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Photobucket Bella's life takes on a new path when she realizes Edward is not coming back. Falling in love with Jacob Black will be the easy part. The hard part - surviving the consequences of her love for a vampire and overcoming the obstacles that come with loving a werewolf. Set in New Moon. This story is so sweet it makes carebears cry rainbows!

So this is my first run at fanfiction. It has been an incredible ride and I'm very pleased with this story. I hope that you can see my progression through each chapter.
(Updated with each new chapter)

Chap 1Hiding My Heart - Brandi Carlile
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Chap 1Hiding My Heart - Brandi Carlile

3. Chapter 3: Waves

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Chapter 3

Bella’s POV

Kissing Jacob came so natural. I could allow myself to respond to every emotion. It was a nice change for me. There was no reservation, no consequence. Our first kiss was more than magical.

“Jacob. I…I…” I struggled for the words, for breath, for thought.

“Jacob.” I started again, but I couldn’t force the words out.

“Bella, where did that come from?”

“I’m sorry.” I replied, not sure what more to say. I was feeling helpless at the moment.

“No, no. Don’t be sorry, that was… well… pretty incredible.”

“But… did you… well…did you mean it?” he asked with concern evident on his forehead.

“What?” I had no idea where he was going with this. I was still breathless, still speechless, and still helpless.

“I’ve thought long and hard about kissing you. And, you certainly didn’t disappoint. I just want to make sure you’re ready for this.”

I looked up to Jacob and I saw hope and optimism in his eyes. Immediate regret consumed me, for all the times I had hurt him. I had rejected Jacob out of irrational fear. Everything that happened had brought us to this moment. And for all of the hurt, the pain, the misery, this moment was worthwhile. I finally felt alive; shocked back into the living world by Jacob’s sweet kiss.

“I just don’t want you to blame it on Emily’s pasta. She’ll let it go to her head.” Jacob said trying to lighten the mood.

“Jacob, you know I‘m broken, right?” I said. My eyes were fixated on the pattern of the blanket. For a moment there was only silent. The whole world stood still at this crucial point in our lives. When I looked up he looked at me with compassion and love and nodded. Of course he knew I was broken. He had witnessed it. I was fooling anyone with my unbalanced attempts of hiding my personal agony. I was an open book and the whole world knew that I was suffering. Thanks to Jacob I was no longer suffering from heartbreak.

“I don’t know how this will go. I don’t know how it will end. But, I am trying to move forward. Allow myself to react to what I feel. And I’m feeling very much alive with you.”

“Promise one thing,” he barely uttered the words. As strong as he was he seemed so vulnerable, like he was on the verge of collapsing any second.

“Sure. Anything.”

“I won’t be the one to be the rebound guy. I’ll be the one to be the one.”

Sincerity and honesty flowed from Jacob. Becoming a werewolf really had matured him. In addition to gaining obscenely huge muscles, insane amounts of strength and graceful speed, he was intuitive and brilliantly wise. I was reminded of how completely inadequately, average I was.

“Jacob, you put the pieces of my heart back together. I don’t know how much it will be, but I will love you with it as much as it will allow.” I hoped the words that I felt came out in a coherent sentence.

A few moments passed and Jake got up, pulling me with him.

“We’ve got ice cream at home. Would be a perfect ending to a perfect evening,” he said smiling wide.

“Sounds great.”

Jacob grabbed the blanket and basket as I got to my feet. He freed up his left hand to put around me. The night air was chilly and I moved closer to get myself warm. I really didn’t like to be cold, I almost loathed it.

Being with Jacob felt like the stars must feel on a clear night. Beautiful magnified. That’s what Jacob was; beautiful magnified. He was warm and inviting. His smile was infectious, as evidenced by the picture in my sweatshirt pocket. My mind reflected on the image. A little doe-eyed girl, clumsy and awkward and a russet skinned Quileute boy, with a bright big smile. It was hard to believe were life had taken them. Were life had taken us.

Moving forward wasn’t going to be easy. I still loved Edward, of this I was sure. I would love him forever. But I wanted…no needed…I needed to make room for Jacob in my heart somewhere. He deserved to be loved as much as I did.

I let him drive back to his house and I sat as close to him as possible. I wanted to be next to him but, mostly because I needed his warmth. I really didn’t like to be cold.

Jacob was on his third bowl of vanilla ice cream, when Paul and Jared came in. I looked at the clock and it was almost 10:00 pm.

“Jake, I should probably be going.” I really didn’t want to leave but I had school tomorrow and I needed rest.

