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Bloody Mercy

http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/4856/bloodymercybanner4.png Edward Masen and his parents move from the busy Chicago life to live in the small rainy town of Forks. Of course Mr. and Mrs. Masen didn't know that their son would be involved with a family of vampires, and espcially that he would end up dating one! Ok so Bella is the vampire Edward is the human, there are some stories like this and none are finished!!!! Chapter 13 is upStory is finishedSequel is being validatedBLOODY MERCY'S BIRTHDAY IS THIS SEPTEMBER 7TH!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOODY MERCY!!!!!!!!!I knew I was going to die, but I didn't expect Bella Cullen to be ontop of me pushing the stupid van off of me."Edward? Are you okay?" she asked.

The characters belong to the wonderful and talented Stephenie Meyer.

13. Chapter 13- Life Itself

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Life. One strong word. A word to mean few or many. A word that keeps other words tied up with strings as it lets them float. Life. A confusing thing thought Bella Cullen. What had exactly happened in the past three months?

For starters the Masen family moved to Forks after Mr. Masen had a job offering. She had found her singer, a teenage boy that she ended up falling in love with. She revealed her secret after he guessed. They started to date. The Cullen family met three nomads, it turns out one was a physcopath who had no life and wanted to eat her boyfriend. Edward almost died, but got turned into a vampire instead, and now here they are ready for the worst event yet. Prom.


(Bella's POV)

I looked once more in Alice's large bathroom mirror. My dark chestnut hair was curled and my dark blue dress hugged my curves. I also wore a grey scarf around my shoulders and unfortunatly to my dislike, black strappy stilettos. Alice wore a white and black dress with a very long black bow, that ended around her knees and it was thin. Originally it was supposed to be long, but due to Alice's height we had to get it cut shorter. Rosalie wore a long red dress with a deep V-neck and two ribbons of silk crossing each other.

I knew Alice would be mad, but I went to my room and grabbed a small little box. I opened the box and took out an old necklace I had gotten when I turned seventeen. I put it on and looked in the mirror. It made me look...better.

"Bella! Come downstairs!" Esme shouted. I took a deep breath and started to walk down. As I reached the ground level of our home I saw Alice helping Edward put on green contacts while Esme stood with a camera in her hands. Edward kissed the top of my head and we all got ready for pictures.


We all arrived for prom and Edward and I stood by his Volvo for a minute. I smelt something horrible! I scrunched my nose and so did Edward. I saw a teenage boy, with tan skin, and long black hair.

"Jake" Edward said to the boy.

"Hey Edward" he replied. Did Edward know him?

"What are you doing here?" Edward asked confused.

"My dad actually. It's kind of private...". I knew that this was my que to leave.

"I think Emmett wanted a dance anyway" I told the two leaving. What could this petty teenage boy want with Edward, and why is that scent so familiar?


(Edward's POV)

Bella had just left. I looked at Jake.

"Wow... your girlfriend is...HOT!" Jacob spoke blinking a few times to see if he was seeing properly.

"Thanks...anyway what were you saying about you dad?" I asked.

"Well...this is really weird, but my dad is best friends with the chief of police, and Charlie told him about the help he's been getting from your girlfriend, and my dad being the traditional myth type of guy and...he wants you to break up with your girlfriend"

What...the...hell? I didn't know Jacob's father!

Can people really get that hot? Jacob thought. I really have to get used to this reading minds thing.

"Tell your dad I said thanks" I told Jake sarcastically.

"Will do" he replied sarcastically.

"JAKE! Can we leave?!?" shouted a girl with tan skin and black hair.

"Get back in the car Emerald!" Jacob shouted back.

"Who's that?" I asked.

"My cousin. She's living with us. She's from Portland. Anyway, her parents were murdered in the middle of the night, there was barely any blood left inside them. There guts were spilled also. Someone slashed her mother's stomach and cut off her father's head"

"That's some freaky shit man" I replied.

"Exactly. And the worst part was, is that she was out with her friends and then came home to say good night and saw them like that in their bed"

"JACOB LET'S GO!!!!!!" his cousin shouted.

"I'M COMING!!!!!!" Jacob shouted back and we both replied bye to each other and he left.


Later that night while Bella and I were sitting down, curiosity hit her.

"Edward...what did you and the really smelly person speak about?"

"He does seem smelliar than before...oh well we just talked about his cousin and how things were going" I lied.

"He goes to school here?"

"No. He lives on the resevation. I think he was probably in the neighborhood, you know?" Another lie.

"Oh" Bella responded. What did she mean with such a simple "oh"? Whatever she means it doesn't matter. Later that night I learned that the girl of my dreams can't dance. Even with the grace of a vampire she can't dance. It turns out she was pretty clumsy as a human, and gave up dancing.

Here's one little lesson for you guys. True love will never be stopped, even if you're the living dead.


Life. One strong word. A word to mean few or many. Everything else that envolves life is kept organized neatly until life itself decides to throw something at you. Death, the opposite of life can do the same, that is what happened to Emerald's parents that demonic night. Horrible things happen, but good things can happen too right? Like finding out that your cousin is friends with a really hot guy that your interested in. Well at least for Emerald Black.