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Your Future Awaits

bannerThank you to the wonderful Oh, Mike how will I go on for this Perfect Banner!!! Go read her stories! Bella feels a strong pull towards the Czech Republic, always dreaming of a strange man on the Charles bridge that she can never reach. So when she graduates high school and gets a mysterious letter stating that her tuition to go to university in Prague has been taken care of, she follows fate towards her destiny. But once there, will she finally unravel her mysterious dreams and the stranger within, or the danger lurking beneath them? AU and yes this is a BxE, but with a few twists along the way... Rated Adult for Lemon's in the end.


21. Soulmates

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"I'm so exhausted!" I said, Edward gently laying me down on my bed. I had fallen asleep in the cab ride to my apartment, and seeing as I'm not stable when I walk fully awake, Edward deemed it best be carry me to my room. It was a smart choice.

I grabbed my pillow, hugging it towards myself. "Aren't you exhausted, I'm exhausted. It's cold, are you cold, I'm cold. So hungry, I need food...mmm crackers, animal crackers...with peanut butter... and oreos... OH! Peanut butter and oreos, that's what I want! I'm sleepy...," I said, all jumbled and pouring out of my mouth.

"Remind me to not let you drink the complimentary wine they serve on the plane next time. Who knew you'd be so...talkative," he chuckled, removing my shoes from my feet gently.

"I'm sooo sorry Edward, am I embarrassing you?" I asked, worried.

"No love, no. It is amusing though," he laughed again.

" I like it when you laugh," I said, snuggling into my pillow again. My state of mind seemed to not have a filter. It was as if anything that popped into my head was exactly what came out of my mouth. I had no control over what I was saying. I think it was a combination of exhaustion and the wine. Edward just smiled at me, and kissed my jean-covered knee.

"I like you making me laugh," he said.

"I wish we could just stay here forever, in this room... With peanut butter oreo animal crackers," I said, seriously. My grumbling stomach was proof that I was starving.

"Okay, love. Wait here and I'll run to the store and grab you some," he said with a smile, standing up.

"Um, Edward...," I said timidly.

"Yes?" He asked, turning around at my door.

"I have animal crackers and oreos and the peanut butter all in my pantry, you don't have to go to the store," I confessed.

"I will never understand human feeding habits," he laughed, walking into my kitchen to retrieve my odd cravings.

The remainder of the night consisted of us both laying on my bed, me eating my junk food, and he reading to me The Picture of Dorian Grey. I called home once to check in on Axton. I understood the schematics of imprinting, but he wasn't allowed to come to Prague at the moment, so I had asked him to stay in La Push with his sister and Jake, and he reluctantly, yet happily, obliged after I promised to visit more often. I had been worried that I would be forced to be his girlfriend or something, but I was instantly relieved when Jake talked to me in private and explained that if all that I wanted was friendship, then that would be all Axton would feel as well once he found a mate. So I prayed he found a mate quickly, we both did. Axton didn't want to imprint on me, but it happened, so we were dealing with it the best we could.

After awhile I must have drifted off to sleep. I dreamt of the Charles Bridge again, but this time it was Victor waiting for me on the bridge, instead of Edward. I walked to him, wanting to know why Edward was absent. Victor was crying, sobbing on the aged brick floor. I tried to console him, but he couldn't see me, it was as if I were invisible. He kept murmuring Marie over and over. He was cursing god, asking why she had been taken away. Then I heard someone behind me, walking slowly to us.

I turned, hoping to see Edward, but I was mistaken. It was as if I were looking into a mirror. She looked just like me, just in a huge flowing dress, her hair curled and pinned in an extravagant style, but she had my face. She walked over and looked at Victor, a look of pain on her face. She didn't acknowledge me at first, and I believed maybe I was invisible to her as well. She just stood in pain as she watched Victor. Then she turned to me, looking straight at me.

