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Your Future Awaits

bannerThank you to the wonderful Oh, Mike how will I go on for this Perfect Banner!!! Go read her stories! Bella feels a strong pull towards the Czech Republic, always dreaming of a strange man on the Charles bridge that she can never reach. So when she graduates high school and gets a mysterious letter stating that her tuition to go to university in Prague has been taken care of, she follows fate towards her destiny. But once there, will she finally unravel her mysterious dreams and the stranger within, or the danger lurking beneath them? AU and yes this is a BxE, but with a few twists along the way... Rated Adult for Lemon's in the end.


17. Revenge... Blair Waldorf Style

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Upon arrival at the Seattle airport, I was forced to split up from the Cullens. My dad was waiting for me at the baggage claim, and unless I wanted to introduce Edward to Charlie right now in front of hundreds of people, I would just have to wait. So Edward and I said our goodbyes before Customs, and I went home with my dad.

"It's great to have you home, Bells," he said happily next to me in his Forks cruiser.

"It's great to be back, Dad. I didn't think I'd miss this place as much as I did. Did I miss anything?" I asked, happily surprised by his wanting to talk.

"Not much, I caught a pretty big fish a couple weeks back. It was the talk of the town for awhile until that Newton kid got engaged."

"Mike Newton's engaged?! To who?" I asked, shocked at this new revelation.

"Um... I think it's the Stanley's girl, Jessica. She's your friend right?" He asked, scratching his head.

"Yeah.... Wow, that's...uh, great. I'm sure Jess is pretty happy about it." I said. I felt like we were two old ladies gossiping about the towns folk. "So how's Billy and Jacob doing?"

"Billy's doing good, still in the old wheelchair. Jacob... well that kid is another story. He's huge! I think he's grown about a foot since you left. Still hanging around with that group of boys you didn't like."

"Oh, well that's good," I muttered.

"Dr. Cullen mentioned you ran into his kids in Prague." Charlie changed the subject.

"Yep." Not really sure where he was going with this.

"He mentioned you and his son hit it off pretty well." He said, sneaking a glance at me.

"Dad, you're not one to beat around the bush. What's this interrogation for?"

"Are you dating the Cullen kid?"


"Isn't he a little too old for you?" He asked a little rougher this time.

"Only by 2 years, Dad. His sister and I became really close, too. They'll be coming around a lot over break, so I want you to be nice." I scolded playfully.

"I'll be nice. Bring him around the house tomorrow, I wanna meet my daughter's new boyfriend." He said, seeming a little awkward. We were never really good at this father-daughter thing.

"Okay, I'll invite him to watch the game with you tomorrow afternoon."

"He likes sports?"

"Yep, you two should have loads to bond over." I said laughing.

After we pulled into the driveway, it was past 9pm so I decided to call it a night, say good night to my dad, and go to my room. I threw my bags on the floor, deciding to unpack the next day. I opened up my dresser, looking for something to sleep in. I pushed around a few things before I settled on the gift Renee got me for Christmas last year. It was a comfy black boy-short and teal tank top set from Victoria's Secret to sleep in because she was tired of seeing me in my tattered T shirt and sweats. I grabbed my toiletries bag and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. It wasn't until I was done brushing my teeth that remembered my revenge on Edward for making me live through the on-flight humiliation. Hmm... What would I do?... A devilish idea came into my head. I had to thank Alice someday for forcing me to watch Gossip Girl with her last month. What did Blair Waldorf use to get her way and make Chuck suffer?... Sexual Frustration. Normally I would be opposed to anything like this, but tonight I had to endure the most embarrassing display of karaoke, and he would pay.

I looked back into the mirror, wondering what to do. I shuffled through my makeup, deciding to put some lip gloss on. I fluffed up my hair a bit, shaking it out of the pony tail I had it in. I adjusted the tank top I wore to show just enough cleavage to be teasingly innocent. I was ready. I walked into my room, heading towards my cell phone to text Edward, when I heard a faint rumble coming from my old rocking chair.

"Edward?" I asked.

"Yes love?" he all but growled out.

"What's the matter?" I asked, playing dumb.

"What.... What are you wearing?"

"Pajamas, duh. What's wrong with them?" I asked pretending to be hurt.

"They're barely there!" He accused in the darkness. The light was off and I could see him standing with the light through the window.

"Does it make you uncomfortable?" I smirked.

"Not entirely." He chuckled.

"Hmm... Now does it make you uncomfortable?" I said walking towards him until my face was mere inches from his lips.

"Nope." He breathed.

"Okay." I said as I walked over to my bed nonchalantly.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Sleeping. We humans sleep."

"Alice told me you wanted to talk, that's why I was here." Thank you Alice for seeing what I had planned, I smiled internally to myself.

"Right. Come here, sit with me," I said patting the spot in front of me. He sat, waiting for me to continue.

"Closer." Motioning with my finger to lean in closer. He did as was asked. "Closer." I whispered. He leaned in until I stopped him. then I slowly leaned in to kiss him with my lips. Our mouths moved together in sync, playing out a perfectly orchestrated play. My hands slowly felt the curves and muscles of his arms and chest, feeling the perfect sculpted lines through his shirt. I could feel his tongue begging for entrance, of which I soon obliged. We both fought for dominance, but in the end I let him win.I needed to breathe so I slowly moved to kiss his jaw, trailing little kisses to his neck and then to his ear. I bit his ear lobe as I whispered, "Closer." Which caused him to growl, and before I knew it, I was on my back and Edward was hovering over me.

"Whoa..." I gasped out.

"Bella, love, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. Did I hurt you? Let me see." He said attempting to get up. Oh no he didn't. I hooked my left leg around his and held him there.

"Edward I'm fine. I'm not made out of glass. I was just...not expecting that. Where were we..." I said, leaning up to kiss his jaw. He slowly, and cautiously returned to kissing my cheek, then my lips, until he decided to venture to my collar bone. My hand snaked up into his hair, taking a fistful and holding him to me. His light touches and gentle kisses were making me wild. I moaned despite myself, and felt my cheeks flush.

"Love... That sounded exquisite. Do it again." He said seductively, tugging slightly at the shoulder strap of my tank top, revealing new skin. He tenderly kissed my shoulder and made his way back to my collar bone, never going any lower. His right hand found it's way to my leg that anchored him to me. He slowly trailed his fingers along the skin of my thigh, sending shivers through me. I moaned again at the contact. It only spurred him on more, and I next felt his cold fingers along the edge of my shorts. I took a quick intake of breath, shocked at the closeness of his fingers, and the position I found myself in. Was I really doing this? Were we really going to take the next step, in my room, with my my dad downstairs? He groaned as I tightened the hold my leg had on him trying to cause friction, and I tugged his hair again, forcing his lips to meet mine. Yes, I do believe we were going to do this.

...Buzz... Buzz...

"What is that?" I asked breathlessly.

"My phone." He said, sliding it out of his pocket and checking it. "Damn you, Alice." He said angrily. He placed his forehead against my shoulder, kissing it gently, before he rose from my bed. "Alice said that we've had our fun but that I need to give you rest for our big day tomorrow." He said deflated, the fire slowly leaving his eyes. I got up on my knees, grabbing a fistful of his shirt and pulling him back to me.

"Since when do you listen to everything Alice says?" I playfully asked, kissing his lips.

"Since she threatened to post your mile high karaoke on you tube. I thought you would appreciate the discretion." He smirked at me.

"Thanks." I said deflated."See you tomorrow?"

"Bright and early." And he kissed me on my forehead and left out the window. Tomorrow would be an interesting day... My dad and my old friends would finally meet Edward. This would be interesting...