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Bloody Mercy

http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/4856/bloodymercybanner4.png Edward Masen and his parents move from the busy Chicago life to live in the small rainy town of Forks. Of course Mr. and Mrs. Masen didn't know that their son would be involved with a family of vampires, and espcially that he would end up dating one! Ok so Bella is the vampire Edward is the human, there are some stories like this and none are finished!!!! Chapter 13 is upStory is finishedSequel is being validatedBLOODY MERCY'S BIRTHDAY IS THIS SEPTEMBER 7TH!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOODY MERCY!!!!!!!!!I knew I was going to die, but I didn't expect Bella Cullen to be ontop of me pushing the stupid van off of me."Edward? Are you okay?" she asked.

The characters belong to the wonderful and talented Stephenie Meyer.

10. Chapter 10- It's Baseball Time!

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(Edward's POV)

Once again we drove in complete silence. We had to convince my parents to let me go watch a baseball game of vampires, well we're going to leave out the vampire part of course. We made it. Bella turned off the egnition and opened up her door. I did the same as well.

We held each other's hands and walked up to the porch. I grabbed the house key and opened the door. My hand slipped out of Bella's while turning the rusty door knob to the old home.

"Stupid door" I mumbled.

"Let me try" Bella responded before she could try to open it. But before she could continue with this process, my mother opened the door.

"Edward, who is this?" she asked me.

"Mom, this is Bella... my girlfriend"

And now here's my father. Great.

"Edward?" my father asked.

"Yes Dad it's me"

"Come inside son! This is your home! Elizabeth you don't have to keep him waiting outside!" Edward Senior chanted. Oh brother...

Bella and I stepped inside.

Elizabeth went to me and pulled me over.

"When did you get a girlfriend?" she asked me sternly.

"Recently" I replied.

I noticed my father roll his eyes.

"Elizabeth leave the boy alone" my father told my mother. And now she was finally going to lay off. Bella was sitting at the small breakfast table with my father.

I sat down next to Bella.

"Now you can get the baby pictures" Edward senior said. Oh shit...

Elizabeth proceeded out of the room.

"Look... Dad, Bella's family is going to play baseball. I've been invited to come along with them" I told him.

"Sure... go ahead, but I'dlike to learn more about you Bella... erm..."

"Cullen" Bella responded with her honey voice.

"You're one of Dr. Cullen's children?" he asked.

Bella nodded.

"I see... well go ahead and have fun! Edward you're mom is back"

Aw crap...

Elizabeth got out the old family album.

"Hey Mom, we really have to get going"

She looked upset.

"Edward's going to play baseball with Bella's family" My father explained to her. Now she understood.


Bella had me change into something more comfortable, meaning change the shirt. After changing we went to the Cullen house. Then Bella changed and we took Emmett's Jeep since nobody wanted to bring their fancy cars. We parked at the entrance of the woods.

"Baseball is happening in the forest?" I asked.

"Nope" she told me popping the p.

"Then where?" I asked.

"In a clearing" Bella responded. I nodded. Bella slightly bent down.

I was confused.

"Are you coming or not?" she asked.

"I am..."

"Then get on my back. It will take forever if I have to wait for you to walk"

I sighed and got on her back.

"God you way alot"

"Hey! I thought you were the one with superstrength, you can carry a teenage boy" I replied.

Bella smirked and ran at full speed. I closed my eyes. I tightened my grip around Bella's neck.

"Edward? You're not scared are you?" Bella asked me.

"Just really fast...."

Bella stopped running for a minute and let me sit down. Bella bent down beside me.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Ugh.....I'm not sure"

Bella frowned and wiped some of the hair that had fallen into my face back.

"I'm sorry for running too fast" she said.

"It's alright" I replied.

"No it's not. I really need to keep PeptoBismol with me"

"From now on? Yes. And Advil or Tylenol. Maybe a bagel once in a while" I joked. Bella lightly punched my arm.

"Ready to try again?" she asked. I nodded. Bella bent down again and I was on her back again.

And we ran again. This time without any break we made it to the clearing.


The teams were divided, and Esme and I were sitting out, with Esme being refferee and I not being able to verse vampires.

One team was Carlisle, Rosalie, and Jasper while the other team was Alice, Bella and Emmett. Alice was the pitcher.


After a couple of rounds Alice screamed "STOP!"

Everyone looked at her.

"I knew it! The wanderes I saw before! They... they are coming here"

Emmett growled. Bella ran to me and pulled me into the small group that the Cullen family had huddled into. Carlisle was in front, with Esme behind him.

Jasper and Alice were on their right with Rosalie on the left, Emmett next to her and Bella and I were in the back.

And then three descended. In front a tall man with olive skin and dark hair, wearing old traveler's clothing that was teared up. Then was another tall man with dirty blond hair, and in the back was a woman with fiery curly red hair and the other two wore the same clothing as the first man.

"Sorry this is a private area" Carlisle spoke in a clear voice.

"We're terribly sorry, we're just passing through" said the first male.

"It is alright" Carlisle responded.

"My name is Laurent. This is James and Victoria" the man spoke. "Is it okay if we join your game?"

Carlisle nodded. James took a deep breath in.

"You brought a snack?"

Bella tensed up.

"He's with us" Carlisle practically snarled at him.

James growled. Bella pushed me back slightly. James just chuckled.

"Leave!" Emmett growled through his teeth. Bella grabbed me by the hand and ran as fast as she could to Emmett's Jeep. I felt like my arm was going to fall off....

Once we reached the Jeep Bella jumped in and I got in. Then she started having a huge fuss on trying to buckle me.

"Bella stop! I know how to buckle myself!"

Bella didn't even roll her eyes and turned on the egnition and started driving.

"Listen to me Edward. I'm not the best at reading people,...but I know people that act like James. You have to pack your bags and everything and we have to get you to safety"


(Bella's POV)

We needed to come up with a lie to tell his parents. That stupid tracker! Another tracker that is occupying my mind. Add a third, James, Demetri of the Volturi, and... NO! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT BELLA!!

I sped on the gas and Emmett will kill me for how little gas he'll have left.

"What am I going to tell my parents?" he asked.

"Lie. Come up with something believable. I'm pretty sure you can pull it off. Then I'll take you somewhere were James can't find us"

Edward nodded and we reached his home.


(Edward's POV)

I hopped out of the car. I have the perfect lie. It's hard for me to start crying automatically but after learning from Devon and when picking up a girl, It's become easier. I've learned from my somewhat player friend Devon.

Tears poured down my face. I ran into the house.

"Edward?" my mother asked sweetly.

"Not now Mom!" I yelled running up the stairs. I could already picture her face. Heartbroken.

There was a knock on my door.

"Go away!" I yelled grabbing my suitcase. I started throwing my things into it.

"Edward please! Tell me what happened!"

"Forks happened! Stupid Forks! And now my girlfriend ended up in a car accident and.. and.. I wasn't there... I wasn't watching and.. and... a car smashed into her brother's which she was in. I was outside waiting for her... but... it was too late! She's in the hospital in California because apparently stupid Forks isn't specialized in everything! And now Bella might end up dying from that driver!" I yelled and ran out the door with my closed suitcase, down the stairs and outside.

I ran into the Jeep and Bella speeded away to the Cullen mansion.

"Nice story, next time make it Emmett getting hit" Bella said trying to make a joke. I would of laughed but the situation was too terrible.