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*IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN* Her eyes dashed between all of them, her mind desperately trying to decide who she'd spend eternity with. Her family for the last two months, or the Volturi, who'd offered her so much... "Come on, little one," Aro said kindly. "We want you to come with us." Alice put all her faith in her new sister and called out. "Come on, Sel, stay with us! We're gonna go shopping tomorrow!" Edward shook his head. "Selena, I thought you were family..." The Cullens are living in Juneau, and life is finally normal for them. At least, as normal as life for a vampire can get. Then, everyone is struck with deja vu when Edward discovers that the new girl, Selena Tanner, is also a shield. When she reveals herself as Bree Tanner's sister, and the fact that she knows about vampires, the Cullens realize they have to hide her from the Volturi. When they send a scout, and the Volturi realize about her, Selena is forced to choose between her family and the Volturi, who offer her more than she could ever ask for.


1. Chapter 1: Shield (Edward Cullen's POV)

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There were some times I just wanted to sleep like a human, though I hadn’t in over a hundred years.

This was one of those times.

High school.

Any coven like ours could tell you that if you had to go through this, you would want to sleep through it.

Others, though, would tell you that it is our form of sleep- if sleep is defined as the inert state between active periods.

Now, all that was to be thought about was going home to my daughter, Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

That made me dislike high school even more; the feeling that your six-year-old daughter was home alone would make anyone edgy.

I had to remind myself that the next time we moved, Nessie would join us in the monotonous cycle. I hated that she had to go through this, but everyone had to, at one point or another, go through some sort of school at least once. Even vampires.

Today was different than usual. There was a small addition to the student body, a girl from South Carolina.

She was on the mind of almost everyone in the school. In my opinion, it was almost sad.

It reminded me of the day I met Bella.

I hadn’t seen her face by my own eyes yet, but through the minds of the students I could see her from every angle. To every human here, she was beautiful. To them. To me, she was only another human.

This girl was exactly like the child with the shiny new toy.

I blocked out the hundreds of thoughts that flooded my mind. They were more voices to add to the hundred or so I could hear that were actually being spoken aloud. The voices everyone could hear.

The only voices I didn’t block out were the thoughts of my family.

Rosalie was thinking about Nessie. My daughter, the daughter she could never have. Her thoughts weren’t as shallow as they had been before Bella, but they were still very much self-centered.

Emmett was daydreaming about the giant blue bouncing ball Rosalie had given him for their anniversary. That ball had entertained him for the past two weeks.

Alice was pondering her lack of vision due to Nessie and Jacob’s interference. It was quite normal for her to think of such things.

Jasper was thinking about the hunt he’d had last night. His self-control was a lot better than it had been before Bella; she’d put all of our self-controls to a test.

Jacob was thinking about Nessie. He was the dog, and he’d imprinted on my daughter.

Edward. It was Bella. She’d taken her shield down. Is everything okay? With Jasper, I mean? I slowly moved my eyes up and down to portray a nod. Okay.

Bella’s thoughts suddenly disappeared. She had put her mental shield back into place. What’s Edward staring at? I turned toward the thought of my name. It was the young girl Bella had befriended, Cassidy Caldwell. Cassidy didn’t know about our world, yet, and I hoped she wouldn’t ever find out.

“Hey, Edward,” she said with a smile. I smiled back. She really was a sweet girl…

“Hello, Cassidy,” I replied. “Would you like this pudding cup?” I always picked one for her, just because I knew she liked them.

“Sure, Edward,” she replied. I lightly tossed toward her, and she caught it. “Thanks.”

…tell her all the crap about the Cullens, they won’t care… I noticed Anna Wells’ voice echo in my head. That Selena girl, she’ll believe anything.Once again, my thoughts were back to the new girl. Selena Marion was her name. I smiled at Emmett. “Anna Wells is telling the Marion girl all the dirt on the Cullens,” I said.

Is it good? he asked silently.

I listened in on their conversation. “…and some say they’re anorexic, but personally, I don’t even think they’re human…” The part about us not being human alarmed me. Would we have to move so early? Start over again?

