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See you again.

Edward leaves Bella, and when Alice returns, she and Bella race to Italy to save Edward, that sounds about right?... Okay twist: Bella doesn’t get there in time to save him, she watches the Volturi rib him apart and burn him, and then watches numbly as the turn to her, having seen all this and kills her as well. And you think now… WTF? If Bella and Edward are dead why should I read this stupid Story? Double twist: Bella is alive! Well sorta, she lives now as a girl named Elizabeth, having been reborn. She's 18 years old, and comes from the state of Washington. She has no memories what so ever of what have happened to her in her previous life. So what will happen when two mysterious beautiful and strange men kidnap’s her?... This story is on hold, until I finish it comepletely, it's not fair to you... or myself.. I promise it will be done soon...

The story is almost completed, and i will finish it before the last chapter is uploaded. I will upload one everytime the latest chapter has been aproved. Love you.

7. Vampires? Yeah right.

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Chapter seven: Vampires, yeah right.

I was in the room furthest down the hall, the one I had been staying in. I was looking at the CD’s on the shelves next to the CD player; I had put on an older CD with some classical music on. It was mostly Bach, Beethoven and Mozart but there was one song I had heard a few times, and that was Debussy, with Clair de Lune. I loved it, it was so calm, just listening to the tunes I could almost see them played on the beautiful piano downstairs.

Someone knocked on the door, and I turned to see Emmett smiling at me while he was leaning against the door frame.

“Hi,” I said shortly.

“Hey,” he grinned, “what are you doing Bella?” he asked me mocking.

I glared at him, again. “Just listening to music,” I said shortly.

He nodded, and walked in to sit on the couch, like he had earlier today.

“Did you want something Emmett?” I asked indifferently.

“Nah,” he shrugged, “just wanted to see how you were doing.” He grinned wickedly.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Sure,” I said, “Because you just really care about me.”

“Of course I do,” he said offended, “You’re my baby sister.”

I rolled my eyes at him, “jerk.” I muttered.

He laughed, “Don’t worry Bella,” he said casually, “you will remember soon.”

“My name is not Bella,” I said annoyed, this was becoming my new quote, ‘my name is not Bella’ and I was getting tired of it, I wanted to change it to something else, maybe ‘Emmett is an asshole’ yeah people could relate to that, well I could relate to it anyways.

“If you say so Bella, but I’m not giving up,” he smiled, “I want my little sister back.”

“I believe we have established that I am not Bella, when it didn’t work.” Whatever it was he did. Beside hold my hands…

“Oh really?” he grinned, “then how come you have the same ability?” he asked not caring what my answer was, “and why do you look almost the same, smell the same, and even talk the same?” he grinned wider, “not even to mention your clumsiness.”

I stared at him foolishly, “that doesn’t prove anything.” I argued, “A lot of people a similar.”

“Yes, you’re right,” he said but he wasn’t convinced, and I didn’t think I would ever convince him. “But, Alice saw you. You might as well accept it.”

“Alice saw me?” I asked confused, “what do you mean?”

He cleared his throat, and became very anxious, fidgeting with a set of car keys in his right hand. “Nothing, really, it’s hard to explain.”

I was mad now, and I was tired of being kept in the dark, they had secrets from me, about me, concerning me whatever. I wanted to know, and I wanted to know now, everything, from what they were, since they were clearly different, and why they claimed to know me. “Then make it simple!” I said angrily.

Jasper and Alice came into the room, “what’s going on?” Jasper asked Emmett.

“Nothing,” Emmett said innocently.

“It didn’t sound like nothing,” Jasper argued, before Alice interrupted.

“We better tell her,” she said silently.

“Tell her what?” Jasper asked.

I was confused and pleased at the same time, Alice wanted them to tell me and I wanted to know, so right now I Alice was my best friend.

“Everything,” Alice said calmly, “we have to stop lying to her, Jasper, she’s family.”

Jasper gave her a disapproving look, “Alice,” he said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he placed a hand on her shoulder, “you heard Matthew it didn’t work, we shouldn’t bring anymore humans into this.”

Wait, did he just say humans? What’s going on? And why are they discussing this, there was nothing to discuss, I wanted to know what was going on, I felt like they at least owed me that.

“Please, just tell me, I’m tired of not knowing.” I said feeling more and more hopeless for each minute that passed. But it was quickly replaced by a calm sensation.