Then she spoke, 'He tried to save me, he did everything he could to save me and it wasn't enough. Our souls were never meant to be, Isabella, he and I were happy and living a life of passion and bliss, but we were not meant for each other. You and I, we are one, and we are made for someone else. We are made for someone that would give their life for us, that would destroy their own soul for the sake of our love, someone that wants to show you the world and give you everything, not someone that will covet you and claim you. We are made for Edward. Victor loves you, I can feel it, but he is meant for someone else as well, he just needs to open his eyes and find it. Tell him that I love him, and that he was everything I could have ever wanted, but that you both must move on. He must find his soul mate, just as we have found ours.' And with that, she faded away into the fog and I awoke, not thrashing or screaming, but peacefully.

I was ready now, ready to talk to Victor and hear the truth. I wanted to know about Marie Ambrosine, about her life. And I wanted to have the closure we both so needed. I needed to let him go and set him free, free to find his soul mate. I looked around the room, hoping to find Edward, but all I saw was a note on the night stand. It said: "Go see him Bella. Alice called and said you needed to. I love you, no matter what you decide. E."

I looked at the window and was surprised to see light outside. It was two in the afternoon. I had just slept for 13 hours! I really was tired from the trip. I jumped in the shower and blow dried my hair, dusting a little bit of make up on. I carefully picked out my outfit, wanting something that was modest, yet pretty, so that I could celebrate my choice with Edward afterwards. I knew I was jumping to conclusions about seeing Edward afterward, but I knew my choice, and I wanted him to know, too.

I picked up a dress I had gotten with Alice on one of our shopping expeditions from The Row. It was the Kendal dress and it fit me like a glove. It was black with 3/4 length sleeves and hit mid thigh. It was scoop neck as well, and I threw on a simple chain necklace with a crystal dangling from it. I paired it with opaque black tights and some black pumps. I looked like I was dressed for a funeral, but wasn't it? Wasn't I just about to end a past life to move on with the new? So in a way it was fitting.

I threw on a burgundy peacoat and my purse and walked out the door. I was just going to walk until I found a taxi, but there was a driver waiting for me by the gate. Normally, this would have disturbed me, but I was beginning to become used to the odd things in my life.

"Miss Swan?"

"Yes, that's me."

"Mr. Scarling has provided transportation to his estate, if you would like."

"How did he know I would be coming?" I asked, doubting I'd get an answer, but I was pleasantly surprised.

"A Miss Alice Cullen alerted him, miss," he said, opening my door.

"Thank you," I said, climbing in. I was nervous. I was just about to see the man that had been the star of my dreams for the past few weeks, and they were not wholesome dreams. My stomach fluttered once I realized that they were not really dreams, but memories, and I blushed. Oh well, it's not like it was me...technically.

We finally arrived at his estate, and I gasped when I saw how beautiful it was. It was layered and loaded with flowers and trees and vines. There were fountains everywhere,and lily pads floating on the surface. It was breath taking. I walked up the steps to his house, and just as I was about to knock, he opened the door.

I took in his appearance. He seemed happy to see me, and I inwardly cringed knowing I was a bearer of bad news. Had my heart and soul not been completely dedicated to Edward already, I may have had second thoughts about what I was about to do. He was wearing a simple pair of dark grey slacks with no shoes, only socks. He wore a black button up dress shirt, rolled up to his elbows. He looked so comfortable and relaxed in such simple clothing, not like the expensive billionaire that I knew him to be. His hair looked so soft, and I could tell he had been constantly brushing it with his fingers. A few strands would fall in his eyes and he would brush them aside, the movement utterly sexy. He gave me a heart stopping smile and finally spoke.

"Please sit," He said, motioning with his hand to a luxurious chaise.

"Victor. I..I'm remembering things. Things that I never did or ever said. But you're in every memory. Why?" I asked, nervous.I looked at my folded hands that were in my lap, not entirely sure that I wanted to hear his story. I knew I had come here to hear it, but now, being around him and the feeling he rose in me was giving me second thoughts. I forced myself to remember what Marie told me in my dream, that we both needed to let go.

"You get to the point quickly, don't you," He said with a smile. I blushed, my heart beating just a little bit quicker at that smile.

"Please answer me, with the truth. I need to know," I whispered.

"Your name was Marie Ambrosine. You were a maiden of the french court, adored by all, including the Dauphin of France, Marie Antoinette. I sought you out, and you denied me. I tried flattery, extravagant gifts..."

