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See you again.

Edward leaves Bella, and when Alice returns, she and Bella race to Italy to save Edward, that sounds about right?... Okay twist: Bella doesn’t get there in time to save him, she watches the Volturi rib him apart and burn him, and then watches numbly as the turn to her, having seen all this and kills her as well. And you think now… WTF? If Bella and Edward are dead why should I read this stupid Story? Double twist: Bella is alive! Well sorta, she lives now as a girl named Elizabeth, having been reborn. She's 18 years old, and comes from the state of Washington. She has no memories what so ever of what have happened to her in her previous life. So what will happen when two mysterious beautiful and strange men kidnap’s her?... This story is on hold, until I finish it comepletely, it's not fair to you... or myself.. I promise it will be done soon...

The story is almost completed, and i will finish it before the last chapter is uploaded. I will upload one everytime the latest chapter has been aproved. Love you.

8. Nightmares and assaults don't mix.

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Chapter eight: Nightmares, and assaults don't mix.

That night I woke up screaming, tears were streaming down my cheeks and sweat was evident on my forehead. I gasped for air while sitting in the couch burying my face in my palms. I was trying to control the fear that kept creeping into my mind.

I knew I had been screaming and tossing all night, the covers were twisted around my legs, and my hair was one big mess.

The nightmare that had interrupted my dreams was not filled with monsters or blood and goo. It was simple, and wouldn’t have scared me in real life. I was walking out in the woods with a boy, and then suddenly I was alone, I tried following the ruffle of the leaves ahead trying to find that boy again. It was like he was important to me, and I didn’t want him to leave me, I was crying for him to come back to me, and that’s when I woke up. I couldn’t remember the boys face, or anything else, only that I needed him, and he left.

The dream was so not scary, looking at it from the outside. But it was all the emotions, the feeling of being alone and abandoned, that was so scary I tried running to where I heard noises, I didn’t care what made those noises all I cared about was not being alone. I didn’t consider the dangers off being alone in the woods, the dangers of wild animals or worse.

The things Carlisle told me yesterday were unbelievable and almost laughable, but the things Emmett had been so kind to demonstrate outside their big house were just plain frightening.

I remember when Carlisle had told me they were vampires, I had laughed and said some pretty stupid things, and thinking about what I had said now made me blush. I had called Alice a fairy, and Jasper emo. I sighed. Carlisle had then insisted that he was telling the truth and my intelligent comment had just been,

“Yes, commander!” and done a military salute. Thinking back, my actions may have indicated I was high on drugs, and maybe I was. I wouldn’t have a clue; right now I would probably believe anything. The things I had seen yesterday made my whole view on life go out the window, and in flew a big fat bird called awakening.

“I guess we will have to do something more drastic, in our ways of convincing you.” Carlisle had said.

“Sure, oh great leader, and while you’re at it, why don’t you get the dwarf to show you where she keeps her pot of gold, and maybe a beautiful unicorn will greet you at the end of the rainbow, and you will all go to the magical land of great adventures, with happy smiles, and pink candy clouds. Then maybe emo boy here will cheer up a notch.” Okay, I was going crazy. What the fuck had happened to me last night?

Carlisle had looked at me like I was insane, and I remembered that had pissed me off. He was the one trying to convince me they were vampires, and he thought I was INSANE! Ahhh I wanted to smack that beautiful head of his.

Jasper had looked at me confused, and whispered something to Alice.

Matthew did not look happy.

Emmett came inside again, and Rosalie glared at him. “Done thinking?” she asked him acid in her voice.

“Yes,” he said ashamed, looking down on the floor in front of him.

“And what do you have to say for yourself?” she said raising an eyebrow.

She reminded me of a mother who had lectured her child in manners, but the most unnerving thing was the way Emmett acted. His eyes on the ground, shoulders hunched, and his fidgeting, not even to mention the sour pout on his face. He really did look like a child being punished. I raised an eyebrow at him; I knew Rosalie could be terrifying, but seriously? It was his wife for crying out loud.

“I’m sorry, baby.” He said solemnly. He sure was in the dog house.

“That’s better,” she said with a smirk, “I hope you learned your lesson.”

“I have an idea,” Carlisle said, and Alice immediately started clapping her little hands together in excitement, her face lit up like a chandelier.

“Yay,” she chipped, “Emmett should do it!” she shrieked excided.

Emmett looked confused, but mostly wary of what was going on.

Carlisle smiled, “Emmett,” he said turning towards him, “would you like to show Elizabeth what I am talking about?”

Emmett first looked confused, but then his face lit up on recognition. “Nah,” he said nonchalantly, “but I’d like to show Bella what you mean.” He shot me a wicked grin and winked.

Right then and there I could have killed him, soaked up in my fury, I didn’t realize Emmett had moved, he stood in front of me and before I knew it he had picked me up, and thrown me over his shoulders once again.

“Mother Fuck...” I screamed but was cut of when all the air was swirling fast around me and making it hard to breathe.

When he finally stopped I gasped for air, “what the fuck was that?” I asked when my lungs had been filled again.

“I ran,” Emmett explained poorly.

“You ran?” I asked annoyed and disbelieving.


Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper and Matthew were standing in a circle around us, Carlisle looked scrutinizing at me trying to figure out if I believed them I guessed, Alice was excided, Matthew and Jasper not so much... Esme… looked worried.

“Emmett,” I said casually.


Put me down!” I said icily through my teeth.

And with that he swung me back from his shoulder and planted me on the ground gently. I wobbled dazed and dizzy for a moment, before roaring out at Emmett, “don’t ever pick me up like that again!”

