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Crystal Coast Academy; CCA

Please take a look back on my bio. Edward, being the son of his two travelling parents - Elizabeth and Edward Masen - decided to move to CCA just in time for the new year. But what happens when he wants to get to know the 'it' girl who has practically every boy at her feet.

Okay so I was just messing about when this idea came to me and I thought Id write it out and see what happened.

5. Chapter 3 - Bella's POV

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I took a deep breath as I rested against the hall door.

Come on Bella. Pull yourself together. My thoughts tried to get me to move.

After about three song changes, I actually managed to get away from the door. I half ran to Alice’s and mine dorm. I changed my clothes and settled for a quiet night watching horror movies.

Well, that was until Alice and Rose decided to show up.

“Oh. My. God. Bella,” squealed Alice. Oh God. What was it this time? “Did you see the looks of all the boys when we were dancing? And all the girls eyeing Edward?”

“If you want him, Bells, you better go get him now, before the other girls decide to jump on him,” laughed Rose. Great. They were drunk.

“Come on girls,” I chided. “Let’s get to bed before you decide to throw a party here in our dorm. Come one Rose, you can crash here tonight.” I got up and turned the TV off before slowly guiding them to the bedrooms. Rose can have my room and if the couch isn’t that comfy, I’ll just take her room in her dorm down the corridor.

* * *

Half an hour later.

Okay that’s it. Those two won’t shut up.

I grabbed my keys and started wandering the corridors, not really noticing where I was going.

Well, that was until I heard the ABBA and Queen songs. I saw the drunken forms of Emmett, Jasper and Edward making their way down the corridor.

And I panicked.

And that’s why I ended up hiding in a closet.

What the hell was I thinking?

Oh right, I wasn’t!

“Hey Emmett. Where are the keys?” I heard Edward practically shout. Oh God, if I don’t do something now, they are all going to be stuck outside their dorm, singing until God knows when.

I swung the door open, hoping they wouldn’t notice that I was actually in a closet, and leaning against the doorframe, I said, “Jeez, can you guys get any louder?”

Then I actually saw them.

They were all really drunk.

Worse than Rose and Alice.

I rushed to Edward’s side as he swayed a little, and steadied him, as Emmett slid down the wall. I grabbed Jasper, stopping him from falling too. I was surprised I could actually move, considering my thoughts were practically all over the place, going, Oh my god. I’m holding Edward. Look how close he is to me… Yadda yadda yadda.

I mentally scowled at myself for letting a boy rule my emotions like that.

“God guys. How drunk are you?” I whispered to them, my eyes frantically watching all of them, in case one of them felt the need to throw up. They all groaned, loudly might I add. I sighed.

“Where are your keys?” They groaned again, causing me to sigh again in frustration. “Okay,” I said, more to myself. I somehow steadied Edward as I got Jasper to slide down the wall (like Emmett had done) and then turned around to get Edward to do the same.

“I’ll be back in a sec to get you guys the spare key, okay?” I whispered to them, very conscious of my leg brushing against Edward. They all groaned again, making me hold back a chuckle.

I quickly left them to hide in the closet for a few seconds.

Deep breaths Bella. Deep breaths. I chanted to myself.

What do think is going to happen? You are helping three of your drunken friends into their dorm. Nothing. More.

And with that, I grabbed my keys out from my back pocket and opened the door again. I quickly walked over to the boys’ door and opened it, slipping the keys into my back pocket.

I helped Emmett into his bed first. I actually think he fell asleep before I put him down on his bed. I helped Jasper next; he was more polite then Emmett and actually said thanks, even though he was only half sober.

Lastly Edward. Oh God.

“Come on Edward,” I whispered to him, as I had to practically drag him into the room he shared with Jasper.

“There you go Edward,” I whispered as I lay him down on his bed. I quickly left his room to get him a glass of water. He surely didn’t look like the type to get drunk and I knew for a fact that your first hangover was a total and utter bitch. Now I don’t usually swear – unless I’m talking to skanks and whores – but your first hangover is a total bitch. I walked back into Edward’s and Jasper’s room to find Edward with his top off.


He must work out to get such a fine body.

“Hey Edward. How you doing?” I asked, trying not to let my voice shake and move my eyes from his chest.

“I’m hot,” he murmured. You think? I thought sarcastically. He started to shift in his bed and quickly started to walk towards him. I placed his cup of water down before I placed the back of my hand on his forehead.

“God you’re burning up. Try and get some rest and drink some water when you can.” I pulled his shoes and socks off, knowing how uncomfortable it is to wake up in your shoes and socks from last night.

“Get some rest, Edward,” I muttered as I unconsciously let my hand trail up his arm. I snapped my hand back and power walked out of the room, shutting the door behind me. I slid down the door and took a few deep breaths before I walked into the boys’ kitchen, pulled out a post-it note and left them a little message.