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War of the Heart

Lieutenant General Charlie Swan moves his family to Forks while he and his sons our deployed to Iraq. Can the Cullens & the Hales help Bella survive while her whole family is on tour overseas? What happens when the only family member she can rely on runs away? Or when a brother is injured in a road side explosion? Thanks to XxBleedingSoulxX for the amazing banner :) NOTE!! I'VE GIVEN UP UPDATING ON THIS SITE, IF YOU WISH TO KEEP READING YOU CAN FIND THE STORY AT FANFICTION. THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE.

Everything belongs to the one and only Stephanie Meyer.

6. The Morning After

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I sat there, comforting Rosalie, when the oven’s timer went off.

"I think the cupcakes are done...” she mumbled. I let her go and got off the couch to go take the cupcakes out of the oven. I grabbed a pair of oven mitts and pulled them out and placed the pans on the oven. Rose made her way into the kitchen, her physical appearance a little dishevelled from her slight emotional breakdown.

I pulled out a couple of heating racks, and Rose and I started gently plucking the cupcakes out of their pans and placing them on cooling racks so they would cool faster.

Rose and I decided it would be fun for the three of us to campout in the living room, so she helped me pull out three of the air mattresses that my brothers usually used on their camping trips. Rose used our automatic air-pump to blow up the mattresses, while I headed upstairs and rummaged through some of the boxes that I had yet to unpack, looking for blankets, pillows and sleeping bags.

By the time I rejoined Rosalie downstairs, she had all the three mattresses inflated and positioned in a way that we were all lying next to each other, but still had a view of my dad’s new plasma television.

After everything was done, we plopped ourselves on the couch and pigged out on the rest of chips while watching Ellen DeGeneres. About 15 minutes into the show, there was a knock at the door. Rosalie and I jumped off the couch and made our way over to answer it.

When we opened the door, there was a real sight to see, Jasper was standing there holding a gym bag full of sports equipment. He was also had two school begs; which I presumed were full of clothes, a large pizza, two bags full of groceries and bag from the local movie rental place. Rose and I started un-pilling Jasper, and took all the food into the kitchen.

“God Jasper, you got enough food to feed an army!” Rose laughed as she started sorting through all the groceries that he had bought.

“Hey! I'm a growing man, plus I need to re-stock on all the calories I burned off at practice.” He bellowed as he opened a bag of Doritos.

“I'm sure you do Jazz,” I laughed. “Hey Rose, did he remember the icing?” I asked as I eyed the un-finished cupcakes.

“Um...” she mumbled as she rummaged through the bags. “Here,” she said as she threw the container of chocolate icing at me.

Unfortunately for my lack of reflexes, the container hit be in the forehead before I had time to catch it. “Thanks...” I mumbled as I rubbed the sport where there’d probably be a bruise tomorrow.

“Oops, sorry Bells,” she replied as she gave me a sheepish grin. I could hear Jasper in the corner trying to muffle a laugh.

“Nothing a little cover up won’t fix,” I smirked.

After the cupcakes had completely cooled, Rosalie and I frosted them with the chocolate icing. After we had finished, the three of us devoured the pepperoni pizza while watching Prom Night.

“So Bells, tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your family like?”

“Well, my dad is one of the most caring men you’ll ever meet. He’s has one of the biggest heart’s and loves us all so much. He would do anything to see us happy. One time, when I was six, my dad was away training in Germany, and my brothers and I were at a friend’s birthday party where I was given a red balloon. As we were leaving the party, I lost the grip on my balloon and it flew into the sky.


“Where’d the balloon go?” I asked my oldest brother Tory as I started to cry.

“Do you think your balloon is going to Germany to give daddy joy?” he asked as he wiped away my tears.

**flashback over**

“I remember feeling better after that. A few weeks later, Tory showed me an email with a picture of my dad holding a red balloon, and in the email my dad said how happy he was to have received my gift. When my dad returned home just before my 7th birthday, he came off the plane carrying a red balloon. That’s probably the best birthday gift I’ve ever received. Ever since then, whenever he goes away for long periods of time, he always brings me back a red balloon.” I said as tears started to cloud my eyes.