“I’ll walk you out.”

I said my goodbyes to Jake’s friends and to Billy. Halfway to my truck, I begin to feel the ground move away from me. Before I knew it, Jacob was carrying me in his arms, screaming something about kidnapping me. At first I thought I had tripped and was falling. Story of my life. Once I realized it was just Jacob, I began to laugh.

Jacob sat me down on the hood of my truck.



“Can I kiss you goodnight?” he playfully asked.

I smiled at his gesture and pointed up to my cheek.


Jacob leaned in to me. His smell was intoxicating. His warmth paralyzing. I could feel his breath on my face. I waited for him to peck me on the cheek. But before I could register it, his lips came crashing into mine.

Just like before, his kiss was soft and patient. Then my lips parted and with no restrain I responded back. I could tell from the quiet moans that this was pleasing Jacob, which made my insides melt. I was making him happy. I smiled to myself. Happy.

“Umm…cheek…Jacob Black…I said cheek.” I scoffed as soon as the wind was back into my lungs.

“You know the hero gets a better kiss than a cheek,” he whispered into my ear.

“So you think you’re a hero?” I retorted.

“Yep, and right now I feel pretty invincible. Must be all that ice cream.” He winked at me and picked me back up into his arms.

“Don’t go flying off any buildings, OK?”


I still felt elated on Monday morning. Even Charlie noticed it. He was still getting used to seeing me happy and full of life. It was a change from the zombie state I was once in.

“Suppose you and Jacob must have had a good night,” he veered at me with a suspecting grin.

“What…no… what does that mean?”

“Oh Bella, I may be old but I’m not blind. I see how that boy looks at you.”

Charlie wasn’t the romantic type. Neither was I for that matter. But Jacob had filled me with happiness. The simplest things were bringing smiles to my face. He brought about a new appreciation for life.

“I’m glad to see life in you again, Bells. But same rules apply.”


“I like Jacob. He’s practically part of the family. But, he’s still a boy. Do you understand?”

“Oh my! Dad. Let’s not talk about this OK?”

After my uncomfortable conversation with Charlie I flew out of the house. I really didn’t want to have that talk with Charlie. I knew how to be responsible. But that possibility seemed so far off. Jacob and I were just getting started.

My mind wandered and I begin to get lost in thoughts of Jacob. Was he thinking about me? Would I get to see him this evening? Did he have an uncomfortable talk with Billy? After a minute, I decided that he probably had not.

I pulled into my usual parking space and made my way inside. It had started to rain, so I was able to get in the building unscathed. My victory was short lived.


It was Jessica. Great. I grabbed my notebook from my locker and turned around to meet her.

“Hi Jessica. Good morning.” I tried to be polite.

“So are you and the Quileute boy an item. I think it’s great if you are. He’s a real good looking guy. I mean you’ve done well for yourself.”

I didn’t know really how to respond to Jessica’s compli-insults. On one hand she’s trying to say something nice, for her own esteem benefit. But, then on the other, she’s completely passive-aggressive.

“Jacob’s my friend, you know that.”

“Well I know, but it seems like more. You two are inseparable” she said forcing a smile. “Are you bringing him to prom?”

Prom. No. Edward. Hello salt, meet, open wound. What was she trying to do? Destroy me. Terrorize me. Slowly agonize me to death.

The prom was one of few happy memories I had of my time with Edward. Letting go of him was going to be a little harder than I realized. Edward, the Cullens, was such a huge part of my life. I couldn’t just forget them. I didn’t want to. I wanted to be able to think of them, remember them, without breaking in to a million pieces.

“Bella, did you here me? Prom?”

“Uh. No. I don’t think so.”

“Too bad.”

I turned to see Mike Newton standing behind me. Great he had heard our conversation.

“Jacob probably isn’t a very good dancer, anyway.” Mike said condescendingly.

“Neither is Bella. Perfect match, don’t you think?” Jessica chimed in.

I could have interjected at this point with an insult of my own. But I just forced a laugh, and made my way down the hall.

Mike was jealous of Jacob, and he should be. For everything Jacob was, Mike could never be. Shape shifting werewolf included. And I would bet that Jacob is a really good dancer especially, if his kissing was any indication. The thought made me smile.

I couldn’t wait for school to be over. I had to work at Newton’s until 6:00 on Mondays and Thursdays after school. I also worked on Saturdays, except when I was jumping off of cliffs or being chased by vampires.

