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Your Future Awaits

bannerThank you to the wonderful Oh, Mike how will I go on for this Perfect Banner!!! Go read her stories! Bella feels a strong pull towards the Czech Republic, always dreaming of a strange man on the Charles bridge that she can never reach. So when she graduates high school and gets a mysterious letter stating that her tuition to go to university in Prague has been taken care of, she follows fate towards her destiny. But once there, will she finally unravel her mysterious dreams and the stranger within, or the danger lurking beneath them? AU and yes this is a BxE, but with a few twists along the way... Rated Adult for Lemon's in the end.


1. The first day of my forever

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Karlův most. Everything I had ever done in my short expanse of life has led me to this moment: the first day of the rest of my life. Ever since I was a child I had always dreamt of visiting Prague, Czech Republic. Little did I know as a child that I would be moving there tomorrow! What is Karlův most you may ask? In English it is called Charles Bridge, but to me it’s the most beautiful masterpiece to ever grace my dreams.

Ever since I could remember I had the same dream walking aimlessly on the bridge, not really knowing what I was waiting for. But I knew that I was waiting, it was just a feeling I had. As I got older, I could see someone approaching me, but he never got close enough for me to see his face. He was close enough to feel, almost in my soul, as if I had known him forever, but never could I see his face. I knew it was a man, I could tell by the masculine build of his body, and the way his short hair was in such beautiful yet casual disarray. But his face, I could never see it. I don’t know what it means, if he means something, but I have always been positive of where I had been standing… It was the Charles Bridge. I have always felt drawn to Prague, not out of its obvious beauty, but by a pull I have towards it. Its like I can’t breathe anymore, it’s become so hard to do everyday things because my mind wanders to my dreams. So the day I graduated from Forks High School and got the letter of acceptance to attend the University of New York in Prague I knew that it was fate leading me to my destiny. At first I was devastated because I didn’t have the money to go, I maybe had enough to afford the University in Seattle, but an anonymous donor sent me a letter saying that they had been notified of my dilemma and would like to pay for my entire four year term. I was quite skeptical at first, as anyone else would be, because my benefactor refused to reveal his or her identity and had also never mentioned how they had found out about my financial dilemma, seeing as I didn’t even tell Charlie about it, but I gave it a blind eye and just kept repeating to myself, “This is fate, just go with it.” Amazingly, along with the four year tuition, it also came with a fully furnished, fully loaded 1 bedroom apartment just 5 minutes walk from Charles Bridge! My fairytale was coming true. Every day since then, I have been sent a new postcard of all the sights in Prague. It always said, “Your Future Awaits…”. Nothing more, nothing less.

So here I was today, packing up my belongings and clothes for my trip. I only had to worry about taking one suitcase with me to Prague because I was just going to ship everything else to the apartment via FedEx, so my packing was very contemplative. It was 4:30pm, and I had to be at the airport at 8:30pm to make my plane, and I could hear Charlie below me on the phone talking to Billy. It seems Billy was asking Charlie if we were going to stop by the reservation on the way to the airport. I had asked Charlie earlier if we could skip that, since I felt it would be easier on Jake and me if I just left; a clean break. We had started dating the beginning of my senior year and things had been going great, but suddenly right before I graduated, he started becoming very distant and secretive. At first I thought he was cheating on me, and when I asked him about it, I became terrified of how angry he got. I didn’t understand why he was acting so irrational and shaking convulsively, it was the first time I had ever seen him freak out so bad. After he calmed down, he swore to me that he wasn’t cheating but that there were things going on that he couldn’t tell me. So the ending result of being ignored and lied to for 3 weeks led me to break it to Jake that it was over. He tried to fix things, but my heart wasn’t in it anymore, and then the news about Prague came and I explained to him that I felt things would be easier if I left and he moved on. So that’s what we decided to do. So Charlie couldn’t really blame me for wanting to have an awkward goodbye right before I left home.

One person that I would greatly miss though, even though I won’t miss how I met him, would be Dr. Cullen and his wife Esme. They were almost my second parents in Forks, and I loved them like they were. I had ended up in the hospital frequently during my stay in forks, so I had become quite familiar with the Cullen’s. They seemed kind of lonely, since two of their adoptive kids were in Africa on an extended honeymoon, and the other 3 were trekking Europe. I had never met them, since they graduated before I moved to forks, but the gossip about them was as if they had left yesterday. It seems they were quite beautiful, but that wasn’t a surprise since Dr. Cullen looked like a movie star. I’ve never seen a picture of them save for the small one Dr. Cullen kept on his desk, but I respected his space so I didn’t snoop over to stare at it. Besides, I was usually in pain when I was at the hospital, and looking at a photograph of someone’s kids doesn’t really cross your mind in those situations. I had already said my goodbyes to the Cullen’s, and it was a tear filled one at that. Just as I was leaving, Esme hugged me one last time and said that she would make sure that her daughter, Alice I think her name was, called me to meet up. So I smiled and said that I would love that, it would be nice to have some part of home there with me, even though I didn’t even know her. It just felt right, meeting Alice, almost as if my mind and body knew who she was.

The drive to the airport was quite as usual, but comfortable silence. I would miss Charlie, but he already knew that so I was positive he didn’t want me to turn this into some gushy moment. We managed to get me to the airport, checked in, and standing at the security gate unscathed until I hit the toe of my shoe on a railing and went flying forward to the floor to make for a most embarrassing face plant. Luckily Charlie expecting something so he caught me before me face met the floor. I think it was the reality that he wasn’t going to be there to catch me anymore that led him to bring me into the security of his arms and hug me. I thought I could hear him sniffling but I didn’t dare turn my head up to see the proof. He whispered that he loved me and that if I ever wanted to come home, I’d always have a room there with him. I smiled and said, “Love you dad,” and walked thru security towards the terminal.

As I sat in my seat on the plane awaiting take off, I sifted through my Postcards and thought of the new life awaiting me. I was nervous just like a child walking up to his first day of elementary school holding his mothers’ hand, anxious yet excited, hoping that he does everything right. I looked around the cabin, seeing elderly people no doubt returning home, families excited about starting their family vacation, and then others like me who were obviously nervous about flying to Europe solo. I finally found the Post card that I had been looking for, my favorite. It was the most serene, divinely beautiful picture I had ever seen of Charles Bridge. It was covered in the softest looking snow I had ever seen, and I had seen a lot of snow living in Forks. The statues looked so lonely, yet, had they been alive you knew that there would have been no place else they would’ve wanted to be. The snow looked undisturbed, and the sky a stunning shade of midnight black with hues of the most striking shade of navy blue. It was so familiar to me, yet I knew that I had never been there a day in my life. I flipped over the card and read the inscription again, “Your Future Awaits…” If only I had known then how true that really was in so many ways…