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The Name of the Game...

Four years ago the life of six people changed drastically.They think their lives are about to go back to normal.But they are stepping into deadly game where the rules state only one can win.Victoria has other ideas: no one wins.Is there a way around her rules?


2. Chapter 2

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Author’s Note: Chapter two!!!!!!!! I didn’t wait for reviews.
Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns characters.

~Bella Swan~

And that’s why they call it the blues.

I picked up my phone and dialed Bree’s number.

“Forks Daily, Bree Tyler speaking.” She answered.

“Hey, I finished the article it’s headed your way.” I said as I pressed send.

“Great! I promise this is your last article on music. Jenny is cleared to type the week after next, so…” she trailed off.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I need you to write about The Beginnings of Broadway.” She said.

“Why the hell are these music articles getting so boring? Is it because I’m writing them?” I asked her.

“No way! You can go back to your Literature of the week entries once Jenny gets back. But Mrs. Levant- you know the drama teacher at the middle school?” she asked.

“The one who made you repeat her course over the summer because you forgot your lines in our production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream?” I asked recalling the night she forgot her lines six times.

“Ugh! That was brutal and it’s not like my roll was important.” She sighed.

“You were Titania! Your roll was important!” I laughed.

“Whatever.” I could hear her eyes roll. “Just got it, thanks! Ohh! I got to go sandwich guy is here! Luv ya!” she said hanging up.

My cell phone vibrated. Text message.

Remember what happened four years ago? When your brother went to prison?
Want to uncover the truth?
Ballet Studio down on fourth.
This may be your only chance.

What the hell. Its five now.

I should go. Definitely.

~Edward Cullen~

“Come on baby girl say it again! Say daddy.” I said holding Emma’s hand.

“Dada!”she said giggling. She had just turned seven months old. She had saying ‘da’ for a month or so now. The baby books swore she didn’t know what she was saying but every time she said it she looked at me.

“Mom did you get that?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes son. I did.” My mom laughed from behind the camera.

I don’t know how many times I had watched that video. We have been looking for Emma for three years now. I never gave up hope. I know she’s still out there. When she was kidnapped her mother’s killer was asked about. He knew nothing. Well that’s what he said.

We have had no leads. None. My baby girl is out there. I’m a teen parent, well I’m not a teen anymore but you know what I mean. I think my daughters kidnapping and Tanya’s death are linked together, but the police won’t listen. They think it was just a baby snatching. Heck, I hired a private investigator, who told me the same thing so I fired his ass. My current investigator is actually trying.

My phone beeped signaling a text message.

Three years ago. Your daughters kidnapping?
Want her back?
Ballet Studio down on fourth.
This may be your only chance.
Oh and don’t bring the police if you know what’s best for you.

It’s 5:15 now. I picked up my daughters picture. I’m going.

~Alice Brandon~

“Mom I’m not coming back!” I shouted into the phone.

“It’s your sister’s memorial service!” she yelled back.

“Mom we had one when she died. There’s a reason I moved away! I moved away because of your grieving. And you threw her in my face constantly. ‘Oh she was the best daughter.’ Or ‘Why can’t you be more like her?’ I’m not coming!” I yelled.

“This is how you repay me after years of raising and caring for you!” she screamed.

“Caring! Caring! Putting me through shock treatments is caring! Leaving me at the hands of doctors who had power and did whatever they wanted to their patients is caring! Having exorcisms performed is caring! Rot in hell mother!” I cried as I hung up.

I don’t know how long I sat there crying but I was soon brought out of it when my phone rang. I opened it. New text message.

Your sister died four years ago?
You want to know who did it, correct.
Ballet Studio down on fourth.
This may be your only chance.

Oh my god! What the hell? This is probably some joke. Right? Wrong?

I should go. It’s 5:20 now. Ballet studio? Oh I remember.

If this is some prank I’m going to hurt someone.

~Jasper Whitlock~

Stupid drugs! Stupid kidnappings! Stupid murders! My phone rang.

“What?” I said.

“Hey James is on my ass! Where are you? I can’t get this job done on my own!” Maria yelled.

“Okay. Hi to you too. And if you must know I’m sick.” I lied. “Have someone else help.” I said.

