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Bella's Diary (Twilight)

This is Bella's Diary for Twilight. Slightly OOC but I tried to make it as close as possible, I will never be able to match up to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer Bella's Diary Banner By Me!


2. Chapter 2- Hateful Eyes

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October 11, 2006

5:30 pm

Dear Diary,

Forks is my personal hell on Earth!

My first day of Forks high school was more horrible than I thought it would be! First of all EVERONE was way too helpful. Secondly everyone seemed to know me as Isabella, definitely Charlie’s doing. Thirdly tons of boys were flirting and trying to get to know me. I don’t want a boyfriend, that’s the last thing I need. Lastly there was this boy who would not stop glaring at me during Biology. It wasn’t just glaring it was a death glare, like he’s hated me all his life. He knows nothing about me! What have I done to him?

The boy in Biology- Edward Cullen I think his name is-lives with his adoptive family. They’re all extremely beautiful.

One of his adoptive sisters is a beautiful blonde she almost unsettling to look at.

Then there’s his adoptive brother he’s huge, extremely muscled, it’s like he spends all of his time weight lifting, yet beautiful.

He has another adoptive sister, she’s pixie like, short, and like the others she is extremely graceful and beautiful.

Then there was his other brother, he was blonde, some what muscled, he had a pained look in his eyes.

Then there was him, Edward Cullen, he had unusual bronze hair, he was less muscled than his brothers, he-like his siblings-was extremely beautiful.

All the Cullen’s were different but yet they were the same. They all had black eyes, were extremely pale, paler than me, and they all were unsettlingly beautiful. They didn’t seem accepted though, surely with their beauty would gain some sort of acceptance, but they seem to keep to themselves. I guess they’re like me, they don’t want attention.

The first day of high school wasn’t so bad. I met a girl, she’s shy, but she seems loyal, someone I can trust with my deepest secrets, ok maybe not my deepest secrets, but she seems like the type that will be there for you during your hardest times. Her name is Angela Weber.

I can’t seem to get that boy out of my mind. How could he resent me so much when I haven’t said a word to him? What’s his problem anyway?

When we encountered in the office he had that same hate filled eyes, those eyes full of resentment, but yet I detected some sort of longing, or maybe I’m just going crazy. Yes that must be it, there was no longing in those midnight black eyes. Edward Cullen honestly scared me to death, I will try my best to keep away from him, I can see that is what he wants, maybe then he’ll lighten up and stop staring at me like that. Just maybe, but by the look on his face I can see that, that possibility is not a good one.

Well I better go make Charlie his dinner so he doesn’t starve, plus I have my homework to do. So I bid you adieu.

Sincerely yours,


October 12, 2006

4:00 pm

Dear Diary,

Edward Cullen didn’t show up to school today but yet his family was there. I have a feeling that I have something to do with that. I feel guilty though I did absolutely nothing.

I barely got any sleep last night. Part of it had to do with the noisy rain pattering against the roof, also I spent all night thinking on how I was going to approach him, but I know I don’t have the guts to say what I thought. I make the Cowardly Lion look like the Terminator.

Well I better respond to Moms e-mails, I think I’ve put them off long enough.

Bye for now,