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Bloody Mercy

http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/4856/bloodymercybanner4.png Edward Masen and his parents move from the busy Chicago life to live in the small rainy town of Forks. Of course Mr. and Mrs. Masen didn't know that their son would be involved with a family of vampires, and espcially that he would end up dating one! Ok so Bella is the vampire Edward is the human, there are some stories like this and none are finished!!!! Chapter 13 is upStory is finishedSequel is being validatedBLOODY MERCY'S BIRTHDAY IS THIS SEPTEMBER 7TH!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOODY MERCY!!!!!!!!!I knew I was going to die, but I didn't expect Bella Cullen to be ontop of me pushing the stupid van off of me."Edward? Are you okay?" she asked.

The characters belong to the wonderful and talented Stephenie Meyer.

12. Chapter 12- New Addition

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(Edward's POV)

"What do you mean James is smarter than we thought Alice?" I asked the tiny pixie.

"James... he figured out that Bella wasn't with you. He's following you scent to Chicago" was her reply.

"D-d-did he h-h-hurt Bella?" I stuttered.

"No. He left them alone, you should be worried about yourself. Listen I'm going to call Bella and tell her this right now" Alice said prompting herself off the couch. I went into the small bedroom of our hotel suite and I was worried. Very worried. My cell phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Where are you?" I heard Devon ask worried.

"Devon... I'm perfectly fine. You sound worried. Are you okay?"

"Where are you!?!" Blake demanded.

"Blake. Please don't worry. I'm fine. Just don't worry" I told her. Blake had been one of my best friends before she and Max had started dating.

"Your little friends are very worried" spoke the tracker. James. He has them.

"Don't hurt them" I whispered.

"You know the school records of Forks High School aren't really kept hidden since Victoria found your old address easily. I then found you little buddies walking outside your home saying they missed you" James replied.

"What do you want me to do? I'll do anything, you have to free them though"

"Fine. I'll call you back later at the location where we meet. Tonight" and with that he hung up and I put the phone away.

Alice entered the room.

"Bella and the other three are coming on a plane to Chicago. You're going to run somewhere far away with her" she explained. I nodded.


(Edward's POV)

I was almost finished packing and Alice and Jasper went downstairs to check out of the hotel. My cell phone rang again. I once again answered.

"Meet me at the little ballet studio by the small park past main street. You'll remember it. I'll be waiting and so will your little friends"

Once again James rudly hung up and I shut my phone and put it in my pocket. Alice and Jasper made it upstairs. We retreated towards the car and after a long boring ride to the airport my plan was going ot be put in action.

"Guys.... I have to use the bathroom" I spoke. Jasper stood up. "Is it okay if Alice comes with me... I want to be warned if James comes here"

Alice nodded and looked at Jasper. "You'll be fine, and you won't kill anyone. I promise" Jasper smiled.

We walked to the bathroom and Alice stood outside. Nobody else was in the rest room and I went deep into the back of the room where I opened the window and slowly exited out and started running back to the old park we all played at when younger. I ran for two hours straight with no breaks until I reached the park. Down the street was the old ballet studio and I was going to save my friends.


(Alice's POV)

**2 Hours Ago**

Oh no! No no no! I ran to Jasper who was still sitting down waiting for Bella, Emmett, and Carlisle.

"Jasper" I spoke.

"Where's Edward?"

"He...he ran away. He's going... to...James" was my response.

"What!?!?" an outraged Bella yelled. Emmett quickly grabbed Bella's arm.

"He tricked us" I told her, "He jumped out of the bathroom window. Please don't be mad Bella! I'm sorry! We're both sorry"

"I'm not mad. Worried. And if we don't do something Edward will be dead. We have to go. NOW" Bella replied.


I walked into the ballet studio and heard voices. Not just any voices. Blake's.

"Edward!" she yelled. They were in the closet! I ran towards the closet and opened the door to find a television and a DVD hooked up to it. On the screen was a montage of video clips and photos of the five of us. Devon, Christy, Blake, Max, and I. I had lost this DVD for years. I can't believe he found it!

"Well well well. Look who it is. The human pet" spoke a terrible voice. It was nobody other than James.

"You lied" I said.

"Let me guess your feelings. That's not fair! Well guess what? Life isn't fair, and yours is about to end" James said.

I grabbed pepper spray I had in my back pocket and sprayed his eyes and ran to the other side of the ballet studio hoping to reach the exit. Unfortunatly that didn't work out. James grabbed my shoulder and threw me back towards the glass mirror. I could already feel the blood coming out of my head. James cackled a laugh.

I started kicking and thrashing as he got closer. Of course he didn't like that. James smashed his foot against my right leg. I screamed as he started breaking the bones. Then I found him biting my wrist drinking my blood and I could already feel the venom flowing into my body.

I then heard a growl. But it wasn't James. It was a growl coming from a female. And not any female. My Bella...


(Bella's POV)

I reached the ballet studio in time to find James biting down on a wounded and bleeding Edward. My throat was instantly on fire. I growled. James stopped drinking and looked at me. I didn't look. I glared. I ran forward and tackeled James.

We thrashed at each other and I clawed at his face. He threw me off of him and I fell back into the mirrored wall. I stood up and attacked again. I punched, kicked, and hurt him harder than I would to any other living creature. Then I ran towards Edward and picked him up hoping to run away but James grabbed my waist and pushed Edward on the ground.

"Get. the. fuck. off. me!" I stated.

"But then it won't be any fun" he purred as he ran his fingers down my arm tickeling me. Just like Dav- NO! Forget about it Bella!

I kicked James in the gut and was free from his grip. James then threw me once against the mirror and was in front of me, choking me with one hand while keeping my arms pressed against the mirror with the other hand.

"I had a message from a certain Mr. Thomas. He really does miss that girl from the bakery that day. The one who changed his life. Do you know any way to find that innocent girl?" James spoke.

I snarled. James chuckled.

"How the hell do you know?" I spoke in a raspy tone.

"About your old lover? It's such a boring story. You wouldn't want to hear it. But I'll pass along the message to Mr. Thomas myself"

"What message?!!?" I snarled.

"The one where I tell him that his lover had been killed along with her human pet that she took a fonding to" James said. And then I kicked James into one of the mirrored walls.

"Bella!" Carlisle shouted. I turned to look at him. "Bella, you siblings will take care of James. You and I need to help Edward". At that moment Jasper started a fire while Emmett started leading him towards it and Alice had jumped onto his back and ripped his head off. Carlisle and I bent down next to Edward.

"Bella. You have a choice to make. Edward will become one of us, or you can drink the venom and keep him human. It's up to you" Carlisle spoke.

I slowly bit down on the bite mark where James had bitten him and tasted his blood. I then released my mouth from his wrist.

"Carlisle. I-I can't, I'll end up killing him. I'm not strong enough" I said.

"I have faith in you" Carlisle told me putting his hand on my shoulder.

"I can't" I said and then bit down on his arm tasting the sweet blood, but not swallowing. I stopped and my face was inches away from his arm and then started tasting the blood again and again. I finally finished.


"I'm sorry Carlisle! The sweet blood.... it's luring me in! And now I've tasted it! It tastes... amazing"

"The only thing to do now is wait until the change finishes"

I nodded. The three had just finished killing James and had came up behind us.

"We have a new member of the family" I said.