“Yeah, you’ve been sick three times this month.” She said with a tone.

“My white blood cells are down.” I lied more.

“Bull!” she shouted. “You don’t get it Whitlock.” She chuckled. “Once you’re in you’re in for life. The only way out is death.” She said seriously.

“Yeah, I’ve been considering that for the past four years.” I said.

“Yeah, I know. I also know you. You would have done it by now, but the sad truth is you don’t want to die.” She said seriously. I faked a cough.

“I’ve got to go.” I said.

“Last time Whitlock.” She said before hanging up.

Maybe I should just go to the police. My phone started to vibrate. Victoria?

You want out, right?
Ballet Studio down on fourth.
This may be your only chance.
Xxluv vickyxX

She better not be screwing with me.

~Rosalie Hale~

Damn laptop!

Ugh!! Stupid phone!

“Mr. King’s office.” I answered in a sickly sweet tone.

“Put Royce on the phone!” his father yelled.

“Yes sir.” I said. My phone buzzed. Ooh new text! Probably Bella.

I know who did it to you.
I know who kidnapped that baby.
He’s closer to you than you think.

Ballet Studio down on fourth.
This may be your only chance.

Holy freaking shit!!!!!

What the hell is this?

I looked at the clock. 5:20. I get off in ten minutes. That should give me enough time to get there.

Well my life is about to get interesting.

~Emmett McCarty~

All these bills! God how do people not leave a will? And why wouldn’t the son get the money? And who the hell is my so called uncle James. I want my money.

God, if you’re listening you know I’ve only asked for one thing in life and it was to marry a pretty blonde. But since that hasn’t happened can I change my wish to money? I really need it.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Stupid cell.

You want your parent’s money right?
Well I know where it is.

Ballet Studio down on fourth.
This may be your only chance.

Thank you Lord. I really appreciate it.

~Bella Swan~

When I got to the ballet studio there were five other people there. I recognized one.

“Rosalie?” I asked.

“Bella!” she said.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Well the doors unlocked and there’s a letter with all of our names on it. We were waiting for you. So let’s go in.” she said.

We walked into the studio and sat down on the floor.

“Who wants to read the letter?” A short black haired girl asked.

“I will.” I said. She handed me the plastic bag. I opened it and pulled out the paper.

‘Isabella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett,
Glad you made it. All of your lives tie together. I know who did this to you all, but let’s talk about what happened first. Isabella, your brother went to prison for the murder of Tanya Denali.’ I heard someone suck in a breath. I looked up and saw it was the bronze haired god. ‘You and I both know he was framed. Edward, your daughter was kidnapped a year after Tanya-her mother- was murdered. I know she’s still alive and for the past three years she has been asking for her daddy.’ I looked at him and he was silently crying. Everyone else looked stunned. I continued. ‘Alice, your sister was murdered, a month before her best friend Tanya died. Rosalie, you witnessed Edwards daughter being kidnapped, you were about to call for help when the man attacked you. Emmett you want your parents money. Jasper, you were involved in all of these crimes. You were an accomplice to the murders, the kidnapping, and the money, and you didn’t want to do any of this. You know the rules of the gang “Once you’re in you’re in for life.” Isn’t that right?
Any who, the person who did this to you was Royce King.’ I said.

The paper was snatched out of my hands.

“What the fuck!” Rosalie yelled. Then she started crying. The paper fell from her hands. I quickly grabbed the paper and read through fast.

‘Well he was hired to do it.
You have now entered my game. Here are the rules: only one can win, you will follow the clues.
Like I said before only one can win.
If Bella wins: her brother gets out and Royce goes in. Emmett dies.
If Edward wins: Bella’s brother stays in jail, Jasper dies.
If Alice or Rosalie wins: Edwards’s daughter dies and Bella’s brother gets put on death row for giving the order.
If Jasper wins: Rosalie’s got to die… just ‘cuz.
If Emmett wins: Edward and Bella die.

You all hold each other’s lives in your hands.

There are also individual letters enclosed in the bag.

What are you going to do?’

As I finished everyone was obviously thinking.

We are screwed.

Author’s Note: this is my second chapter.