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War of the Heart

Lieutenant General Charlie Swan moves his family to Forks while he and his sons our deployed to Iraq. Can the Cullens & the Hales help Bella survive while her whole family is on tour overseas? What happens when the only family member she can rely on runs away? Or when a brother is injured in a road side explosion? Thanks to XxBleedingSoulxX for the amazing banner :) NOTE!! I'VE GIVEN UP UPDATING ON THIS SITE, IF YOU WISH TO KEEP READING YOU CAN FIND THE STORY AT FANFICTION. THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE.

Everything belongs to the one and only Stephanie Meyer.

2. Road less Traveled

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As soon as I got home I ran to my room and curled up into a ball, tucking my knees into my chest, and then I just let all the tears that I’d been holding back go. I cried for my father, I cried for my brothers, I cried for the loss of my mother, I cried for being utterly alone while my family was off fighting a war, I cried for having to start a new school, and then I cried for Jack for being somewhere unknown, by himself.

I must have eventually cried myself to sleep because before I knew it was 6:30 in the morning and I had to get ready for my first day at forks high. I reluctantly made myself get out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror my face was all smeared from tears, my eyes were all puffy and bloodshot from crying all night and my hair looked like a haystack obvious from my night of squirming. With that I hopped in the shower letting the hot steam relax my tense muscles. I stayed in there until I ran out of hot water, which was okay since there was no one in the house to go after me. Jack was supposed to be staying with me while everyone was away, but since he took off; I’d be staying by myself until my dad and other brothers got back.

By this time it was 7am so I headed back to my room to get dressed. I consider my personal style to be pretty conservative and somewhere between a tomboy and a girly girl. I like to wear makeup; I just don't suffocate myself with it and contrary to popular belief, I do like to wear the color pink. My outfit of choice would consist of a nice fitting pair of jeans topped off with a t-shirt and possibly a sweater. However I do not like to wear skirts and dresses and show off any unnecessarily amounts of cleavage, there’s just something’s that should be left to the imagination.

For my first day I decided on a simple jeans and long sleeve shirt combo. So I picked up my faded Levi’s and decided to pair it with a white long sleeve shirt with a pocket on the breast. Then I decided to accessorize my outfit with a pair of brown uggs and a wide brown belt that fit just above my hips.

Once that was done I turned my attention to my hair. It wasn’t so much a haystack anymore as it now was just slightly wavy. I didn’t really have the energy to deal with something as trivial as hair, so I just quickly ran the blow drier through it and threw it in a quick ponytail.

After that, I made my way downstairs to the kitchen where I decided just to grab a granola bar, since I don't think that id be capable of stomaching anything heavy. By the time this was all said and done, it was just nearing 8am, so I went and grabbed my new book bag and found the keys to my new Ford Focus. Back in phoenix, when I turned sixteen, my father decided to buy me and Jack cars. Mine was a gift for my sweet sixteen and Jack’s was a graduation gift. Unlike all the other girls my age, I decided I wanted something tough, durable, and powerful. So Dad, Jack and I made our way over to the local Ford dealership in Phoenix. We spent all day looking around and taking turns test driving different models. Jack and I finally decided to get a matching pair of Ford Focus’s, however Jack got his in red but I decided I wanted periwinkle blue.

By the time I got to school, the parking lot was already pretty full. Most of the cars here were pretty rusted and second hand. I was actually pretty shocked, I thought my car was going to stick out like a sore thumb, but at the end of the parking lot were a silver Volvo and a red BMW. I decided to park next to them, so that my truck didn’t stick out too much.

As I was exiting my truck, I already noticed that people were looking my way. But I was pretty much used to this; every first day at a new school was always the same. From school to school I’ve always been known as the ‘army brat’, a name to which I’ve become accustomed to for a while now. But my dad always told me to be a tough little soldier so I always suffered my way through the torment. But today was a new day; today was the day I was about to start my junior year at Forks High. Unfortunately since my dad was just notified of the new posting three weeks ago, I’d be starting school two weeks behind everyone else.

I made my way over to the reception office and was soon greeted by a lovely older woman with bright, curly red hair.

“Hello dear, how may I help you?” she asked.

“Hi, my name is Isabella Swan, I just moved here from Phoenix.”

“Oh, yes, Bella! We’ve been expecting you. Please take a seat and someone will be right with you.”

I made my way over to a small worn down bench that was facing the reception area. I watched as the red haired woman made her way into one of the back offices and mumble something I couldn’t make out. Moments later she returned out front and told me that it wouldn’t be much longer.