Emmett and Alice both looked at Jasper, before Alice spoke, “we will let Carlisle decide what to do.”

Jasper sighed hopelessly, before he and Emmett walked out of the room.

Alice took my arm, and led me down the hall, back into the living room where Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett and Matthew were waiting.

We all sat in all various places of the living room. Alice was sitting on my lift in the larger of the two couches, and Jasper was on my right side. Emmett was sitting in a huge chair next the us, and Carlisle was in the smaller one of the couches next to Esme, Matthew and Rosalie for that matter was standing as far away from us as possible, right in front of the front door, like they where planning a quick escape. The tension in the room made the hairs in the back of my neck rise, and goose bumps erupted all over my skin.

“Carlisle, my friend,” Matthew spoke, “is it really necessary to tell the girl about us?”

“Yes,” Carlisle said kindly, “I believe it is our only choice,” he looked at me then, “we have been keeping to many secrets around her.”

I smiled at him warmly; I always knew I liked the beautiful, handsome, and kind doctor.

Matthew and Rosalie didn’t look pleased, but the look on Emmett and Alice’s faces was unmistakably excitement.

“You know the rules Carlisle,” Matthew said again, “those you can not ignore.”

“I know dear friend.” Carlisle looked sad, “but she already knows. So we are not breaking any rules, considering that we are simply just reminding her.”

“But she’s not Bella,” Rosalie interrupted, “didn’t we figure that out when it didn’t work?”

“As a matter of fact Rosalie, you’re right it didn’t work, because she is Bella.” He told her smiling, “There has only been one person we know of, who can block people from intrusion to their mind, and that is Isabella. I have been considering this ever since we had the cleansing. She didn’t remember anything not a different previous life, nothing.” He smiled encouragingly at me, “she is blocking Matthew from her mind.”

I took in all this information, but I couldn’t believe it, it was too surreal. People don’t have special abilities, making people remember or blocking people. It was unreal and a lie. I frowned.

Rosalie huffed, and Alice clapped together her little Pixie hands in excitement.

“Alright,” Carlisle said to break the awkward tension in the room, “as you might have noticed Elizabeth, we’re not like other people.”

“You don’t say,” I scoffed.

Emmett grinned, but Carlisle continued ignoring my comment.

“Actually,” he said looking at me intensely, “we’re not ‘people’ at all. That is we are not human.”

That new information made my mouth form – what must have been a giant O – I snapped it shot, and groaned, this is so stupid I thought, but somewhere in the back of my mind, a little voice kept telling me to listen to them.

I controlled my expression and asked warily, “what do you mean?”

Carlisle took a deep breath, and looked to Alice, “How will she react?” he asked her almost silently.

She looked away for a second, “it will be alright,” she promised him.

He sighed again and looked at me kindly, “what I mean Elizabeth is that we are vampires. Not the type of vampires you see in the movies and you read about in books though, we are different, I like to think that we are good, we do not drink the blood of humans, and-” He said and stopped looking at my expression.

I was looking at him stunned, and then I frowned. Did he really think I was that stupid, there was no such thing as vampires?

I laughed.

“Right,” I chuckled, “vampires sure, then why can you be out at day?” I said smugly, they wouldn’t be able to explain that, and they would have to admit it.

“Like I said,” Carlisle continued, “we are not like the one in movies, and books-” I cut him off again.

“Psssh,” I said chuckling, “then how do you know you are vampires? You could be something else like demons, or I don’t know I mean Alice could go for an elf, or a fairy and maybe Emmett is a troll!” I laughed hard… “I know, I know,” I said chucking, “Rosalie is a nymph right! And oh Jaasssppperrrr” I said trying to control the wide grin on my face, “You must be emo dude! Seriously!” I laughed hard, and I heard someone joining in.

When I finally finished laughing, Carlisle, and Alice looked at me worried. And Rosalie, Jasper and Matthew looked annoyed. Emmett on the other hand wasn’t in the room anymore. “Hey where did Emmett go?” I asked drying my eyes.

“He’s out, doing some thinking,” Rosalie said indifferently.

I looked at them confused; “I didn’t know that big bully could think.” I said fake surprised.

“Don’t worry about Emmett,” Carlisle said, “He will be back soon.”

“Okay?” I said, “So earnestly, tell me the truth. What’s going on?”

“We told you Elizabeth,” Carlisle said kindly, “We are vampires.”