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A Different Start, Middle, & End

Twilight, a different Story... When Isabella Swan attends her first day at Forks Highschool, she doesn't expect to catch the eye of the mysterious, and dangerous vampire Edward Cullen. She most definetly doesn't expect that he is unattainable. Why, you may ask? Because he has a girlfriend. Edward Cullen knows there's something special about the new girl Isabella Swan, but can he be able to find out what that special quality is without having to interfere with her life? Tanya Denali will do anything to destroy the human whose trying to steal her perfect life away. When she says anything, does tha include violence? Absolutely. Can the three of them live in harmony when Edward gets Bella pregnant? Spoilers for Breaking Dawn, Not much Jacob Black interaction though their will be. New Moon doesn't exist. It doesn't take 1 month for humans to carry vampire's babies. Edward and Bella had a one night stand. Vampires dont hurt Humans during Intercourse. Disclaimer: Though I wish I was the genius Stephanie meyer continues to be, I do not own any of the characters or concept of the Twilight Saga By Stephanie Meyer franchise.

This Is my first fanfic, it doesnt matter to me if you review or not. :)

1. Chapter 1: Arrival

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Today was my first day at Forks High, and everybody here was treating me like the Queen of England. I bet if I asked if I could sit at the teachers desk and drink champaigne, the students and teachers would let me.

I've already been surrounded by people I don't relate to. Social climbers I'd call them. The kind of people who would do anything to be at the top of the social status. The kind of people who I try to stay away from at all costs.

There was Jessica Stanley, a short girl with brown curly hair, who had a motor mouth, honestly, that girl could probably keep talking till kingdom come.

Lauren Mallory is the girl who thinks she popular and liked by all, but is really hated and despised by most. She kept glaring at me like I was taking all the attention away form her on purpose. Right.

Angela Weber is the only person I can really relate to. She's shy too, and doesn't really like all the attention on her. I think it might be the start to a beautiful friendship.

There might be something wrong with the boys though. They keep following me around like a bunch of lost puppies. It's definetly not because of my face or body, because there's really not that much their in the first place.

I'm not ugly, but I'm not pretty. I'm not fat But I'm not skinny. Im average, the kind of girl you could easily overlook. I'm five feet four inches tall, have boring brown, slightly wavy hair, and dull brown eyes. I'm pale too.

So, either the boys at this school all have really freaky diseases, or they haven't gotten any action in a looonnnggg time. I vote the action.

This boy, Mike Newton is dragging me towards a table right in the middle of the cafeteria. Social suicide for people like me who don't want to be noticed.

It was there, sitting in the lunchroom, trying to make conversation wih several strangers, that I first saw them.

They were gliding into the cafeteria, so graceful it looked humanely impossible. They continued to glide swiftly towards a table in a dark corner of the lunchroom.

There was five of them. Two girls and three boys. None of them looked alike, yet the same. They were beautiful, like angels on earth. To beautiful to be human, yet so real.

Of the three boys, one was big musceled like a serious body builder. The tallest one was blond, and lean, but still muscular. The last boy was lanky and lean, with untidy, bronze-colored hair.

The girls were polar opposites. The taller one a blonde, with the kind of body that would be on the cover of Maxim Magazine. The other girl was so short, she could be mistaken for a child in elementary school. She had ink black hair, cropped short, and pointing in every direction.

But still they were all alike. They all had chalky pale white skin. Dark golden colored eyes, and strange bruise like dark shadows under their eyes.

"Who are they?" I asked looking at the boy with bronze hair.

"Who? Oh, you mean the Cullens, and Hale's." Jessica asked, looking around me to get a better look.

As if on cue, the bronze haired one turned and locked eyes with mine. It was as if a force was pulling our eyes together.

He looked away quickly, my eyer still on the back of his head.

"That's Edward and Emmett Cullen, and their sister Alice. The two blondes are Rosalie and Jasper Hale, their twins. They all live wih Dr. Cullen and his wife, Esme." She giggled.

I glanced sideways at them, looking at the bronze boy, Edward,again.

"They're very.....nice-looking." I understated.

"I know, right! But their all together. Like together, together! And they all live with each other too! Emmett's with Rosalie, and Jasper is with Alice."

"What about Edward?" I asked, trying to sound casual. Maybe he didn't date, or he could be shy.

"Don't even think about it," Jessica warned, "he's unavailable." She said bitterly.

"Why is that?" I asked curious.

"Because he's with " A sudden blast of wind cut her off.

I looked towards the door, and saw the most stunning girl, in the history of stunning girl's. She had long butt-length strawberry blond hair. Her feautures were all perfect and striking, she even had a better body than Rosalie. Though she was pale and had the same dark shadows under her eyes. Her irises were a mesmerizing emerald color.

"Her." Jessica finished bitingly.

"Who's she?" I asked in a slightly annoying tone, which suprised even me.

"She's Tanya Denali." Jessica said in disgust.

"Edward Cullen's one true love, and the most heinous bitch in the whole world."

As she finished saying that, Tanya glided towards the Cullen table, and plopped herself in Edward's lap, kissing him right on the mouth.

I found myself wanting to march over ther, and pushing her to the floor and taking her place in Edward's lap. This suprised me because I'm usually never violent.

"Ugh, she makes me sick." Jessica said with a groan.

"She thinks she's Miss high and mighty, just because she's dating a Cullen."

I looked at Tanya again, and was shocked to see her out right glaring at me.

I was overcome with a sudden wave of nausea.

"Whoa, what did you do to Tanya?" Jessica asked suprised.

"She usally acts so superior that she doesn't even look at the rest of us, let alone glare.

I just started to feel more sick. I stood up, knocking my chair over, and ran to the bathroom.

I didn't pay attention to Jessica calling my name.

But I could have sworn that as I was fleeing the cafeteria, I saw Tanya smirk.

What was her damage? I'd never done anything to upset her.

Well whatever it was I was going to find out.