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Your Future Awaits

bannerThank you to the wonderful Oh, Mike how will I go on for this Perfect Banner!!! Go read her stories! Bella feels a strong pull towards the Czech Republic, always dreaming of a strange man on the Charles bridge that she can never reach. So when she graduates high school and gets a mysterious letter stating that her tuition to go to university in Prague has been taken care of, she follows fate towards her destiny. But once there, will she finally unravel her mysterious dreams and the stranger within, or the danger lurking beneath them? AU and yes this is a BxE, but with a few twists along the way... Rated Adult for Lemon's in the end.


22. Forever & Epilogue

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"This is it," I whispered to myself as I walked through one of many sheer black drapes adorning the room. Anywhere you looked, endless supplies of sheer midnight black fabric covered every surface of the room. The effect leaving the illusion that we were floating, weightless in time. The drapes would float and flutter, glowing from the light of suspended chandeliers and melting candles. Flowers were intricately placed among the room, delicate in their features.

It was the perfect setting to finally start my life with Edward.

"Where is he?" I mumbled to myself. Alice had come over to help me into my dress earlier and had assured me that he would be here. I impatiently looked around the room, smiling politely to anyone that would smile back. I recognized a few attendees, some of them benefactors of fellow students, and some students themselves. I was noticing a trend that they were all of the elite variety.

I felt out of place here, knowing Forks had nothing on these people. I shifted uncomfortably in my dress, a dress Alice made sure to tell me would make me the envy of the room. By the looks I was receiving from some of the girls here, I didn't doubt her. It was in Edward's favorite color...blue. It was a one of a kind Marchesa dress, draped in all the right places and one shouldered. My favorite part of the dress was the loose fabric that flowed from the one shoulder, making it seem like I belong in this room. I would have to thank Alice when I saw her.

I walked around, taking in all that I saw. I hungrily took the glass of white wine offered to me by a waiter, anxious for Edward to get here. A flash of red caught my eye and I smiled when I realized who it was.

"Alice!" I breathed happily, engulfed in one of her hugs.

"Bella, you look so beautiful!" She said, winking at me.

"Thanks," I blushed, "I love your dress, what is it?"

"Oh, this old thing? It's nothing. I just called in a favor from my good friend Carolina," she smiled.

"It suits you perfectly. Alice...where's Edward?" I asked, worried that I still hadn't seen him.

"Doesn't Bella look pretty Jazzy?" Alice changed the subject.

"You look stunning Bella," He complimented, and I realized for the first time he was standing right there.

"Thanks, you too...," I said distracted. Why wasn't Alice answering me, where was he? "Alice, where's Edward?"

"He's...he's missing. Kind of...," she said.

"What do you mean 'missing?'"

"He's here somewhere, but he doesn't want us to tell you where he's at. He wanted us to give you this," she said, handing me a piece of paper.

I unfolded the note, reading the few words inside of it.

He wanted me to find him?

"Alice...are you serious here? He want's me to find him, is he crazy. There are probably 500 rooms in this hotel. It's impossible to find the right one. Why is he doing this?" I asked confused.

"He wants to make sure that you made the right choice. If you find him, then you followed your heart and the two of you were destined for each other," she said.

"Leave it to Edward to turn a romantic evening into a sappy egg hunt," Rosalie muttered behind me. I jumped, not realizing that she and Emmett had arrived.

"Oh my! You guys scared me!" I panted, holding my beating heart in it's place.

"Why does Edward have to make things way more complicated than anything should ever have to be?" Emmett laughed, shaking his head. "Whoa Bells, you look smokin'."

"Thanks Em," I blushed again.

"So basically I have to wander the hallways and I hope I find where Edward is hiding?" I asked Alice.


"Great. You know, I always hated Easter egg hunts...," I muttered, walking away from a snickering group of immature vampires.

"Edward! Edward, where are you?" I called quietly through the hallways. I was on the 8th floor, walking aimlessly throughout the deserted hallways of this hotel. It reminded me of a scene in Titanic where Rose was looking for ways to help save Jack, and no one was around to help her.

