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See you again.

Edward leaves Bella, and when Alice returns, she and Bella race to Italy to save Edward, that sounds about right?... Okay twist: Bella doesn’t get there in time to save him, she watches the Volturi rib him apart and burn him, and then watches numbly as the turn to her, having seen all this and kills her as well. And you think now… WTF? If Bella and Edward are dead why should I read this stupid Story? Double twist: Bella is alive! Well sorta, she lives now as a girl named Elizabeth, having been reborn. She's 18 years old, and comes from the state of Washington. She has no memories what so ever of what have happened to her in her previous life. So what will happen when two mysterious beautiful and strange men kidnap’s her?... This story is on hold, until I finish it comepletely, it's not fair to you... or myself.. I promise it will be done soon...

The story is almost completed, and i will finish it before the last chapter is uploaded. I will upload one everytime the latest chapter has been aproved. Love you.

3. Kidnapped, voluntarily?

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Chapter three: Kidnapped, voluntarily?

“We will explain everything to you later Elizabeth.” The blond one, Jasper said.

I really appreciated he addressed me, my real name; at least he seemed to be just a little bit normal.

Emmett snickered, when the blond one said my name, and he growled, and I mean he literally growled… It was frightening.

But I just looked at him, eyes wide. “Did you just growl?” I asked, in misbelieve.

He just grinned at me, flashing a set of perfect white teeth. I guess that’s a yes… but that’s not possible, well maybe, but not like that… Creepy

“Come with us please.” The blond one, Jasper, said politely, after a moment of silence. “We will tell you everything later. But now we need to get you, back with us.”

“But…” I was about to object, but I was suddenly very calm again, and I was curious. I nodded and stepped out of the car. Even though a voice in my head screamed RUN! In my mind I knew I was supposed to be scared but it was like a mental block, I could only feel numb. I really wanted to kick one of them. But my mind was so calm that there hardly could be any force behind the kick, and that it would be better to run. I just didn’t. At least that’s what reason I gave myself, later. But I was still getting myself ready to fight, if something happened. I hadn’t taken five years of self defense classes for nothing. Go for the groin, that’ll slow them down. If I run in between the trees I can get far enough away to call the cops. I grabbed my purse, with my cell phone in it, and clutched it close to my chest.

The big one, Emmett, scooted over the seats, and drove my car in between the trees, a few yards away. And Jasper led me towards a glistening silver Volvo. That triggered something inside me. Like a shock of electricity through my heart. My eyes started to burn with unshed tears, so I hesitated a few feet away, hiding my face in my palm. Someone planted a hand on my shoulder, which made me jump. The dark haired one, Emmett, was standing next to me.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be okay.” He promised.

I just glared at him. How could it ever be okay? I was being kidnapped, voluntarily, and it was his fault, somehow…

Emmett opened the back door and got in without closing it behind him, but just waited for me to get in next to him. Jasper waited behind the wheels patiently, and I saw the big one eyeing me from the back window.

It was now or never, I was going to run for it. I swung my purse over my shoulder and spun around, headed for the trees in the other direction, running as fast as my legs could take me.

Not 2 seconds had passed – and I was still in my second stride – when something hard as stone grabbed me from behind, and lifted me of the ground. I let out a shocked gasp, before I realized what had happened. The brawny one, Emmett, had grabbed me, before I could run away. I screamed and kicked backwards in hope of hitting him with enough force so he would release me. He was trying to calm me down, chanting “Easy Bella, easy!”

“NO!” I screamed “Let me go, God dammit!” my eyes were blurry from tears streaming down my cheeks. He was so strong, that nothing I did had any effect. I even hit him with my purse, but the hem snatched off and I dropped it on the ground, Dammit…

“Emmett, be careful.” Jasper said from beside the car. It sounded like he was on the phone.

“That’s easy for you to say.” Emmett muttered. “You’re not the one holding her.”

“You’re stronger than me.” Jasper chuckled.

“Very funny,” The big bully growled.

I finally got in a good kick, but the pain that followed was so excruciating, I screamed, and I got so surprised, I froze in place, locking my jaw and squeezed my eyes shut.

“I heard something crack, put her down Emmett.” Jasper said faintly. Maybe he was far away, or maybe I was. I couldn’t feel my head anymore.