“Sorry,” he grinned, and held his hands out in front of him.

“Come on!” Alice groaned impatiently.

I was still looking at Emmett angrily, when he suddenly disappeared, and ran into a huge tree, I stared baffled, as the huge tree cracked and complained against the force of gravity. There were an earsplitting boom, and the earth moved as the big trunk of the tree hit the ground. The branches breaking off and whipping against the wet soil, whirling up leaves and dirt, as it collided.

Stunned I watched as Emmett walked over casually to the tree again, and started lifting it easily by its massive trunk, the muscles in his neck and arms looked strained against the massive tree. Emmett didn’t look like he felt the weight at all. He lifted it as easily as he lifted me on his back. I watched in awe and astonishment as he pulled it up over his head, before winking at me, and throwing it hard over the lake, so the trunk collided with other trees on the other side of the water, and the braches splashed in the water.

Then I blacked out.

Now here I am going through the details of what happened last night, trying to decide if it were a dream or not.

I stumbled out the hallway and into the bathroom across the hall; I wanted to check my appearances even though I already knew what the mirror could tell me, I was a big mess.

My eyes looked blank, and there were dark circles around them like I hadn’t slept in days. My hair looked like it had been attacked by angry raccoons. I sighed and grabbed the brush out of the cabinet, trying to brush through the big mess of a haystack I had created. When I decided I looked acceptable I walked into the room I had stayed in for the last couple of days again. Ugh I really hated having to say the room I stayed in. It was more like a prison cell.

I stumbled back on the couch, cuddling myself in the covers, I was tired and I wanted to sleep, but I was scared the nightmares would return, again. After laying there for several minutes I still couldn’t seam to calm down, I went to put on a CD in the CD player, something still and soothing. I went with a classical composition, and went back to the couch.


I woke up again screaming, I buried my face in my palms once again, feeling the damp layer of sweat on my forehead. The dream had still been the same, but this time I saw the boys face, well you couldn’t really call him a boy, he was so handsome, and God like. Though the feelings I had towards him were not religious. They were love, his golden eyes had scorched themselves into mine, his pale white skin was so perfect, as it spread over his face complimenting his features, which were straight and perfect as the rest of him, his lean muscular body tense, and his bronze hair tussled in the wind.

“You… don’t… want me?” I had asked him.

And his answer had been cold and uncaring, “No.”

And then he was gone, I followed again the ruffle of the leaves, to find nothing I was searching for him, I needed him. I just wanted to be in his arms one last time.

I thought about his face, and his pale skin, the golden eyes, when something inside me snapped. He was so similar to the Cullen’s who were so different and yet so alike, because they shared that same trait, they where vampires, I knew now that this man I had been dreaming about was indeed a vampire. He was also a vegetarian, as they called it; his eyes had been golden, like the Cullen’s.

There was a knock on the door, but I ignored it, I was in no mood of talking with anyone. Instead I concentrated on my breathing. I couldn’t possibly go back to sleep, the mark of the nightmare was still strong in my mind, and I didn’t know if I could stand another walk in that dark forest being abandoned once again.

There was more knocking on the door, “Go away!” I yelled, annoyed that they couldn’t take a hint.

Knock, knock, knock…

I picked up my left shoe from the floor and threw it across the room, intended on hitting the door. But in that same second the door opened and my shoe made facial contact with a young man, he groaned.

“OMG!” I yelled terrified, “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” I asked panicked.

He groaned again, holding his face upwards pressing his forefinger and thumb against his nose.

“I’m really sorry,” I said earnestly, “I thought it was Emmett.” I explained shyly.

He made a sound that reminded me of a chuckle. Before he finally spoke, “why would you throw shoes at Emmett?” he asked confused.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked surprised, “have you met him?”

He laughed, and looked at me his fingers still pressed on his nose, “Of course I have,” he said a smile in his voice. “He is my brother.” His green eyes were gorgeous, scolding into mine.

“Oh,” I said shyly, realizing I had just thrashed his brother, even though the brother was Emmett. “Sorry.” I said, not really meaning it, but at least I owed him that for throwing the shoe in his face.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said casually, “I admit to have thrown things after him myself.”

I laughed shyly. “So who are you?” I asked wondering why I hadn’t heard about him, and why he was here. “Are you also a vampire?” I almost whispered to him.

“J-Edward.” He said hesitantly, “and no I’m not a vampire,” he laughed, “I’m human.”

“Jedward?” I asked, “That’s a silly name.” I thought out loud.

He laughed, “No,” he chuckled, “my name is Edward.” He removed his hand from his nose and there was a little blood stained on the edges. I cringed. I noticed he had an English accent.

“Oh,” I said, “well nice to meet you.” I smiled at him kindly, “I’m Elizabeth.”

He looked at me painfully “Hi,” he said swallowing roughly.

I noticed how he looked now, he was stunningly handsome, and he had brown hair and smoldering green eyes, his features where perfect strong chin and cheekbones, and his lean muscular body was breathtaking. My eyes lingered a little bit longer on his full lips as they were curved slightly in a crooked grin.

Before I could notice anything else, he pulled me into him and pressed his lips down on mine, lost in the moment and feeling of his lips on mine, I kissed him back for a second. Before I realized he was a stranger and this was actually an assault. I pushed him away from me, and slapped him hard against his cheek, “BASTARD!” I screamed furiously, and pushed him out of the room. “How dare you! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!” before he could speak I slammed the door in his face, and crumbled down in front of it. Barricading it with my body, though I realized that it wouldn’t do any good, if someone in this house wanted in, my tiny frame was not enough to hold that person out.