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Love, It's Unjust

I know a lot of you hate Jacob with all your heart and soul, but please just give this a chance. Jacob is thinking about his love for Bella and his situation. REVIEW!!!!


1. Chapter 1

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 114   Review this Chapter

Little did I know that it would stem out into something dangerous. If
Only I had known before hand, I could have stopped myself from
Venturing too far
Everything now is so confusing and I don’t know what to do next

It’s something that I knew nothing about. So how could it
Take me?
Someone who was hardly even ready for it

Under and then slowly came up for air but
Never fully recovered. How can he
Justify doing that to her?
Utter and complete devotion and she threw it away. How can she ever
Say something to make it right? I’m not the only one
That will be hurt.

I wonder if she is ready for the consequences, because I am defiantly not.