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A Different Start, Middle, & End

Twilight, a different Story... When Isabella Swan attends her first day at Forks Highschool, she doesn't expect to catch the eye of the mysterious, and dangerous vampire Edward Cullen. She most definetly doesn't expect that he is unattainable. Why, you may ask? Because he has a girlfriend. Edward Cullen knows there's something special about the new girl Isabella Swan, but can he be able to find out what that special quality is without having to interfere with her life? Tanya Denali will do anything to destroy the human whose trying to steal her perfect life away. When she says anything, does tha include violence? Absolutely. Can the three of them live in harmony when Edward gets Bella pregnant? Spoilers for Breaking Dawn, Not much Jacob Black interaction though their will be. New Moon doesn't exist. It doesn't take 1 month for humans to carry vampire's babies. Edward and Bella had a one night stand. Vampires dont hurt Humans during Intercourse. Disclaimer: Though I wish I was the genius Stephanie meyer continues to be, I do not own any of the characters or concept of the Twilight Saga By Stephanie Meyer franchise.

This Is my first fanfic, it doesnt matter to me if you review or not. :)

2. Chapter 2

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After I had finished puking my guts out in the bathroom, I had washed my flushed face in the sink, and rinsed my mouth out. When I was finished I made sure I hadn't left any chunks on my outfit.

I had worn a cashmere black turtleneck that Renee, my mom, had bought me before I had left Phoenix. I paired it with dark wash jeans, a black and electric blue scarf, my classic hightop All Stars, and the bracelet my boyfriend Leon had given me before I left.

I wasn't a girl to wear stilleto's because I know I would fall and break my face. I have a sure fire feeling that breaking one's face would hurt therefore, the tall life is not for me. I don't wear skin tight otfits because I feel like everything about me is large. I have wide hips, a larger then norml bust, large thighs, and a huge behind. My bra size is 38C, and I hate shopping. Its just so hard to find something that fits. Though thank God my stomach was flat.

I walked out of the bathroom, and looked at the clock in the hallway, and realized I had 10 minutes before the bell rang for classes to start again. I had biology next so I went to my locker got my books and waited outside the classroom until the bell rang.

When the Biology teacher opened the door, introducing himself as Mr. Banner, he directed me to a lab table in the back, telling me that the other person who sat their didn't have a partner, so I was to fill in that post.

I took my seat in the back, and started to doodle in my notebook, drawing endless swirls without really paying attention to the students streaming in through the door. I felt the chair beside mine scrape the linoleum floor, and the person sit down. Still I didn't look up, not realizing someone had taken the seat.

When Mr. Banner called the class to order, is when I finally looked up and saw that it was him.

Edward Cullen, was sitting beside me, peering down at me with an self riteous smirk on his face. The smirk was an instant turn off to me, so I just rolled my eyes and faced front.

Mr. Banner started talking about cellular anatomy, so I tuned out his voice. I had already learned about it in Phoenix, where I'd been in the Gifted & Talented Program.

I continued to Doodle until I heard Mr. Banner calling my name.

"Miss Swan...Miss Swan! Miss Swan!", he rapped his ruler on the board. I was pulled out of my reverie.

"Yes Mr. Banner?" I inquired sheepishly, I hadn't meant to drone out that much. I could hear Cullen snickering beside me. I nashed my teeth together.

"Miss Swan now that your're done daydreaming can you finish this sentence? Cellular anatomy is the blank." He said smugly as if he had stumped me for not paying attention.

Trying not to laugh, I answered, "Is a field of knowledge concerned with the structures comprising a-" he cut me off with a defeated look.

"Ok! Ok, we get it, you know what it is. But next time pay attention!" He said briskly, before turning back to the board.

Teachers hate to be contradicted its funny.

Cullen is still snickering so I turned to him with my prize winning glare arranged on my face.

"What so hilarious that you've been giggling like a girl for the last five minutes?" I contradicted him unsmiling.

Instead of looking annoyed, he just looked even more amused.

He held out his hand, "Edward Cullen, nice save," he smirked. Stupid smirk, I wish I could smack it off.

"Isabella Swan, friends call me Bella, therefore, you call me Isabella.", I said turning back around in my seat. and ignoring his outstretched hand. His cocky was attitude really annoyed me.

"Feisty," he whispered leaning down towards me with his lips right next to the shell of my ear. "I like feisty." He inquired, blowing cool air on the back of my neck.

I scooted away from him. This dude had a girlfriend, but he certainly didn't act that way. It made me sick.

"I hope you like the taste of blood in your mouth becuase thats where im about to punch you." I said in a biting whisper.

He just smiled wider, I was so close to smacking him it wasn't funny!

"Come on, I know you want me, we could have fun together, fun that includes a dark bedroom." He said attempting to lean closer to me.

I shoved him away angrily. "You have a girlfriend! And either way I wouldn't do anything with you, because I have a boyfriend, and you disgust me! I barely even know you and your're offering sex! Whats wrong with you?!" I spit back, venom lacing my words.

He looked like he was about to bust a nerve to keep himself from laughing out loud.

"Come on, no one would know. Plus I know you want me, there are things your little boyfriend can't do that I can I know you want me Bella." He said with that stupid smug smirk on his face.

I opened my mouth to retort when Mr. Banner called my name yet again.

"Miss Swan, there seems to be a problem, would you like to share with the class what is so important to tell Mr. Cullen that you can't pay attention to a word im saying?" He snapped very annoyed that he'd caught me twice not paying attention.

All the guys started snickering, while the girls sent me glares, and started whispering to each other urgently with sour faces on.

That was so unfair Dickward gets away with talking, but new girl doesn't? Discrimination much? God I could already tell I wasn't going to like this school.

"No, Mr. Banner, I have nothing to say to Mr. Cullen." I said broodingly, wishing the class to just get over with.

"Very well, then pay attention! I won't say it again! That goes for you too Mr. Cullen!" He snapped annoyed.

"Aye aye Captain!" Cullen saluted him with that stupid smirk on his face, his eyes dancing in amusment.

Banner just stared at him a moment with a look that read, 'should I yell at him?' or 'Should I ignore it and brush it off?'

He chose the proceeder, and sat down at his desk, telling us to take down the notes on the board.

I got out my pen, and started to take down notes. But Cullen had other ideas, and decided to annoy me further by just staring at me.

I tried to ignore it, I really did.

"Can you stop looking at me!" I snapped at him in a whisper after it had been three minutes.

He grinned, "Just admiring the beauty of the rose beside me."

I snorted, "Save it Cullen, you might want to explain that to your girlfriend."

He stopped smiling finally and pouted like a three year old.

"I don't care about what Tanya thinks." He snapped

"Tell that to her." I said resolutely, picking up my stuff, the bell was going to ring soon.

He smiled again suddenly, the frown turned upside down instantly. He picked up his books, and stalked closer to me right as the bell rang.

He leaned in close to my ear, right near the shell and whipered.

"I meant what I said, you really are stunning." He kissed the connection of my jaw to my ear before bacing up and walking down the hallway.

I put my hand to my ear in amazement.

What just happened?