"Sapphires," I answered, not exactly remembering, but it just slipped from my mouth.

"Yes, sapphires. They looked sinfully delectable against your skin," he said, looking at the point of my neck where the large sapphire would have lain, licking his beautiful lips in the process. What he said and did only caused me to blush further, "You remember that?"

"No, not exactly. It just popped up in my head. Keep going," I said trying to change the subject. Why did I have to mention sapphires? I distinctly remember wearing a very large one as we made love in one of my memories... Oh god, stop thinking about sapphires, Bella!

"Yes, well I tried everything and I had finally decided that there was nothing left to win you over. That was until you surprised me at a masquerade. You rushed up to me and kissed me so passionately that when the crowd separated us, I was so drunk off your kiss, I had no way of finding you. It wasn't until I saw the flower I had attached to my coat pocket the night before, laced in your beautiful hair that I knew it was you," He said, smiling at the memory.

"I did that?" Amazed that I would do something so daring.

"You did. You were quite the rebel," he said, softly laughing.

"Rebel?" I scoffed. I was the complete opposite of a rebel.

"You did not have the responsibility of rank to hold you back, and due to the fact that everyone adored you, you could manage to get away with anything. I soon found out that you frequently accompanied your friends to events of questionable acts, and you on more than one occasion fell asleep on Sunday mass, which was highly frowned upon. You would shamelessly flirt with the ambassadors from visiting countries, but deny the gifts they sent you. You were always the first to laugh at something you found humorous, and others would join, wanting to be just like you. Men wanted you, women wanted to be you," he said passionately describing the old Marie.

"Wow... I never would have thought I could be like that," I said, amazed. I was sort of envious that I couldn't be more like that.

"But you are like that, Isabella. You are more like her than you realize," he said, lightly touching my hand. I felt a wave of deja vu sweep over me, my heart racing at the emotions building within myself once again. Don't think about sapphires... Don't think...

"We... We were engaged. What happened?" I asked, trying to move my mind from the detestable sapphires.

"Yes, we were. You died, tragically," he said, his eyes darkening.

"I thought it was sickness?" I asked, remembering things I had seen online.

"It was an infection that you received from a wound that healed incorrectly. You see, you were still coordinately challenged back then, and you fell on one of our walks around the garden where we talked of our wedding plans. A week later, you fell ill, fainting spells and fevers. No doctor knew what was wrong, no one could explain what was happening.

I slaved day and night for three days to find a cure, looking for the perfect concoction to replicate the elixir my father gave me years before. I would visit you often, checking in on you, and everytime, your health was worse than the time before. I finally spent an entire 36 hours straight dedicated to finding the cure, no sleep, no food, just dedication.

I finally had the perfect remedy, and rushed to your side, elated that I finally had finished it and we would be together forever. I entered your room, to find your mother and sisters weeping by your bedside. I stood in the doorway as you turned your head to mine, reaching out your hand to find mine. Your eyes still sparkled, sparkled with that fire that could warm any heart. Your face was so sallow and a light sheen of sweat had formed, but you were still the most beautiful creature I had ever beheld.

Not even two seconds had passed when your lips parted and you whispered 'I love you' and you gasped your last breath, your hand opening from lack of strength and the ring I had given you slipped from the hold of your hand, falling to the floor, echoing; creating the most heartbreaking sound in my history. I rushed to your side, forcing the elixir down your throat, hoping it could still save you, but it was too late. I was too late to save you. Your eyes had lost their light, they were vacant. You died, completely in love, and I failed you! The man who vowed to take care of you, to make sure no harm befell you... He... he failed YOU!" He cried, now holding me to him and weeping. This man had lived generations with this heartbreak, a heartbreak that I caused. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I cried with him. I wept for Marie Ambrosine, for Victor, for myself...I wept for all the lovers with a broken heart. We could have sat there for hours holding each other, just comforting the other. I began to lose track of time, surprised when the clock struck nine pm. I had been here over 4 hours.

"Bella... I know you're not Marie. But...but is it so hard to understand that maybe you both share the same soul?" He asked, his eyes glistening.