A few minutes later an older, balding man came out and ushered me into his small office. The office was white and grungy but still held an air of professionalism. There was a large maple desk in the middle of the room that held many piles of paper. There were a couple bookshelves, but his collection was really nothing more than a couple of dictionaries. He pointed out for me to sit in one of the two chairs facing his desk while he sat down in his office chair.

“Hello Miss Swan, I'm Principle Green and we’re very excited to have you here at Forks High.” I had to give him credit, he was trying to make me feel welcome, but this was my seventh school since kindergarten so I was pretty used to the new student routine.

“Thank you Principle Green, it’s nice to be here.”

“Bella we just want you to know that we understand that you’re being faced with difficult circumstances with your family being away and everything, so if you need anything, anything at all, just let us know.” He reassured me.

You could tell by the way he was acting that military families aren’t common in Forks. Great, now I was certain to be the center of even more unwanted attention. Most people who don't have loved ones in the army can often be standoffish when they meet me. It’s not that they don't necessarily don't like me, it’s just that they don't know how to react around me. It’s hard to relate to something you truly don't understand.

“Actually, I was wondering if you’d be able to talk to my teachers about allowing me to be able to have my phone on me at all times so that my brothers and father can reach me at all times.”

“Under these circumstances, that shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll have the receptionist, Mrs Cope, email them for you. “

All of a sudden the bell rang.

“Well that signals the beginning of the day. Why don't I walk you to your first class” he said.

Principle Green walked me back out to the reception area, where Mrs. Cope handed me my course schedule, a map of the school and wished me good luck on my first day. I thanked her and walked with Mr. Green He to my first period English class and introduced me to the teacher.

“Mrs. Warman, this is Isabella Swan, she just moved here from Phoenix.”

“Ah, yes Miss Swan, we’ve been expecting you, welcome to the class.” Oh great, not here more than an hour and I'm already the talk of the school. She handed me a text book and showed me to and empty seat at the back of the class.

The period went by very slowly. Students would keep casually looking to the back of the class, all trying to check out the new girl. The guys would keep looking at me like I was some kind of fresh meat and the girls would just keep glaring at me, probably trying to size up the competition. Well to their dismay, I wasn’t interested in dating; I have too much going on right now to try to juggle a relationship on top of everything else going on in my life. I just kept pretending that I didn't see them looking at me, even though it was pretty obvious, and kept doodling until the end of class.

Finally the bell rang and I was off to my next class. I was headed out the door when I accidently bumped into some guy, sending both our things flying everywhere.

“Omg, I'm so sorry!! I'm such a klutz!!” I said while bending over to pick up my books.

“No, no it’s not a problem. You’re Isabella Swan, right?” he asked as he started picking up his scattered belongings.

“Yea that’s me, but you can call me Bella.” I replied.

“I’m Mike Newton. What class do you have next?” he asked while handing me my last book.

“Um, French with Mme. Richard?”

“Sweet me too, I’ll show you the way.”

Mike ended up being in most of my morning classes, so he graciously volunteered to show me around. Mike seemed to like the attention he was getting for hanging out with the new girl. He kept on smiling and high-fiving people as we went through the hallways. I didn't like the fact that he was looking at me like I was a shinny prize, he had an air of a player, and there’s nothing that was more of a turn off.

After English, Spanish and History passed by in a blur, and before I knew it, I was headed to Trigonometry, my last class before lunch. I walked in and handed my form to the math teacher.

“Welcome Miss Swan, here’s a text and you can go sit in the back next to Miss Cullen, it’s the last available seat in the class.”

I thanked him and made my way to the back of the class.

I walked back and sat beside this hyper little pixie-like girl who was just bouncing with excitement beside me. She had short black hair and was wearing a tight pair of faded skinny jeans with a white form-fitting cashmere sweater and a pair of silver stilettos. It looked like an outfit that should be on a runway rather than in Forks.

“Hi I'm Alice,” she was practically giddy as she introduced herself. I couldn't help but smile; somehow she had this weird but natural way of making you feel comfortable.

“Hi Alice, I'm Bel-” I started introducing myself but I was suddenly interrupted.

“I think everyone knows who you are,” she laughed, “I can already tell were going to be best friends!!”

I was pretty stunned. Throughout the years I’ve never really had a lot of girlfriends, I was always used to hanging out with the guys, I usually just tagged along with my brothers wherever they went, I guess other girls were just naturally put off by me.

