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The Name of the Game...

Four years ago the life of six people changed drastically.They think their lives are about to go back to normal.But they are stepping into deadly game where the rules state only one can win.Victoria has other ideas: no one wins.Is there a way around her rules?


1. Chapter 1

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Author’s Note- This is my first story so tell me what you think…if I don’t get reviews I might not update.

Disclaimer- all characters belong to Stephanie Meyer

~Vicky Valentino~

God! Why the hell am I doing his dirty work?

Okay send text message to all my victims. Check.

Okay letter? Check.

Are the individual letters in the bag? Check. Did I put that picture of Cullen’s kid in there?

Is the note on the door? Check.

Have you ever wanted something so badly you’d do anything? Even if that means working with people that basically hold your life in their hands?

Four years ago the lives of six people changed drastically. A brother was sent to jail. A child was born….then kidnapped. A sister lost her best friend and died soon after. A boy gets involved with things he shouldn’t be involved with, something he never knew would happen. A girl witnesses something she shouldn’t and gets raped. A boy was robbed of his dead parent’s fortune. They all want their lives to go back to normal. They all want to be satisfied with knowing the person who did this to them is dead. But that's just too bad for them. They think they’re coming here because they are finally getting what they want. But once they step into this building they have entered the game that I have created just for them. There’s no way to win this game. The only winner is me. Let’s meet our contestants.

Isabella Swan: is twenty-one. Four years ago her brother was sent to prison for the murder of Tanya Denali. Well he was framed and Bella knows, but doesn't have proof. She wants her brother out.

Edward Cullen: is twenty-two. Four years ago Tanya Denali had his child (teen parent), Emma Cullen. A year after Tanya was killed Emma was kidnapped. Edward wants his daughter back.

Alice Brandon: is twenty-one. Four years ago her sister’s best friend Tanya died. A month later so did her sister, Cynthia. She wants her sister’s killer dead.

Jasper Whitlock: is twenty-three. Four years ago he tried to get out of this gang after he was involved with Cynthia's death and Emma's kidnapping. He just wants out.

Rosalie Hale: is twenty-three. Four years ago she witnessed a kidnapping. The man who was doing it saw her he had the other two people take the little girl to the car while he took her behind the building and beat and raped her saying that if she told, she died.

Emmett McCarty: is twenty-three. Four years ago his parents died but there was no will. So his unknown uncle got all of his money and he wants it.

Like I said before, I’m the only winner. Well if James finds out I didn’t get rid of them right he might freak, but he never said I couldn’t have fun with them. I mean he wouldn’t have me doing this if Isabella and Rosalie hadn’t met and started talking about everything that happened to them four years ago. James has been keeping tabs on them. Last week when they met he had me follow them.


Isabella and Rosalie are sitting in a booth. Wait what did she just say? I picked up my phone and dialed James’ number.

“Hello?” he asked.

“They’re on to something. Isabella just said ‘Wait this happened four years ago?’ What do we do?” I asked.

“Come back, we have to work out a plan. They know too much.” He said the hung up.

*End Flashback*

This is my game and my rules. The name of the game is murder. Ugh! I’ve got to stop reading thrillers.