"It's not hard to understand. I do believe we are one in the same. But...I'm just confused. I want so badly to make you happy and keep your heart from hurting again. But if I do, then I hurt Edward, the man that I love. Is it possible to be in love with two different men, and want them both, completely? I was made for Edward, and he for me. Your soul mate is still out there somewhere waiting to be found by you, you just need to give it a chance and let go."

"I don't want to let go. What we had is worth a thousand lifetimes of pain. If I could just have one more moment. I know you love Edward, and he is a worthy adversary in this battle for your heart. But I have lived with the memory of you in complete and utter bliss, fully happy with your life with me. And I promise you, we could be happy, I could make you happy Bella. I have once, and I can do it again. I want so much to make you happy. I want to have children with you, I want to make love to you, I want to spend forever with you," He said, holding both of my hands, his eager eyes searching my own.

My heart raced at his proclamations, and I inwardly cursed myself for wanting him to continue. Bella wanted Edward right now, she wanted to tell Victor she was sorry, but was engaged to Edward. Marie wanted to say screw Edward, I want my Victor. She wanted to leap into his arms and kiss him with reckless abandon. Isabella Marie Swan was being pulled into two very different directions and she needed to decide once and for all.

I looked into Victor's eyes, seeing his longing and desperation in them. He was open for me, laying it all on the table. I had his heart in the palm of my hand and I could crush it so easily with the slightest of pressure. I lifted my hands, one cupping his cheek, the other resting on his neck. He slowly leaned his cheek into my palm, kissing it softly. My fingers began to explore the contours of his face, the strong build of jaw, the perfection of his nose, the dips where his eyes were. He closed his eyes, relishing my touch.

I sat up on my knees, giving myself more room to explore. My fingers brushed through his hair, scratching at his scalp gently. A soft moan escaped his lips, and I had to stifle my own. His eyes were closed, his forehead void of all worry lines, he was relaxed and vulnerable in my hands. I slowly leaned forward, wanting to feel the softness of his lips on my own. I wanted to know what it felt like to be kissed by this man that brought so much passion to my being, rather than just remember in a dream. I softly grazed his lips, placing there a delicate feather light kiss, and pulled away, looking at him for a reaction.

His eyes were already open, looking at me with awe and confusion. I feared that I had over stepped my boundaries. But hadn't he wanted me to kiss him? Hadn't he been pining for me this entire time? Then before I knew what had happened, his arms enveloped me, pulling me to him, one of his hands behind my head holding me to him, the other snaked around my waist. He held me securely as he kissed me, fervently and passionately without abandon. He kissed me for all the years that he had been alone. He kissed me for not being able to save Marie. He kissed me to allow me to finally realize what I meant to him. In this kiss, he had just relinquished his soul and gave it to me.

There was no going back now. My pain was his now; I would always be apart of him. I held on to him tighter, grasping at him as if I were going to fall. I kissed him just as fervently, making up for all the time we had stolen from us. In this kiss I tried to mend his broken heart, and yet all I seemed to do was break my own. Thoughts of Edward flew through my head, making me feel guilty and ashamed. Victor's heart belonged to me, but my heart willingly and unconditionally belonged to Edward. Kissing Victor this way wasn't fair to either of them, and I only had myself to blame. I pulled my lips away, gasping for air, disgusted with myself, he doing the same before attacking my lips once again. This moment was heartbreaking and life altering. Things had changed, yet, they were the same. This kiss put everything in perspective for me... Edward would be the only one I would ever want. If he forgave me for what just happened, I would stay with Edward forever. Although this kiss also showed me the passion I could have with Victor, in his mind I was still Marie; But I wasn't, I was Bella... Edward's Bella. I pulled away first, still holding him. We sat there, calming our breathing, holding each other for dear life.

"You're leaving, aren't you?" He whispered.

"Yes," I said not wanting to think about it more than I had to. "How did you know?"

"I felt your heartbreak in that kiss and I knew, I'm not the one you love," He said, surprising me with the level of acceptance in his tone.

"You're okay with that?" I asked, looking at him curiously.