I found myself thinking of Jacob throughout the day. My concentration was distorted and I could not focus. I spent my lunch time in the library working on a research paper, mostly avoiding Mike and Jessica. I did not want to be the subject of their scrutiny. Would this day ever end?

Jacob - Monday

I tried to sleep. I closed my eyes, but sleep wouldn’t come. I rolled over on my stomach, but sleep wouldn’t come. I pulled the pillow over my head, but sleep wouldn’t come. I tried counting sheep. I tried counting backwards. I tried to think happy thoughts, but…yep…sleep wouldn’t come. The sun was making its first appearance of the day and I had yet to get forty winks.

Now I could blame it on the weeks of constant night patrol. The nights spent on high alert waiting for that red-haired blood sucker. The nights were sleep wasn’t an option, trying to keep La Push safe, trying to keep Bella safe. But I knew that wasn’t the reason.

I could blame it on the incredible night I just spent with Bella. Her sweet lips, the way her hair looked in the moon light. Her sweet, sweet smell…her taste...her touch...her smile and her laugh. After being absent for so long, I welcomed all of it back excitedly. Seeing her happy was the greatest feeling in the world. Happy.

I had desired Bella unrelenting for months. As hard as it was to suppress my feelings for her, I managed to maintain some level of composure to be her friend. I could tell she was suffering. There was nothing more that I wanted to give to her than refuge. I wanted to offer her some minor relief from her internal war. Sure enough, without really trying I had won her over, at least for now.

But excitement wasn’t the real reason of sleeplessness.

The truth of my insomnia was lingering in the back of my mind, torturing me every waking second. It was him. The bloodsucker. The leech. The cold, heartless parasite. I trembled at the thought of him. The fact that I had kept his possible return from Bella, that was keeping me awake at night. She would be more than upset if she knew the truth.

Of course I wasn’t certain it was Edward, but it had to be one of the Cullen’s. Only a Cullen would honor the treaty and stop at the border. Our patrol had picked up the scent a couple times at the border. Not much of a concern in the beginning. Sam had threatened anyone of us that followed. The treaty was clear and we were forbidden to pursue them. No trouble was made. No harm no foul. But two nights ago Embry picked the scent up again. Sam thought maybe one of them was in the area when we were disposing of Victoria. Sam’s theory was that they picked up the trail, came to investigate and then left again.

So again, I wasn’t for sure it was Edward. It could have been anyone of their coven. But Bella was mending, her heart healing. She was finally capable of loving again. I didn’t need him coming back to take her from me, or hurt her again. I wouldn’t allow it. If she realized one of them came back and it wasn’t him, she would be equally devastated. I was sure that being reminded he wasn’t coming back would be mind-numbing, spiraling her back into the zombie state she was trying to overcome.

I decided to make my rounds before school. Sam would be upset to know that I went out on my own patrol. It was for the greater of the pack and for Bella. But mostly for my own benefit. I needed to settle my uneasiness, if for no other reason. I ran the parameters of the border, and no hint of leech anywhere.

I was relieved, perhaps a little presumptive, but relief. Bella was safe of that monster, at least for today.

School was miserable, as usual. Pointless really, but Sam said we needed to continue or people would question our absence. Keeping the wolf secret was one of the hardest aspects of this life.

I made my way through the school halls to the cafeteria to join my friends. Quil and Embry tried to pry the details of my “date” with Bella. But I wasn’t one to kiss and tell. I certainly didn’t want to jinx this. I didn’t really want them to know about last night but they had been over at Sam and Emily’s, while she was helping me.

“Oh come on Jake, you know as soon as we phase, we’re gonna know everything. Might as well spill it.” Quil said.

“Quil’s right, you can’t keep your mind off her, man,” Embry chimed in trying to add to Quil’s argument.

“Things with me and Bella are going slow, when there’s news, I’m sure you will know.” I had hoped that would satisfy their curiosity for now.

“If she survives your cooking. It’d be a shame for Bella to live through drowning and vampire attacks, just to die from some bad chicken.”

Embry was laughing hysterically by the time he finished.

I hit him in the shoulder to jar him back to reality.

“That’s not even remotely funny. Not even in funny’s neighborhood. So could you chill?”

I left, before they could finish pissing me off entirely. It would be something to phase in the school cafeteria.

The rest of the day crawled by and I couldn’t wait to get home. I wanted to call Bella, but she was working, so talking to her would just have to wait.

By the time 5:30 rolled around I couldn’t wait anymore. I had tried to work in the garage, but couldn‘t get my mind focused. I had been getting a few mechanic repair jobs from people on the reservation and currently was working on a Camaro. I needed to get the car finished but my head was spinning out of control. I missed Bella. I missed her badly, like a fish misses water.