“And how do you know this?” I asked.

“I just have a way of knowing these things.” she laughed, “Call it a talent, if you will.”

“If you say so,” I laughed. “But it seems only fair to warn you, I'm not really into girly things.”

“Oh Bella, by the time I'm done with you, your gonna be one cool chick.” She winked at me and I couldn't help but laugh.

We spent the rest of the class talking. She talked about her love of shopping and how she couldn't wait to take me this weekend so that she could help me improve on my fall wardrobe. I haven’t even known her an hour and she’s already become my personal fashion guru. She went on to talk about her boyfriend, Jasper, and how they’ve been dating for the past two years. She talked about her other best friend, Rosalie, and how the three of us were going to be like sisters in no time. Apparently Alice didn't really have a lot of other girlfriends either, which made me realize that we did have a lot in common. When she started talking about her brothers and how close they were, I started to tear up. I started telling her about my family and how they were away, and before I knew it we talked the period away and it was finally time for lunch.

Alice skipped by my side as we made my way to my locker so that I could drop off my books and grab my coat. I wasn’t used to the cold weather so I was really glad that I decided to bring a heavier coat with me this morning.

By the time we made our way to the cafeteria, it was already pretty full. Alice directed me to the food line where she picked out a salad and fries while I just decided on a bottle of lemonade; my stomach was still full of first day butterflies.

After we paid for our food, Alice led the way to one of the tables in the corner. Sitting there was a large muscular guy with his arm draped around this gorgeous young blond, who looked like she belonged on a catwalk somewhere. Across from them sat another boy with curly blond hair.

Alice quickly shoved me into one of the empty seats as she skipped over to the blond boy and gave him a kiss on the cheek as she sat on his lap.

“Everyone this is Bella, my new best friend.” She said as she hoped off the boy and made her way over to sit by me.

“Bella, this is Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper.”

“It’s nice to meet you” I said.

We spent most of the lunch hour joking around and getting to know each other. Rosalie seemed a little standoffish at first but she soon started warming up to me when Alice and I started talking about plans for a massive shopping trip this weekend for the three of us girls. I found out that Jasper and Rosalie were actually siblings, which made a lot of since they look a lot alike. Jasper seemed really nice, kind of shy, but I soon fell in love with his southern charm. Emmett turned out to be Alice’s older brother. He turned out to be really funny and reminded me a lot of my brothers; fun and silly but super protective of his friends and family.

It was near the end of lunch when my cell phone started vibrating in my back pocket, scaring the crap out of me causing me to jump out of my seat and land on a jock who was walking by. We both ended up falling to the ground, and the lunch the guy was carrying flew everywhere.

Before I knew it everyone at my table was laughing, the guy was on his ass cursing and everyone else was either gawking at us or in hysterics. But none of that mattered as I quickly made a mad dash to answer my ringing phone that flew out of my hand and landed underneath one of the nearby tables.


“Bells!” a male voice answered.

“Ryan?!” Happy tears started making their way down my face and everyone was looking at me like I was nuts, except for my new friends who were still sitting at our table looking at me in awe. At this point I honestly didn't care what anyone thought, I would deal with them later, right now all that mattered was my brother who was on the phone who I hadn’t heard from in weeks.

“The one and only.” He replied. Alice quietly got up and ushered me outside so that I could have a little bit more privacy without the whole school eavesdropping one our conversation. She showed me to bench by the parking lot and sat down beside me as I talked to my brother.

“Oh my god Ryan where have u been?” I asked as I started sobbing.

“Calm down baby sis, everything’s okay, I just got back last night from doing a couple weeks out in the field. I just wanted to call and see how your first day was going, since I know none of us are with you this year.”

“Don't worry about me I'm a trooper,” I said “this place is slowly starting to grow on me.” I wasn’t lying and I'm sure I had my new friends to thank for that.

“Listen Bells, I gotta go, I just wanted to quickly check in and there’s a long line of guys waiting to use the phone behind me. I miss you baby sis and I promise I’ll be home soon, okay?”

“Okay Ry, I understand” I whispered.

“I love you sis, I’ll call again as soon as I can.”

“I love you too, be safe” I whispered.

As soon as he hung up Alice quickly grabbed me in a hug as I started sobbing.

"I miss them so much, Alice," I said, and, with that, I just let the tears flow. Alice just pulled me closer to her, and I could feel her own tears on my forehead.