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Never the Same

Bella is coming into Forks in her senior year of high school, for her mother. Her mother gets sick after a few weeks and Bella must return to her, but little does she know, somebody else is there. somebody she's seen before, but never talked to. somebody who gave her that deja vu feeling on her first day. someone with the strangest colors to their eyes. somebody who truly is a monster.

ok, this is gonna start out kinda like Twilight, but notice some differences. the deja vu thing will be explained in the next chapter. I refuse to copy any direct quotes from Twilight. everything I write is written by me and not anyone else. This chapter is the only one that will be this close to the book. all others will be FAR different. it started out as trying to add as many twists and turns as possible into Twilight. but, it turned into so much more. does anybody else know how boring the first few weeks of school are? well, I wrote this absolutely HUGE outline in Core over that time,(aka English and History) and it's developed into an absolutely amazing plot. I can't wait to write it all!=] Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Twilight, but.........it's just too irresistable to stop writing about!=]

8. Scolded

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Edward’s POV

Carlisle paced slowly around his study, the soft sound of his steps seemingly echoing throughout the room. He seemed to be contemplating what to say. He had already decided that he was going to speak instead of only think, in order to make more of an impact on the severity of the situation.

“Please explain to me your circumstances,” he said in a whisper, not stopping his pacing.

“She fell on the concrete and her head was bleeding profusely, I couldn’t just leave her there to bleed to death. I changed her only to save her. There was no way she could have been gotten to a hospital in time,” I responded quickly.

“Where were you?” He continued with his simple questions. His back was turned to me at this point, giving an unsettling feeling to the air.

“Florida,” I whispered, trailing off on the end, dropping my head to avoid his gaze as he turned back around.

His voice was raised as he responded. “And why would you be in Florida of all places?” He looked right into my eyes, intimidating me with his fierce gaze. I had never seen Carlisle so upset.

“I,” I started, stopping as I tried to find something to say, “I thought it would be safer for her.”

“What happened before you left? Why are you so concerned with her safety? Don’t you understand what could happen to us when her father goes looking for her? Or her thirst? How were planning on handling that?”

“I, I…..” I paused. “I couldn’t stand her smell. I had to get away. Far away. I don’t know what I was doing when I turned her. I just couldn’t let her die like that. It was the only way. ”

“And you didn’t feel the need to even inform us before you took off across the country?”

“I didn’t want to upset Esme. I figured it would be easier if I just left immediately,” I said quietly.

Carlisle sighed. “Edward…” he paced around his office for a few minutes before he came to a halt in front of me, his usual calm slowly returning to his face.

“Well, let’s take care of this poor girl,” he said before jetting out of the study, leaving me to trail behind.


Esme had heard the commotion upon my entrance into the house and had come to take Bella during our talk, attempting to be very subtle in her movements.

She had taken her back in her and Carlisle’s room, laying her on the bed softly. She continued to writhe in pain on the sheets, her pain only increasing at this point. I ran to her side and kneeled down on the side of the bed, and stroked her arm as I attempted to soothe her.

Carlisle stared at me in amazement, still standing at the door. On the other hand, Esme’s emotions were mixed. She was ready to smile all the way ear to ear on the one side. However, on the other, she was very worried for Bella. She didn’t like to watch her in such pain, with nothing she could do about it.

I sat there for hours beside her, holding her hand throughout her pain. We had never even really gotten to know each other. We had only even spoken that one time at school. Yet, I felt close to her. These last few days had in some ways bonded me to her. My venom ran through her veins now, as it forever would.

As I sat by her, Carlisle and Esme bustled throughout the house, trying to prepare for the challenges of a newborn vampire. They removed all the breakable items within easy reach. Even with a vampire’s precision and grace, a newborn would not be used to theirs and could accidentally run into them without even realizing it. And of course, Esme was very fond of her antiques.

I watched her as she changed, her agony seemingly rubbing off on me. I started to hear more minds downstairs. Alice had returned home after a shopping trip in Paris for the weekend, having immediately rushed home upon seeing what I was bringing home.

Everyone else had been trying to keep their minds silent throughout the time I had been sitting here; in an attempt to give Bella and me some peace and quiet if that was at all possible.

I sighed as I knew my silence was ending with Alice’s light step up the stairs.