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Crystal Coast Academy; CCA

Please take a look back on my bio. Edward, being the son of his two travelling parents - Elizabeth and Edward Masen - decided to move to CCA just in time for the new year. But what happens when he wants to get to know the 'it' girl who has practically every boy at her feet.

Okay so I was just messing about when this idea came to me and I thought Id write it out and see what happened.

3. Chapter 3

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The evening went on and I found myself drinking more and more booze than I would normally. But the fact that these girls wouldn’t leave me alone and none of them were Bella seemed to make me want to drink more and more.

And Jasper and Emmett seemed to drinking just as much as even as soon as their girlfriends left for the night.

So here we are, all drunk, trying to stumble as quietly as we could without waking anyone up.

But I don’t think singing ABBA and Queen is helping.

“Hey Emmett. Where are the keys?” I asked, not sure how loud I was talking.

“Jeez, can you guys get any louder?” asked a familiar soft voice. I turned to see Bella standing just in a pair of slippers, a big deep blue shirt that was rolled up at her elbows and a pair of blue shorts. Then she seemed to take in our actual states and rushed to me as I started to sway a little.

I saw Emmett slump against the wall but my thoughts were all swirling Bella holding me. She suddenly reached out and grabbed Jasper who almost fell.

“God guys. How drunk are you?” she whispered. Instead of answering, we groaned. She sighed. “Where are your keys?” We groaned again and she sighed again. “Okay.” Balancing me against her, Bella got Jasper to slide down the wall like Emmett before turning to me and making me do the same. I almost whimpered at the loss of contact but her leg brushed against me as she whispered to us.

“I’ll be back in a sec to get you guys the spare key, okay?” We groaned again, unable to make words. She smiled before walking in her dorm, leaving the door open.

She returned quickly with the spare key she had and opened our door for us and slipping the keys into the back pocket of her shorts.

Picking up Emmett first, she helped him into our dorm first. I was desperately trying to fight sleepiness as Bella came back out and helped Jasper inside.

“Come on Edward,” she whispered as she helped me up off the floor. She wrapped her arm around my waist as she held onto my arm that was around her shoulder and half dragged me into my room.

“There you Edward,” she whispered when she helped my onto my bed. I closed my eyes and only opened them when I heard my door clicked.

She left.

She was gone.

God I’m hot.

I started on unbuttoning my shirt and it was completely off when my door opened again.

“Hey Edward. How you doing?” she asked, although I noticed her eyes weren’t on my face.

“I’m hot,” I slurred. I shifted uncomfortably in my bed. Bella walked into my room and came towards me. She placed a cup of water on my bedside table and put the back of her hand on my forehead.

“God you are burning up. Try and get some rest and drink some water when you can.” She moved to the bottom of my bed and pulled my shoes and socks off. “Get some rest, Edward,” she muttered as her hand trailed up the side of my arm.

She walked out of the room and the last thing I saw was Bella’s retreating form and the door closing behind her.

* * *

I woke up as light started to stream through my curtains, making my head hurt even more. I looked down at my half asleep form and saw I was still in parts of my clothes from last night.

Last night.


I sat up; making my head spin a little and saw the glass of water Bella had left for me. I drank the whole thing as quickly as I could but it wasn’t enough.

I got up, stumbling enough, reminding myself how Bella had managed to keep Jasper and myself upright. And had been able to drag Emmett inside. That girl must be strong.

I was making my way into the kitchen when a bright orange post-stick note. I picked it off the wall and it took me a few seconds before I could make out the words.

Okay guys. I know you will have a bad hangover - or at least Eddie Boy will. Just drink water and call me or the girls if you need us.

-Bella x

And under that was Bella’s number. I could have danced with joy if my head wasn’t killing me.