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Bella's Diary (Twilight)

This is Bella's Diary for Twilight. Slightly OOC but I tried to make it as close as possible, I will never be able to match up to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer Bella's Diary Banner By Me!


1. Chapter 1- Arrival

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October 10, 2006

Around 6:00 am For now Phoenix

Dear Diary,

I am not looking forward to today. Today is the day I moved to Forks, Washington. Away from my mother. Away from everything I love.

I despise Forks, I love Phoenix. I love the sun that comes with living in the south. Forks is constantly cover by clouds and rain. Ugh. I HATE Forks. I used to spend every summer there, but one summer I kicked up a large enough fight to put an end to it.

To make things worse I start school tomorrow. I would be known as the new kid. A freak maybe. I would love to be the freak then hopefully people would let me suffer alone. I don’t want any attention, but when you move to Forks you become the topic of gossip which unfortunately implies popularity and attention. I wish there was some way to avoid it.

I don’t think there’s anything I am looking forward to with moving to Forks. Actually there is only three years till graduation then I’m free to go to some collage in the south. Till then I’m stuck in a puddle, literally.

Yours truly,


October 10, 2006

Around 6:00 pm

Coming from the detested town of Forks

Dear Diary,

Here I am writing from the most hated town in the country. Though it’s not too bad. Charlie bought me a car, it’s old but all in all it’s a car.

The car may be old but it’s sturdy. It’s one of those types of cars where you find it completely unharmed in a wreck. Now I’m stuck with money that I don’t really need. Maybe I could get some new books, or buy some clothes that I won’t freeze in. The clothes that I have, even though they’re the warmest I have, I freeze in them.

When I first walked into the house the first thing I noticed was the extremely embarrassing school photos. I wish he wouldn’t have those in plain sight. I’ll try to get him to take them down. I don’t need to be blushing every time I’m in my own home.

My room is exactly the same as it was when I was first born. Completely untouched. Even the old rocker is standing in the corner of my room. Matter of fact nothing has changed since my mom ran away with sixteen years ago. Not the bright yellow cabinets or the linoleum floors or the dark paneled walls. It’s like Charlie never wanted the house to change. Like he wants to keep the memories alive.

Well I found out something about Charlie today. He doesn’t know how to cook anything besides eggs, so I’ll be taking over kitchen detail. Which I have no problem with. I always was the responsible one when I was living with Renee, my child like mother. She never really was the responsible type. I miss her and her new husband Phil.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, but either way I need to rest. I should turn in, but the rain may prevent me from falling asleep.

Till tomorrow,