"As much as I love you, my pride would not allow me to let you break your own heart for the sake of mine. I want you to stay because you love me, because without me you would die, because you wouldn't be able to breathe without me. I am a romantic Bella, not a masochist. I wouldn't be able to handle it if I knew I wasn't what you really wanted. You love Edward, it's as easy as that. No amount of kisses and passion on my part will ever change that fact," he said.

"Thank you for understanding," I said. "I'm sorry I couldn't be your Marie, I tried, but I'm just Bella."

"You never had to change Bella. I always knew who you were and that you weren't the same Marie. It didn't stop me from still loving you though," he said, smiling.

"Why me? Why my application from all the others you could have been a benefactor to?" I asked, never receiving an answer for this question before.

"Our souls have always been connected. Honestly...I've never helped anyone out in that way before. I was snooping in the dean's office for some information and I was just drawn to your application. It was hidden in a pile of papers, the ones that were still undecided. I literally just pulled it from the middle of the stack and glanced at it, and I knew. I knew that the Isabella Marie Swan on this paper was very important and needed to come here. So I pulled some strings, blackmailed a few admissions officials, and voila.. You are here," he said smirking at me.

"You had to blackmail me in here? And I thought I got in because of merit," I said crossing my arms and jutting out my bottom lip. He chuckled.

"Well it was the only way to get you in faster. If I hadn't have done it, you probably would have waited three more months," he said.

"That explains why I got my acceptance letter 3 weeks after I submitted it," I laughed. Than something else occurred to me. "Why have I always dreamt of Prague, more specifically Charles Bridge?"

"Prague was where you had wanted to retire when we married. Your family had originally been from here and you had always wanted to return to it," he explained.

"But I always dreamt of someone waiting for me on the bridge, it was always so confusing," I said.

"Who did you dream of?" He asked curiously.

"I never could see him clearly, but the moment I first met Edward... I just felt that it was him. In my dream, he had always been waiting for me on that bridge."

"Then it is fate Bella. You cannot fight fate, you and Edward were meant to be together, even from the time you were Marie. If you and I were destined for each other, you never would have died the first time, and you would be mine right now," he said, shaking his head.

"I'm sorry Victor. And I was asked to tell you, Marie asked me to tell you that she loves you, and that you were everything she could have ever wanted, but that we both must move on. You must find your soul mate, just as we have found ours," I said. I could see a tear roll down his cheek as he took in what I just said.

"Thank you. We finally have our closure, it is time that we both move on and do something with it," he said, a smile brightening his face. "I will not wallow anymore with the idea of you and Edward together. If fate destined you two to be together, then my destiny is still out there, waiting for me. I love and loved you Isabella Marie, but I want you to be happy, and I must go and find what makes me happy as well, just as she asked of me. You will not have to worry about my interference anymore, I shall gracefully bow out of the race. But considering that we shall both most likely be alive forever, I look forward to the time that I may see you again," he said with a gentle smile on his lips. This was his goodbye, he was giving us both the closure we needed to move past this and live out the rest of our lives.

"Until we meet again then," I said rising to my feet and gathering my things. He walked me to the door, out to the car waiting for me. He opened my door and gave me a tight hug.

"Be safe Bella, follow your heart," he whispered. "Now go, I believe you have a Masquerade to attend," he said, letting me go so that I could get into the car.

The driver drove away from his estate, and I couldn't help but turn around and watch as we drove away from it. I silently said goodbye to Victor, and to Marie, and bid my farewells. Right now, this moment, was a start of something new. I was reborn and ready to start my new life with my only love... Edward. He still didn't know who I had decided upon yet, but I decided to keep him guessing until later tonight.

I looked to the seat next to me and there was a letter addressed to me in perfect cursive. I opened it and saw an invitation to a masquerade ball hosted by the elite in Prague, one that Alice took the liberty to send Edward and I to. It seemed that I had a dress waiting for me at my apartment and that Edward would meet me at the ball. Right now, I would go and get ready for the Masquerade Ball, and I needed to make sure that my costume, and minor details were perfect, because tonight, I was starting my future with Edward and I wanted it to be perfect. Good thing I trusted Alice, because I'm sure she found me the most killer dress...