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Never the Same

Bella is coming into Forks in her senior year of high school, for her mother. Her mother gets sick after a few weeks and Bella must return to her, but little does she know, somebody else is there. somebody she's seen before, but never talked to. somebody who gave her that deja vu feeling on her first day. someone with the strangest colors to their eyes. somebody who truly is a monster.

ok, this is gonna start out kinda like Twilight, but notice some differences. the deja vu thing will be explained in the next chapter. I refuse to copy any direct quotes from Twilight. everything I write is written by me and not anyone else. This chapter is the only one that will be this close to the book. all others will be FAR different. it started out as trying to add as many twists and turns as possible into Twilight. but, it turned into so much more. does anybody else know how boring the first few weeks of school are? well, I wrote this absolutely HUGE outline in Core over that time,(aka English and History) and it's developed into an absolutely amazing plot. I can't wait to write it all!=] Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Twilight, but.........it's just too irresistable to stop writing about!=]

7. Fled

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Edward’s POV

I immediately launched myself towards his stomach, knocking him towards the muddy ground. A growl rumbled deep in his throat, matching mine.

I proceeded to bend my neck towards his right arm, seeing his intentions of using that arm against me. He roared out into the otherwise silent night as I ripped his arm out of the socket and threw it into the trees.

He lunged towards my neck. I narrowly dodged his attack, feeling gratitude for my luck in holding such a gift wash through me. I hadn’t lost a fight with it yet and I wasn’t going to start now.

I grabbed the collar of his raggedy red shirt, using it to pick him up and pin him against a nearby tree. I thought I heard a slight whimper of worry escape him when his back came in contact with the tree. I smiled to myself.

“Please!” he yelled, begging for mercy. “I didn’t know! Her scent is too powerful!”

Since I didn’t want to kill someone today in particular, especially right in front of Bella, changing or not, I had mercy on him. I said a few words to him before releasing him.

“I’m not going to kill you. But, if I ever see you anywhere near her again, or any other human in her state, I will quite happily kill you.” He nodded mutely before dashing off into the dark forest.

I ran to Bella and scooped her into my arms, not willing to put her down again before I was able to get to Carlisle.

As expected, her screams continued as I travelled, slowly growing with intensity. I winced as the pierced the air, agonizing me to no end. I struggled to keep the correct grip on her as she twisted in my hold. This was going to be a long night.


I reached Forks around three o’clock the next morning, struggling not to stop and find a way to soothe Bella myself. I burst through the doors of the house, speeding up the stairs to my father figure’s study where I could hear his thoughts as he read one of his many books.

Without bothering to knock, since I was in such a hurry and knew he wouldn’t mind, I tore open the door and sped to his desk where I laid Bella down. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened as he stared at me with silent shock.

“Edward! Why would you do such a thing?!” he yelled. Carlisle began to mumble to himself as I watched quietly. “Disappears out of nowhere, and then what does he bring back? A random girl from who knows where, changing!”

“Carlisle!” He looked up at me as I said his name. “She’s no random girl,” I continued, “she’s Chief Swan’s daughter; she lives here.”

“Edward,” He began calmly, trying not to become angry, “where did you find the Chief’s daughter and why is she in this state?”

“I couldn’t just leave her! She would have bled to death!”

“Son, I understand your situation, but you can’t just go changing random people! She’ll be noticed if she disappears.”

I stared at the ground in defeat. Carlisle was right, as always, but there was nothing I could do to fix it now. She was going to be one of us in a mere day. But, even though I had made a colossal mistake, I didn’t regret my actions. I couldn’t leave her there, especially with these feelings I was somehow developing for her. In the short time I had spent with her in full consciousness I felt like I had found someone that would end up as so much more than just another human girl; or rather, vampire girl now. The feelings coursing through me due to her presence were like none other, as if she had warmed my frozen body straight to my still heart.

“Well, we’ll have to monitor her as a newborn,” Carlisle said, interrupting my contemplation. “Hopefully she won’t be too much trouble.”

I nodded and stared at her now still form. She would be going through the last leg of her transformation soon, so this may be the only time I would be able to see her in this state ever again. I berated myself internally for allowing myself to cause her such pain.

I sighed before sitting down my father’s low leather desk chair, preparing for the treachery that was about to begin.