I decided to get myself cleaned up and go to Newton’s. I couldn't wait for Bella to get off from work. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable with me there, but I had to see her. I had to know she was okay.

I sat in the Rabbit for a few minutes, and then I saw her coming out. She looked beautiful. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail, and she was fidgeting nervously with her keys. She had on a dark blue shirt, revealing just a hint of her collarbone. She was breathtaking in blue. I wondered if anyone had ever told her.

Mike Newton was walking out with Bella. He looked like a lost puppy. Then he spotted me in the parking lot by Bella‘s truck. He instinctively closed the gap between them and grabbed Bella’s arm. He turned just enough to where she couldn’t see me. He leaned over and whispered something in her ear, which caught her off guard. I could tell she was uneasy by his advances. I couldn’t figure out why Bella was even nice to him, he was a jerk. Even in all of her humility, she surely had to see it. I sat still, keeping a watchful eye on Mike. I knew if I got out of the car, I might tear him limb for limb. He would be an easy target to release some of my pent up bloodsucker frustration. I shook off the thought, just as Bella’s eyes met mine.

A wide smile graced her face and she lit up all over. She was glad to see me, just as I was glad to see her.

She rushed through an attempt at goodbye with Mike, and hurried over to my car.

“Jake, what a great surprise!” she said as she opened the passenger side door.

“Happy to see me, are you?” I responded a little too eagerly, but I couldn’t help it.

“More than you know. Once again you’ve saved me.”

She seemed relieved that I was here. I couldn’t help but wander what Mike had said to her that was so upsetting.

“I hardly call a wimpy teenage boy a threat, compared to your normal vices.”

She grinned at my attempt to lessen the mood. She was fuming and her cheeks were rosy red. I couldn’t help but smile at her. Even in her fury she was beautiful. She was biting down on her bottom lip trying to regain her composure. Again, she was beautiful. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear before speaking.

“I would rather fight vampires, werewolves and Bigfoot any day of the week, than go to the prom with Mike Newton.”

Prom. Huh.

Bella’s POV

It had been a long week. I had spent most of my time catching up on homework or working and spending my free time with Jacob. My regular Saturday shift at Newton's was dragging by. Other than Bruce, one of Newton's daily visitors, the store had been empty for over two hours.

Although time was crawling by, at least Mike wasn't working today. He had been avoiding me after my rejection on Monday.

Prom. Who was he kidding anyway?

Mechanically, I began to wipe down the counter next to my cash register. All of the daily chores had been done, and I was left to create myself some work to do.

I could distract myself fairly easily by thinking of Jacob. It had been one week since our first kiss. And although the rest of the week had been mostly uneventful, I had thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent with Jake.

I was incredibly relieved and felt like I had overcome the insurmountable snares fate had thrown at me. For once, I wasn't being chased by deadly vampires or paralyzed by the departure of the vampire that I loved. I no longer was inflicting self-harm to hear his voice, buried somewhere deep within my twisted self-conscious. I relished in the fact that for once, my life was pretty tame. The waves that had overwhelmed me for so long had calmed and I could tread water again. The storm was over and the sunshine had appeared. Jacob Black, my sunshine, had appeared.

“Penny for your thoughts, dear.”

Mrs. Newton interrupted my revelry.

“Oh, sorry Mrs. Newton, I was just day dreaming. Is there something that I can help you with?”

“No dear, I was actually coming to tell you that you were relieved for the day. It's pretty slow here, so I'll close up.”

“Oh well thank you.” I said appreciatively.

“Bella, enjoy your Saturday nights now. Once you're in college you'll be spending them studying. “

I nodded at her, she had no idea that I hadn't even thought of college, let alone my weekends spent there.

“Um, Mrs. Newton, do you mind if I use the phone?”

“Sure, help yourself.”

I had planned on going to La Push later tonight with Charlie. Billy had invited us up for a bon fire. Since I was leaving work early, I thought I'd see what Jake was doing and maybe catch up with him a little earlier than scheduled.

I automatically dialed the number. My fingers were tapping against the mahogany desk in the Newton's office, signifying my impatience. Seven rings later, Billy answered. I suppose I seemed very eager or persistent, since most normal girls would have hung up after the fourth ring.

“Hi, Billy. Is Jake there?”

“No, Bella, he's with the rest of them at Sam's.” By them, he meant the pack.

“When do you expect him back?”