"Edward... Oh Edward!... Marco!...MARCO!" I called out, giggling at the absurdity of playing Marco Polo by myself. I was sure Emmett and Alice were laughing at me about this time.

"Marrrrrrrrcccoooooo...," I sang again, this time hearing a faint snickering from a closed door. Ah Ha! I found him.

I silently approached the door, praying that it was the right one. I looked at the bottom, and I could see a faint flickering of light seeping through the small crack. I tried the handle, expecting it to be locked, but to my surprise it turned smoothly. I opened it slowly, hoping that I was walking in to a room where I would find and awaiting Edward, not newlyweds.

"Edward?" I whispered.

"You found me...," His velvet voice whispered into the air. I breathed out a sigh of relief that it was the right room. "Close your eyes, Bella," he said. I complied and walked slowly into the room, closing it behind me. It was weird that I couldn't see but I trusted Edward.

I heard him approach me, and I shivered when I felt his breath fall upon my shoulder, laying a gentle kiss there. I wanted to open my eyes and see him, but I felt a satiny cloth being placed over my eyes, stopping me.

"Bella, love, why are you here?" he asked after he led me to a seat.

"Because you asked me to find you," I said. "Why am I blindfolded?"

"You're blindfolded because I have been told I dazzle you, whatever that means. This is to prevent you from changing your mind, in case I do dazzle you. Now you didn't answer the question...why are you here?" he asked again. I was confused, I thought I had answered this?

"I'm...I'm here because...I chose you?"

"That sounded like a question."

"It's not. I don't want Victor, I want you. I want Edward. If fate had wanted Victor and I together, I would not have died the first time. It's you who I was meant for. And...and I dream of you," I said quietly.

"I know that Bella. But that could just be an effect from being smitten. How can you be sure that I am really what you want, that my lifestyle is what you want?"

"What I meant was that I've always dreamt about you... Ever since I can remember, you've always been in my dreams. The time Alice introduced us at the park wasn't the first time I had seen you. I had seen you every single night in my dreams for the last eighteen years. We are meant for each other. I don't care about your lifestyle, I'll be a vegetarian, you can teach me. I just want you," I said with conviction.

I waited for what seemed like hours before Edward silently came over to me and removed my blindfold.

"You're really sure about this?" He asked. "You're sure I'm what you want and that my lifestyle doesn't sicken you?"

"I'm positive. It's what you make of the circumstances you're put in that make you who you are. I love you," I kissed him tenderly, shivering at the feel of his lips against mine. I've been waiting for this all day. I moved closer to him, my breath becoming ragged. His hands were fisting the material of my dress as my hands explored the contours of his arms. Things were beginning to heat up, and I wanted them to.

He was the one that pulled away first, standing up and walking over to the window.

"Bella... You're so intoxicating...too much for your own good." he sighed, combing his hand through his messy hair. "We wouldn't want to miss the party...," he motioned to the door.

I stood up, saddened that we would be leaving this room, beautifully set up with candles and flowers everywhere. I slowly walked to the door, opening it as Edward walked behind me. Just as quickly as I opened the door, I shut it. I could feel Edward behind me, so I whispered, "I wouldn't mind missing it..."

I slowly turned around, looking up into his smoldering black eyes.

"Edward Anthony Cullen. I love you and I want to marry you. Now tonight... I want to give you all of me," I said, tilting up to place a chaste kiss on his lips. I waited then kissed his jaw. When he didn't pull away, I pushed him slightly back, towards the bed, surprised that he was moving. I continued kissing him until we reached the bed, and I slowly began undoing the button of his shirt.

"Bella... Wait love, we shouldn't...we should wait," he said, stopping my hands.

"Why? We both want this, let this happen Edward," I whispered.

"What if I lose control? I could kill you Bella," he reasoned.

"I trust you," I said kissing him as his resolve vanished as we started our forever...


It's been 108 years, 2 months, and 10 days since my heart took its last beat. Ironically, I've never felt more alive.