“Nothing terrible,” I said. “The usual stuff.”`

How’s Selena taking it?I listened for her thoughts, but nothing came. Had she moved? I turned, to still see Anna talking to an auburn-haired girl sitting at the table. I suddenly knew what had happened.

Selena Marion was a shield.

Anna must have said something to alarm her, her eyes darted from person to person in a look of agony and terror. She quickly stood up and walked off without a word to Anna.

I wondered what had happened, but assumed it must have been something Anna said. I blocked out the voices, because I didn’t much care about petty high school drama.

Cassidy sat down at our table in between Bella and Emmett. “Hello,” she said. Bella grinned and handed her a pudding cup. “What’s up, Em?” Cassidy said with a goofy smile.

“Nothing, Cass,” Emmett replied with the same goofy smile. “What’s up with you?”

“Just hanging out with you, you know, normal stuff.”

They never seem to eat… maybe they are anorexic. Or maybe they just don’t like school food.I could almost feel Bella lift her shield off. Can we please tell Cassidy? I’m such a close friend to her I don’t think I could bear to lose her, to watch her grow old as we stay young forever.I sighed.


“I’ll think about it,” I whispered, too low for Cassidy to hear. Bella smiled, putting her shield back into place. I could tell she was being honest.

The bell suddenly rang loudly. “Shall we?” Rosalie said, and we went to our separate classes. I wasn’t in any classes with Selena, but from what I’d heard, she was supposed to be quite smart.

Our English teacher, Mrs. Jameson, walked into the room, an almost scowl on her face. That girl is just too smart. She had to have found a way to cheat or something.

At first, I thought she was talking about Alice, Bella, or Rosalie, but my mind was quickly changed.The Marion girl is as smart as the Cullens. Selena?

The thought came into my mind that Selena might be a half-breed, but I knew she wasn’t, otherwise I would have smelled her unique scent.

“Okay, class, time to start,” Mrs. Jameson said. “Can anyone tell me what Shakespeare meant in…” I didn’t pay any good amount of attention to the class. I was too busy trying to figure out the girl.

From the eyes of the others, I noticed that she was beautiful. She had blue eyes, auburn hair, and a model-like figure. Her skin was as pale as mine or Bella’s.

People were comparing her to us.

Some thought she was more beautiful than Rosalie or Bella. Rosalie, maybe but no one could be more beautiful than Isabella Swan Cullen.

The males were, not surprisingly, imagining themselves in love with her because she was beautiful, single, and something new to look at. It was quite sad.

I could admit that I somewhat felt that way about Bella without even realizing it. Looking back to a human Bella, soft and delicious, made my mouth water.

I still loved Bella, though, and I would until the end of forever.

Emmett couldn’t say the same about Rosalie.

I had noticed that when Emmett was around Cassidy, she’d be the only thing on his mind. Rosalie would disappear from his thoughts altogether. It was as if he’d forgotten that he had a mate. It worried me.

Jasper knew it too. The happiness that flowed from Emmett whenever Cassidy was around…

“Mr. Cullen?” Mrs. Jameson said. “Can you please join the class?” A few people around me snickered.

This is unlike him, Mrs. Jameson thought. Something must be the matter.I smiled. A girl, Mrs. Jameson, a human girl. She‘s not even my girl. Vampire drama, much worse than regular drama.

The bell rang, announcing the end of school.

“Remember, come to class tomorrow,” Mrs. Jameson reminded me. I’d try, but there were no promises. I only made promises I knew I could keep.

I exited the school building and walked toward my Volvo. Alice, Jasper, Bella, Jacob, and Rosalie were waiting inside of it for me.

“Why aren’t you riding with Emmett?” I asked Rosalie. She frowned. “Because he told me to.” I frowned. “His Jeep’s still here, so why isn’t he…”

Emmett was walking toward us, thinking about Cassidy. I didn’t dare tell Rosalie. Rosalie growled, then we drove off. Rosalie put her hair in front of her face and pouted. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Cassidy pop out from the seat. Then her thoughts appeared. Bella had been shielding her.

What was Emmett going to do with Cassidy? Take her home?

I frowned. I knew it was going to be hell when Rosalie found out.