I was aware that I was lying down now. But I didn’t move. The pain was too much for me. I was only faintly aware of the sobs, and cries of pain I made. But I didn’t care. What the hell had happened? I remembered kicking backwards, and hitting something hard, like concrete. It wasn’t possible. I couldn’t have hit the ground, I had hit that big one, but it couldn’t be him, unless he was made of stone, or granite …

“We have to get her back to Carlisle.” Jasper said calmly. Who’s Carlisle… not more of these weirdo’s? “He’s waiting back at the house. Alice and Rosalie are still out hunting. But they’ll be back when we get home.” Alice, Rosalie? Hunting? How many of them are there?

Emmett – I guessed because of his broad figure – picked me up and carried me to the silver Volvo. He put me gently in to the back of the car, I didn’t bother fighting him. There was no use…


The drive was short at least that’s how it felt. All the way from Washington to where ever we were now. The big one, Emmett, kept chatting oblivious to me, but I didn’t listen. I really wasn’t in the mood for chit chat, and especially not with him. I focused on the trees, and light poles in the streets as it got darker outside, and they turned on one after one. I could see from the blurry view, that they where driving way past the speed limits. But they were the only thing I could see from where I was lying in the back of the car. I was trying to block out the pain in my ankle, but it was the only thing I could think about. He finally shut up, when he realized I wasn’t listening, and I was thankful about that. Even though his obnoxious chanter helped me deal with the pain in my ankle – but only a tiny bit – I’d much rather have the pain then listen to anymore of his annoying babble.

“How’s you’re ankle?” Emmett – the big bully – asked me. I groaned and he took it as a sign of pain, “I’m really sorry…”

“Please, just shut up!” I said angrily.

He did as asked, and I was pleased.

The car came to a stop, and I peeked out the side window. It was a brightly lit garage, filled with expensive looking cars, and tools for everything. The garage door started closing, so I stretched to see if there was anything outside that could tell me where I was. But everything outside the garage was just green, and brown…

The car door opened and I flinched at the sound. It was the blond one, Jasper who had opened the door. There was another blond man beside him, and I couldn’t help but gasp. He was so unbelievably handsome. Pale – like the others – and the same perfect features. He looked like a movie star straight out of a Hollywood picture. He had golden blond hair and the kindest face I’d ever seen. Jasper – the calm one – helped me out of the car and I almost stumbled out. I guessed I must have looked pretty wild, from lying in the backseat of the car like that.

“Hello, Elizabeth.” The kind man greeted me, “I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen.”

“Hi.” I said, awkwardly, and was suddenly very self-conscious. I tried to maneuver a very casual smoothing of my hair, but it made me wobble and tip forward. “Luckily” Jasper was quick – quicker then normal people – he caught me before I hit the ground, and steadied me. I instantly felt my cheeks warm, and it didn’t help my confidence, when I heard the big bully’s loud roar of laughter.

“She hasn’t changed!” he laughed. “Man I missed you Bells!”

Jerk. I wanted to stick out my tongue at him, but I figured that would only make his coments worse.

Carlisle smiled at me warmly, “Allow me,” he said and offered me his arm as support. “I will take a look at you’re ankle.”

I took his arm. No objections, I figured that was the sane thing to do. Stupid…

He led the way into a huge room, bright as the mysterious strangers walking around, and beside me. The south-facing wall had been replaced with glass, revealing a huge open space beyond, filled with grass and trees in the background. It was twilight. There was also a huge curving staircase in the west side of the room. The wall’s, the high beamed ceiling, the wooden floors, and the thick carpets were all varying shades of white. To the left in the room, was a big grand piano, on a raised platform on the floor. I felt an urge to go sit on the long bench placed in front of the spectacular instrument, and stroke the white keys lined carefully together. It was a yearning towards an instrument I’ve never felt before, and it seemed I couldn’t take my eyes from it.

Carlisle took me to a little group of furniture, and I sat down in the smaller one. While Carlisle looked me over, the light touch of his fingers on my skin was like velvet. His hands were cold, like ice, and it felt so good on my swollen ankle. The doors opened once again, and two of the most stunning women stepped silently in the big room.