“’Cos there’s school on Monday. And ‘cos there’s gonna be alcohol, people figured it would be better to have a hangover tomorrow rather than the first day of school,” explained Jasper.

“C’mon Eddie. We’ll introduce you to our girlfriends and I’m pretty sure we can find you a girlfriend too,” Emmett wiggled his eyebrows.

“Emmett it ain’t Eddie. And I’m not after a girlfriend but I’ll go anyway.”

“Well you might want to dress up a bit,” suggested Jasper as he tried to push Emmett out of the door.

“Okay. Thanks Jasper,” I said as Emmett tried to grab the door.

“No… problem,” gasped Jasper as he managed to get Emmett out of my room. I smiled to myself and shook my head as I turned to look for something to wear.

* * *

The noise of a door opening and a few voices was somehow enough to get the boys excited. They jumped up and opened the door.

“Hello ladies,” said Emmett.

“Hey there Em,” said a woman’s voice.

Curiously, I got up to see what was going on. There, outside our dorm, were two other girls exiting the room across from us. They were both dressed up in black trench coats, hiding their outfits.

“Oh!” squeaked a small pixie-like black-haired girl. “You must be Jazz’s and Emmett’s new roomie! Hey, I’m Alice Cullen,” she said, sticking her hand out like Jasper had.

“Emmett’s sister?” I guessed, shaking her hand.

Alice giggled and said, “And Jasper’s girlfriend.” She looked up at Jasper and that was when I decided to turn my attention to the other girl. She was taller and had long blonde hair. I suppose she was pretty – if that was the type of girl you look for.

“Edward Masen,” I stated to anyone who was listening.

“Rosalie,” she said, looking me up and down.

My girlfriend and Jasper's twin,” said Emmett. Rosalie lightly hit Emmett’s arm.

“Don’t worry baby. You’re the only man for me,” she said as she wound herself in Emmett’s arms.

“Rose. Come on. Bella’s gonna throw a fit if we are late,” said Alice as she grabbed Rosalie’s wrist. “You guys coming to the party later?” Alice asked over shoulder as they hurried down the corridor.

“Course,” Emmett and Jasper shouted back down the corridor.