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Moth to the Flame

Short 1-shot: Edward's POV - what happened the first night he watched Bella sleep...

Written as a prompt for cinnamon kisses on livejournal.

1. Moth to the Flame

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I didn’t know why I was here, in her room. Out of sight, no witnesses, silent and deadly… nobody would see it coming. For some reason I was drawn to this girl, unable to keep myself from her even though I know I should stay away. I was like a moth drawn to the flame. Why was I tormenting myself like this, waiting in the darkness, her scent overwhelming my senses?

There was an excess of venom in my mouth reminding me of the constant thirst. All I could concentrate on was her.

She had only recently come to school. That first day I had no idea what was in store for me. I had gone to school as I did every day expecting nothing more but the dull, repetitive routine that was school – my personal purgatory. Each day seemed to blend into the next without any events standing out to define the time I spent. Really, time meant nothing any way. I had an eternity.

It is this dull existence that made her appearance in Forks so exciting. My mind was plagued by the voices of curiosity and inquisitive thought as the new girl caught their attention like a crow is attracted to shiny things. She didn’t seem anything extraordinary… at first. She’d proven to be more than what I’d ever expected. Out of general interest I had tried to read her thoughts but had gotten nothing. Later that day she had sat by me in class, the only seat available, and I had only been interested in trying to hear her thoughts from a closer range. This was strange to me because a close proximity had never been a necessity before.

That’s when her scent had hit me harder than I would have ever believed possible. I’d never in my wildest dreams imagined that any one person could be so alluring, so hideously attractive as to set me on the edge of murderous rage right then and there. Years of denying my thirst was the only thing that could keep me poised enough to resist.

That and the fear of disappointing Carlisle.

It really wasn’t a good idea to come here, now when Bella Swan was so completely vulnerable and innocent. She lay there so peacefully, her breath slow, steady, deep. Her eyes fluttered a bit now and then and I could tell she was dreaming.

The silence of the room should have been calming and peaceful like the dreamer before me, but for me it was torture. The silence was unbearable because for me, there was never silence. Not when another being was in the room with me.

My ability to read minds had seemed a curse at times. All I wanted was a bit of silence when in public places like school - the nattering drone of teenagers was far from enriching – and sometimes it could be downright embarrassing when glimpsing something incredibly private and intimate like the thoughts of some of my family members. But now was different. Now I wanted nothing more in the world than to know what she was thinking, what she was dreaming.

But she was a mystery to me. No sound came from her indicating any thought, just the sound of her breathing and the soft pulsing of her heart.

Frowning, I stepped away from my perch at the window and looked around her room. It was very simple and yet comfortable. Everything had an almost weathered look to it as if it had been used often once, but long ago. There was nothing overtly girly in the room and not a lot of clutter. Actually, there weren’t really any personal touches at all. All that I could determine from this is that she wasn’t a fussy girl or that she just hadn’t had time to personalize anything since moving here.

Disappointed that no further insight could be gained from her possessions alone, I turned back towards Bella. She slept on completely unaware of my presence.


I froze.

She’d seen me. How could she have seen me? She was fast asleep!

I stood still as a statue, an easy feat when one had the muscle control of a vampire and didn’t need to breathe, and scrutinized her face.

She was still sleeping, still dreaming.

She had been sleep talking, nothing more.

“Edward,” she said again, dreamily, a peaceful smile on her face.

I grinned in the darkness, chuckling just slightly. What a mystery this girl was! She was dreaming of me.

I was tempted to stay longer, to listen further and hear anything else, but I was worried her speaking indicated restlessness and restlessness often turned into waking.

Slipping silently towards the window, I exited quickly and smoothly, making sure to leave everything exactly where it had originally been.

I looked back towards the house before running home and laughed.

This girl had caught my interest for good this time.