Edward and I wed as planned, after I graduated college. We moved back to Seattle after my freshman year of college, so that I could we could be closer to our families. I only had 3 years left, I wanted to spend as much of that time with Charlie and Renee as possible.

The wedding was classically beautiful, thanks to an overly prepared pixie...Alice. I gave my soul and vowed to love Edward for eternity with everyone that I cared about to witness. I couldn't tell you how it was decorated, I only remember the look of pride as Charlie gave my hand away, and the tears Renee shed as she watched her baby girl marry the man of her dreams. It was the perfect goodbye.

About 2 weeks after the wedding, we faked my death. Supposedly, Edward and I had had been on a yacht in South America, and had become casualties of a storm that had swept through.

One week later, the Cullen's reported that my family had mourned but were at least comforted by the fact that Edward and I had found each other and were truly happy. I at least had found the love of my life, who else could say that?

Two days later, I burned on a bed in a small island off the coast of Brazil, my transformation taking place. One year, the rest of the Cullen family visited along with Axton to see how I had transitioned, and we moved to Alaska 6 months after that.

Alaska...now that was a story all in itself. I'll start simple...

Esme and Carlisle never changed, they are still the caring compassionate couple from 109 years ago.

Emmett and Rosalie were breaking down houses like you wouldn't believe, something I tried very had not to think about.

Axton eventually found love...in Leah. I can't say I was excited, but I was happy that he had found someone. At least Leah never aged.

Axton and Emmett finally found peace with each other, and I would be lying if it was still surprising to see them laughing over the same joke, or planning the next prank to play on Jasper. The guilt of Axton's imprint faded every time I realized how happy he had become in this life that was forced upon him.

Jake ended up marrying Vanessa, Axton's younger sister. She wasn't of the immortal variety, so when Vanessa died, Jake fell apart. when they married, Jake made a promise to follow her in death soon after. It took him a few years, but he eventually stopped phasing and died a natural death from old age 15 years after Vanessa did. They left behind 2 kids, a boy and a girl, that I look after as if they were my own. They're shape shifters just like their dad.

Alice and Jasper have become a constant in Edward's and I life. They have the been my biggest help in my transistion to this lifestyle and I don't know what I would have done without Alice's friendship. She had beocme the sister I never had.

And Edward... my Edward. Everytime I saw him, it felt as if it were the first time all over again. My human eyes never gave him justice. He was 20 times more beautiful than I could have imagined, and more intelligent than I could have deemed imaginable. It's been 109 years and still find out new things about him. I was still a love drunk teenager everytime I was in his prescence, I turned into melted butter everytime he shot a smouldering glolden gaze my way. Needless to say, we broke down a few houses ourselves...

And before the storybook closes and this fairytale is laid to rest, there is one more person from my past that has yet been addressed.

Victor did eventually find his soulmate, and I could not have picked a better choice for him. They were both two people looking for love, never sucessful in their search. She had gone through thousands of men, never content with any of them, while he had been hung up on Marie for the last few hundred years. They met in Russia, while he was in a state of self discovery, and she returning to her home land. The story goes that they saw each other from afar, a distant spec on the beach. They approached each other like magnets, neither one having any power to walk away. The minute their eyes locked, it was like destiny was sealed. Thier lives became one in that moment and nothing else mattered. Their bond had been so powerful, I had felt full in that moment, as a little piece of Marie came home to me.

So I wasn't surprised when we recieved a visit from the Denali's, and Tanya had introduced us to her new mate, Victor Scarling. At least he found who he was meant for in this life.

Life had only just begun for all of us and it was time to see where life would take us.

My life started the moment I had my first dream of Edward, waiting for me on that bridge. Prague would always hold a special place in my heart, it was where it all began.

Life would continue on forever, but I would always remember how it all started. I would always rememebr my mother Renne and my father Charlie. I would remember the look of pride on my fathers face as he gave me away, the look of happiness as my mother saw me fullfill my fairytale. I would never forget Forks, or Prague, and most of all...I would never forget the beginning.

My future is now.


Follow your heart and find me.