“Wow, your dad sounds like a great man” Jasper said as he handed me a tissue.

“He’s my hero” I said as I whipped the tears from my eyes.

“What’s it like having your whole family in the military?” Rose asked.

“Well not my whole family is in the military, my brother Jack’s actually the only one who isn’t. But it’s still hard. Growing up, having my father in the military was always very stressful, and then when the three of my brothers joined, it only got worse. On one hand I’m really proud of them for being so brave. On the other hand, a part of me wishes that they would be a little less brave and stay home with me. I guess I'm being selfish... I mean their over there risking their lives for all of us, and all I can think is how I want my daddy and brothers here with me.” I said as I was crying into Rosalie’s shoulder.

“Bella, that’s not selfish! Anyone in your position would wish the same thing. Your one of the selfless people I know.” Rose said as she hugged me.

The rest of the evening was spent sharing stories about all our childhoods. Rose and Jazz told me about what it was like growing up in Alaska, and shared my wild stories about what it was like growing up with four crazy brothers. We finally fell asleep sometime after two.

When I woke up, it was a little after seven. I looked around and noticed that Rose was fast asleep, but Jasper was nowhere to be seen. That’s when I noticed a note lying on his air mattress.

Bella and Rosalie

Off to Football Practice, I’ll pick up my Stuff Later.

- Jasper

I left Rosalie asleep and made my way upstairs and jumped in the shower.

After a nice long, much needed shower, I hopped out and threw my wet hair back in a cute, messy bun, with some of the loose strands of hair curling around my face. I threw on a pair of comfy grey sweat pants and paired it with a very form-fitting hot pink, Abercrombie long sleeve shirt. If I was being forced to go shopping, then I was damn well going to make sure I was comfy while doing so. I'm sure Alice would just croak as soon as she saw my outfit, which would just be the icing on the cake.

I threw on my adidas, and coat, and grabbed the Gucci bag that my brothers had pulled their money towards buying me for Christmas last year, and made my way down stairs. Jasper had left early this morning around five for football practice, so it was just Rosalie and I.

When I got into the living room I noticed that Rose was still curled up into a ball, fast asleep.

“Come on Rose, time to wake up,” I whispered as I gently tapped her with my foot. She was still fast asleep.

“Rose, come on, you gotta get up.” I said a little bit louder, as I bent down and nudged her in the shoulder. Still no response.

“Rose, I swear to god if you don't get up this instant, you’ll regret it.” she just rolled over and mumbled something that sounded like ‘more sleep’.

Finally, after my patience was drawn to an end, I just said “you ask for it,” and unplugged the plug in her air mattress letting it deflate to the floor. She shrieked and grabbed all her blankets and hopped over onto my mattress.

HOLLY HELL ROSE,I'M NOT GETTING CHEWED OUT BY ALICE FOR BEING LATE, NOW COME ON AND GET UP!” I yelled letting the air out of the other mattress now.

“Ugh... fine!” she grumbled, struggling to get to her feet.

“Thank you,” I smirked. “Now was that so hard?” I asked, placing my hands on my hips.

She just gave me a death glare and grumbled something about a shower.

“Upstairs, first door on the left.” I said as she made her way upstairs. “Oh and there’s clean towels in the hall linen closet.” I shouted as I heard her mumble something that sounded like ‘thanks’.

I decided that since I was in a good mood this morning, that I would make waffles and bacon.

I plugged my IPod into the dock that was in the kitchen, when my favorite song, Fire Burning by Sean Kingston played, I started dancing around the kitchen.

“Somebody call 911!
Shawty fire burning on the dance floor, whoa
I gotta cool her down
She wan' bring the roof to ground
On the dance floor, whoa”

I sang as I danced my way over to the fridge and grabbed a half a package of bacon, and then made my way over to the stove where I spread it across the frying pan. While it was cooking I started making the waffle batter. I flipped the bacon over and got out the waffle iron. It was a little dusty from lack of use, so I gave it a quick wash in the sink.

