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The Name of the Game...

Four years ago the life of six people changed drastically.They think their lives are about to go back to normal.But they are stepping into deadly game where the rules state only one can win.Victoria has other ideas: no one wins.Is there a way around her rules?


3. Chapter 3

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A/N: third chapter.... Some of them may be a little OOC at first...

Disclaimer: S.M. owns everything

~Bella Swan~

So here I am with five other people in a screwed up situation, sitting on the floor in a ballet studio.

"Wait, this doesn't add up. If Bella wins why do I die?" The one I assumed to be Emmett asked.

I shrugged. We were all quiet.

"I don't want to win. Edward should." Alice said gesturing to the man with bronze hair. Edward.

"Then I die." Okay that's Jasper.

"Yeah well you're one of the reasons were in this mess!" Alice yelled.

"Hey! Calm down!" Rosalie screamed at her. "Can't you see we have too much information!" she said. Oh no.

"She's right." Edward said glumly.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Emmett asked. Could the others really not see this?

"What they're trying to say is we have too much information." I started. "We have all the proof right here to get what we want. The person that's doing this knows what they're doing. We won't make it to the police before they kill us all." I finished.

"You're right. What do we do?" Emmett asked. I looked to Jasper, he obviously knew something. He sighed.

"Like she said in the letter, I was only an accomplice... well more like Royce and James' personal assistant. I set all of the murders and the kidnappings up. Do I know where his daughter is? No. All I know is that her grandmother took her to the outdoor market that day." He said.

"Wait? She?" Alice asked.

"Victoria. She sent the text message for me to come here. She's playing us. She doesn't know I know this but she has played this game before with some gang members and some of their brothers, sisters, and girlfriends. She had dirt on them. One of the member's brothers was an F.B.I. agent. It's not necessarily good to have a criminal record and fake identity and work for the F.B.I. Anyways when she played this game with them all of them died." He told us.

"What are we supposed to do if we all lose anyways?" Alice asked.

"I don't know." He said putting his head in his hands.

"Well there's got to be a flaw in this game." Edward stated. "Let's think about the facts. Fact one: she sent us to a ballet studio. We must have a connection to this place. Tanya used to come here a lot when we were in middle school. We were best friends, I miss her." He said. So they weren't married. Stop. He's obviously grieving. I remember her though, tall strawberry blonde who thought she was the best in the class.

"I used to assist in lessons here when I was sixteen." Rosalie told us. She must have been the blonde I saw when I brought my cousin here for lessons when I was fourteen.

"My partner Maria teaches Tap n' Jazz here. I help with the music and performances." Jasper said. I interviewed her once, for my college paper, and recently when I first came to intern at Forks Daily.

"My mom used to teach lessons here before she went to New York." Emmett said. Oh my god. She was my teacher. We all must have grown up here. I mean Forks wasn't small but it wasn't huge either. We have two elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. Five degrees of separation.

"I took lessons here when I was six. Ballet and hip-hop." Alice said. Her class was always after mine.

"Bella?" Rosalie asked.

"You all grew up here?" I asked. The all nodded.

"Tanya, strawberry blonde, she was in my ballet class when I was twelve." I said to Edward. I looked to Rosalie. "Ellie Bale, my cousin, she was in the class you assisted. I always saw the back of your head." I looked to Jasper. "I interviewed Maria a couple of times. She seemed way too nice to be involved in a gang." I looked to Emmett. "Your mom taught my class." I looked to Alice. "Your class was at five. Mine was at four." They all looked shocked.

"So our lives were connected before everything?" Alice asked. I shook my head.

"Well, that could just be coincidence. But I knew Tanya. We went to middle school together. She bullied me." I said.

"Wait, were you Clumserella?" Edward asked.

"That was one of the stupid nicknames she gave me, but surprisingly that was her best one." I said.

"You poured milk on her in seventh grade... on purpose." He said.

"That's when she came up with ‘Bitchella' not here best work." I laughed.

"Isabella Swan." Alice said smiling. "Has mono." She laughed. "Those posters went up all over school. I felt bad for you. I actually wanted to talk to you but every time I would get close something would happen, that distracted me." She said.

"Wait we are all connected. We obviously knew of each other. Emmett was a player. Jasper was a nerd. I went to high school with them, but I was the girl that was always hidden by the hood of a car." Rosalie said.

"So we must all have a connection to this person that did this." Alice said. "My sister was Tanya's best friend. I never met her but I knew she was older than her. A week after they met my sister was acting weird as if she was on something." She froze and looked at Edward.

"Tanya did drugs. She stopped when she got pregnant though. I overheard a conversation. All I heard was she owed." He said.

"Tanya bought from James. One time she stopped buying. We found out she was pregnant. She also owed James a lot. James thought the child was his at first. But it wasn't and he got mad. He wasn't with Victoria at the time he was with her. He had her killed. Then Cynthia confronted him. He had her killed. Then he kidnapped Emma." Jasper said.

"My brother started acting weird. Jordan would give me one word answers and would ignore me." I said.

"He joined the gang. Royce thought he'd be the perfect one to frame. He was right. Jordan never said a word about what really happened." He said. "And before anything else is said, James is your uncle Emmett. Don't ask why your parent never told you because I don't know. He got the money when your parents died." Jasper finished.

We all sat there.

"Now that we know everything what do we do?" Edward said. Alice stood up and stretched.

"Guys, what's this?" she asked walking towards a mirror. She bent down and picked up a zip-lock bag. Great another one.

A/N: Forks is going to be sorta big in this story. Like it's still a small town. Like Clovis New Mexico. I was at the base there. The towns not small but it's not huge. It's still small enough to where everything is closed on Sunday. Heck it could be smaller than Forks. The hospital was as big as or maybe a little bigger than a normal upstairs downstairs, a few building high school.