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War of the Heart

Lieutenant General Charlie Swan moves his family to Forks while he and his sons our deployed to Iraq. Can the Cullens & the Hales help Bella survive while her whole family is on tour overseas? What happens when the only family member she can rely on runs away? Or when a brother is injured in a road side explosion? Thanks to XxBleedingSoulxX for the amazing banner :) NOTE!! I'VE GIVEN UP UPDATING ON THIS SITE, IF YOU WISH TO KEEP READING YOU CAN FIND THE STORY AT FANFICTION. THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE.

Everything belongs to the one and only Stephanie Meyer.

1. Saying Goodbye

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Today would be the beginning of the many days of grief to come. Just a few days ago we moved to the small town of Forks, which has been my eighth home since I was born. You see my dad is a Lieutenant General in the army so my family is constantly moving to different cities. From school to school I’ve always been known as the ‘army brat’, a name to which I’ve become known as for a while now. But my dad always told me to be a tough little soldier so I always trailed my way through the torment with my head held high. But today was a horrible day; today was the day that I would have to say goodbye to my father before he returns to Afghanistan to fulfill his duty for his country.

I have to admit, growing up my family has always been pretty male dominated. I'm completely and utterly a daddy’s girl, since I’m the youngest of five siblings, more specifically of four older brothers, both my parents always made sure to give me extra special attention. We’re definitely an army family, my father, Lieutenant General Charlie Swan, has been in the army for over twenty five years. He met my mother, Renee, when they were both eighteen, they were married by nineteen and had my oldest brother, Tory, by the age of twenty. A year later they had my twin brothers, Ryan and Austin, which was followed two years later by my last brother Jack. Tory, Ryan and Austin all followed in my father’s footsteps, joining the army right after graduation.

My father loves all his boys and they would always go out on many different male outings whenever he was home from serving on tour overseas. While growing up my parents always wanted a baby girl. Two years after Jack was born my mother gave birth to me. Ever since then, my dad and brothers have always been very protective of me. However they would always drag me along whenever they went out hiking or camping to make sure that I felt included and a part of the family. When my mother died of leukemia shortly after my twelfth birthday, I willingly took over my mother’s household duties such as cleaning and cooking. It was my way of taking care of the men in my life who would give anything for me. I could always tell my father felt guilty about me having to grow up so fast, but I never minded much, I loved taking care of my guys.

Forks doesn’t have an army base, but my dad decided to move us here so that I would have a chance of a normal teenage life. Forks was to become our permanent home and my dad would just travel around the country or overseas when needed. Currently my three brothers were all stationed on tour in Afghanistan and wouldn’t be home for several months. Jack, my youngest brother, took off this summer, shortly after he turned eighteen and we haven’t heard from him since.

I was currently at the Seattle airport getting ready to see my dad off, which has become the story of my life. After making our way through customs my dad noticed my sudden silence and turned to question me

“Bells, honey, are you okay?”

What was I supposed to say, ‘No I don't want my daddy to leave me because I'm scared he might not come back’?

“Yea dad I'm just going to miss u that’s all.” Tears started building up but I refused to let my dad see just how much pain this was causing me.

"Sweetheart you know you’ve never been that good of a liar, tell me what’s wrong.” He leaned down and wiped away one of the traitor tears that somehow escaped.

“It’s nothing dad I'm just a little sad, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now that all my guys are gone.” I'm always worried to death when any of them left on tour, and to have four of them overseas at war, I honestly don't know how I'm going to be able to make it through this. If anything were to happen to any of them I don't know what I’d do! And on top of all this I have to start a brand new school tomorrow in a town where I know no one! All I wanted to do was crawl up into a ball in the middle of the airport floor and shout, cry, kick and scream for him not to go and leave me here all alone, but my daddy needed me to be his strong little girl right now, so I'm going to have to wait until I was in the safety of my home before I have a meltdown.

“Bells are you sure you’re going to be okay staying by yourself for the next few weeks?” My dad always worried whenever he had to leave me, but this time was especially nerve wrecking since Jack, who was supposed to be staying with me while he attended the University of Washington, bailed on us and took off abandoning his family.

“I’ll manage. This way I can get the house ready for when all my favourite soldiers return home.” I assured him giving him a weak smile. I don't think I fooled him for a second though because he quickly embraced me in a warm and comforting hug.

“Just remember if anything happens or if you need anything at all give Ray and Sheila a call and they’ll be right here in a heartbeat.” Ray and Sheila were two of my dad’s best friends. My brothers and I always saw them as a third set of grandparents. They’ve been married for forty years and only ever had one son who never married so able they’ve always treated us like the grandchildren they never got. Ray is also a retired Vice Admiral of the U.S navy so he and Sheila knew how hard it was for when my dad and brothers were gone.

“Okay dad I will” I said sniffling back more tears. Just then a voice came over the intercom announcing my dad’s flight and interrupting what might or might not be the last conversation I ever have with my father.

“Bells, sweetheart, that’s me I gotta go...”

“Okay, but you better hear me loud and clear soldier...” I said with a burst of energy taking his face between my hands, giving him the sternest look I could “You better return to me in one piece or else!”

“Ma’am, yes, Ma’am” he whispered as he bent down to kiss my cheek.

And just like that he was gone, and the immense feeling of panic and fear returned to the pit of my stomach where it would stay until my family was whole again.