“She get it, pop it, lock it, drop it, that birthday cake
Got a candle, need to blow that crazy flame away
Now take my red, black card and my jewellery
Shawty is cool like the fire, cool like fire”

I had the bacon finished and was half way through with the waffles when someone smacked me in the ass. I jumped in the air while letting out a yelp, and the waffle I was holding went flying across the kitchen.

I turned around and immediately recognised my attacker.

“Emmett Cullen! What the hell are you doing in my house at 8 o’clock in the morning?!” I shrieked, as I tried to catch my breath.

“Good morning to you too, Bells” he laughed, I just gave him a death glare. “Calm down, Jazz and I decided to jog here after practice and see what you were making for breakfast.” He said as he eyed the waffles.

“Help yourselves. There’s orange juice in the fridge, and a fresh pot of coffee just finished brewing.” I said as I grabbed the coffee pot and filled up my travel mug.

“Hey! What are you two freeloaders doing here?” Rosalie asked as she sauntered into the kitchen looking like a model who stepped out of a magazine. She was wearing a red long-sleeve sweater dress with a pair of black tights. She had her long blond hair pulled back into a pony-tail and wore a pair of black flats with it.

“For your information Rose-“Jasper paused to shove a half a waffle into his mouth, “Emmett picked me up this morning, so we jogged back so I could pick up my car and stuff.”

“Oh wonderful.” She replied sarcastically as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Well Rose, since these two guys crashed our breakfast, why don't we pick up something on the way to Port-Angeles.”

“Sounds like a plan,” she replied. “I’ll text Alice and let her know were on our way over to get her.”

As she texted Alice I threw the dishes in the dishwasher, and packaged up about a dozen cupcakes.

“Ready to go she asked as she threw on her coat.”

“Yep, let’s hit the road” I said as I grabbed my travel mug and keys. “Lock up the house, before you leave boys!” I shouted as I threw on my coat.

I heard a chorus of ‘sure’ as I was closing the door.

Rose and I drove over to Alice’s place. When I got there I noticed it was a huge Victorian style mansion. It was absolutely breathtaking.

“Wow!” I gasped

“I know, right?” Rosalie laughed. “Esme is a well known architect and interior designer, so she completely designed their house around her taste.”

We got out of the truck and made our way over to the house. Rosalie knocked on the door and a beautiful caramel haired woman answered and ushered us into their foyer.

“Esme!” Rose cried as she gave her a hug. “How was the medical conference last night?” she asked.

“It was absolutely lovely Rose, thanks for asking” she replied sweetly. She then turned towards me and gave me a comforting smile.

“You must me Bella. It’s wonderful to finally meet you. All my children ever do these days is talk about you.” She laughed as she wrapped in a hug.

I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. “It’s nice to meet you too Mrs. Cullen. You have an absolutely beautiful home.”

“Call me Esme and thank you dear, you are more than welcome here anytime.” I smiled back to her. Esme had a very warming and soothing personality, I felt totally at ease in her presence.

“Bella, don't you have something you wanted to give Esme?” Rose reminded me, as she poked me in the side.

“Oh, right. I can’t believe I almost forgot. Esme these are for you and your family. Rose and I made them last night.” I said as I handed her the cupcakes.

“Thank you dear. I'm sure with Emmett here, they won’t last long.” She laughed.

When Alice finally danced her way down the stairs, we all said goodbye to Esme, and I promised her I’d visit again soon, and then the three of us made our way out of the house. We decided that it would be best to take Alice’s yellow Porsche since it could hold more.

Shopping with Alice was exhausting! She insisted that I try on everything I touched and made sure I modeled every outfit for her and Rose. Some outfits weren’t too horrible and the second I told her that, she insisted that I buy it. It wasn’t all bad though. Rose brought her camera and took a million pictures of us just goofing around and having fun. It was nice change in pace to hang out with the girls for a change. Alice and Rose had quickly become sisters to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them.