“Well, I'm not sure. There was a last minute meeting and I don't really have any idea. Wolf business, you know?”

I sighed into the phone, and could feel the rejection all over my face.

“Bella, could you tell Charlie the bon fire has been postponed? We'll do it another night.”

With that, he hung up. The next sound I heard was the dial tone.

I thought back to the last time Billy was so evasive with me. I was forbidden to see Jacob. If not for my stubbornness I may have never saw him again. I couldn't imagine what was going on now. The last time Jacob was mutating into a giant wolf. What possibly could be going on now? It wasn't enough that there was an emergency “wolf” meeting but the bon fire was cancelled. Something was wrong. I could feel it.

Billy would have felt comfortable telling me if there was another vampire in the area, if for no other reason than to warn me.

I felt nervous, uneasy. The waves were picking up, it seemed. So much for treading water.

I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I placed the receiver, now blaring an automated voice, back on the dock and made my way outside.

The rain was really coming down now, and although it was hardly 4:00, it was so dark. Once inside my truck I started feeling nauseous. My stomach was in knots and my heartbeat racing out of control. My palms were sweating.

I couldn't go without Jacob for weeks, like I had before. I wouldn't live through it. I was fighting back the bile in my throat; sweat beading on my forehead. My mind was taunting me, hinting to me the unspoken severity of my conversation with Billy.

What? What if? No. It couldn't be? I grew sicker at the thought.

What if Jacob had imprinted?

My happiness stolen right out from under me. The waves crashed in on me at the speed of light. My Jacob was destined to be in love with another woman for all of eternity, while I was forced to watch it play out like a Lifetime Movie. I had seen what imprinting had done to Leah Clearwater. I was not strong enough to face that. There wasn't enough of me left to break like that again.

I was hyperventilating and I cursed under my breath, still fighting back the bile that was struggling to get out. Just like fate to take away the second person I had ever loved.

I lay down in my seat for a moment trying to regain my sanity and not lose my lunch.

I was unsure how long I laid there, no more than ten or fifteen minutes I had assumed. I calmed myself enough to not panic until I knew the real reason. I was on edge without cause. I didn't know that something horrible was happening. That meeting could have been about anything. I really needed to pull myself together.

Realizing how dramatic my overreaction was I laughed out loud. I couldn't accept the happiness that I was so evidently surrounded by. I rose up and shook it off.

I decided a drive would ease my mind. The rain had let up and I really didn't want to go home. Charlie wouldn't be there for another hour.

I turned the key in the ignition, and the engine began to protest. The sputters and spats continued. But then she roared to life and I was on my way. I couldn't help but notice how sluggish my truck seemed to be running today. It was to be expected with the age on her. I would get Jake to look at it if I saw him again. No, when I see him again.

I drove around the winding roads of Forks for a little while, not really going anywhere at all. I wished for some sort of distraction. I didn't have a radio in my truck. It met its demise shortly after Edward left. I had never really felt like replacing it. Quil, however did seek pity on me and gave me an MP3 player given to him for his birthday. He said a girl in his biology class had given it to him. He thought I needed it more than he did. Quil was the newest wolf in the pack and I felt closer to him than any of the others, besides Jacob. I knew the rest of the pack somewhat resented me for my relationship with the Cullen’s, their natural enemy. My existence only intensified their hatred for the vampires.

I eventually found myself just outside of La Push. I was in a familiar place Thanks to my time spent with Jacob it was a road I knew very well..

I rationalized that since I was already so close I'd just drive into La Push, hoping on an off chance that I'd see Jacob.

I wasn't too far away when the noises coming from under the hood grew louder. The truck vibrated beneath me. The engine let out a loud sputter and then died. I tried turning the key again but nothing. Perfect.

I decided to just walk the rest of the way; it was only about a mile. I could call Charlie for help once I got to a phone.

I had only made a few steps when the sky above me suddenly got dark and the rain begin to fall fiercely. The fog was so thick around La Push, I could hardly see in front of me. I pulled my rain jacket tighter, thanking God that I had left it in my truck.

Once again, I was feeling panicky. I was on edge today.

Then the waves began crashing in on me, once more. I heard a sound and stopped in my tracks. I turned but nothing. I could hardly see through the rain.

I picked up the pace and then I heard footsteps. They seemed faint at first and then louder, gaining speed with each step. I again sped up my pace, only to find myself stumbling in the dark, over the wet road.

I thought about screaming, but no one would hear me. I was alone, except for the person or thing behind me. So I did the most illogical thing I could do. I stopped. Whoever or whatever was behind me would catch me sooner or later. I might as well face it.

I turned to face my pursuer, I was certain it was some sort of monster. After all, I did seem to attract them. I didn't really believe that anything was a myth anymore.

“Hey you shouldn't be out here at dark,” the figure said.

“I could say the same for you. What exactly do you want?”

My new bravery sounded amazing even to me. For a moment, the whole situation seemed surreal.

“I followed you from Newton's. I thought you could use some help when your truck broke down.”

Help. I wanted to be relieved that someone was here to help me. But I had left Newton's over an hour ago. I had driven aimlessly around Forks before turning onto the road to La Push. Whoever this person was, he was not here to help me.

He was standing about 10 feet from me, but I couldn't make out his features. The rain was coming so violently and the thick fog had limited my visibility.

There was a familiarity in his voice, but I couldn't place it.

“I'm meeting a friend about a mile from here. I'll just walk it. I'm fine.”

“Bella, I think about you a lot.”

So he knew me, but did I know him?

Was this really happening? Was my life really going to play out every single stereotypical horror movie? The only thing missing was a chainsaw.

He moved closer and in an instant was reaching out to me.

“Run. Bella, you have to run.”

My heart sank. It was his voice, Edward's sweet velvet voice. He was warning me of the danger behind me. I had nearly killed myself to hear it and here it was, clear and concise. But, I didn't have time to register it or what it meant. I complied with Edward's request and moved my legs as fast as they would go.

Fear swept through me and my body ached from it. I ran for the longest time but I was no match for whatever was behind me. The rain was making it more difficult to move and soon enough my clumsy body failed me. I found myself lying on the ground beside the road.

Waves were crashing uncontrollably over my head.

I picked myself up and began running again. I was running again. Why was I always running?

Screams were forming inside my chest and my throat burned as they forced their way out of my body.

I ran. I ran until my legs went numb. I began to stumble and struggle. I felt disconnected and then a hard thrust crashed into my back. I hit the ground beneath me with earth shattering force. I could feel his hands ripping at my jacket.

Fight, Bella, fight.”

Edwards voice again.

I kicked and screamed. I punched and screamed. I fought until I had freed myself and began crawling. I was no longer on the road, not sure how I ended up in the forest. The rain was coming harder and the wind was howling abruptly. I was so cold. I was freezing. I hated to feel cold.

I must have blacked out, because I woke up to the smell of blood. I was nauseous at the scent of it. But before I could begin heaving, I realized I was being drug by my feet through the forest. My arms were being scraped by the thick brush beneath me, causing them to bleed. I noticed my jacket was gone and my shirt was nearly ripped off me. I closed my eyes. I didn't have the strength to break free, though every part of me wanted to. I couldn't scream my throat would barely open.

I was no longer moving. Time had stopped. I willed my eyes open, only to see the green blanket of moss beneath me. Even with my terrible sense of direction, I could feel we were far away from the road. I couldn't feel my legs and feet. My hands and arms burned like fire. My throat was raging with pain, and heat. I couldn't swallow and my mouth was dry as bone. The rain was still coming down and my hair, my body was soaked.

Is it over? Will he leave me here? Should I try to escape? Is he gone?

My mind was filled with questions. There wasn't any movement anywhere. I couldn't help but to think about the last time I was lying on the thick lush floor of Washington forest.

I tried to gather my thoughts but before I could develop a plan to survive, my assailant had his hands on my exposed stomach.

“Be still. Quit shaking.”

I hadn't even realized I was shaking. My brain was telling my body to stop but it refused to comply. My teeth were chattering fiercely. I was freezing cold and wet. I hated being cold.

“You know Bella you're such a tease. I'm really sorry you're scared. I didn't want it to happen like this, but I had to cease the opportunity that was given”

I felt a sudden burst of pain to the side of my face. My ear burned and throbbed. The forest was spinning wildly and I vomited all over my attacker.

Another burst of pain to the other side of my face. My entire head was on the verge of exploding, the pain unbearable.

After surviving, after healing, after finally feeling free, I was going to die. It was finally going to happen. I had cheated death many times, but I was sure my end was near. This man was going to take my life and I didn't even know him. Of all the ways to die, especially for me, this seemed ironic.

Flashes of Jacob roared through my mind like an old silent movie. I was losing Jacob and he would be losing me. My heart broke at the thought of the hurt he would endure.

Edward’s voice, velvet smooth, spoke to me again. "Beg him, Bella, for your happiness, beg."

“Please don't.” I plead. “Please.”