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Alice's Journey

I had been kicking this idea around for a while. How did Alice become a vampire? Well, here is my take on it. Be warned, it's in the adult section for a reason and not because it's one of the fluffy little Bella and Edward doing it pieces I usually write. I have a couple of chapters to this 90% written. I hadn't seen much traffic on it so I left them by the wayside. THe numbers seem to be going up now so I am going to make a real effort to get them where they need to be and posted. THanks to all that have read this story so far for their patience.


2. Territorial Disputes

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I came to the asylum every night now. I would go to her room, holding her while she slept, staying until my shift started. I didn’t know why I felt this need. It had been four hundred years since I had someone that I really cared about. When I realized that my situation was semi permanent, I went and rented a small apartment in Athens. I had spent most of my existence alone, a nomad in every sense of the word. Yes I would occasionally come across one of my own. If I was lucky they were female. But there was never anyone that would hold my attention for long. A couple of years here, a decade or so there… There was never a scene when we parted. When my partners and I would tire of each other we would cordially go our separate ways. In essence we would screw each other until we wanted to screw someone else. The life we lead didn’t make for permanent bonds.

This was a different relationship. I had few human memories, they were so long ago. But I remembered my wife with a sad ache in my heart. And I remembered our daughter too. Both had black hair, just like Mary Alice. My family had been gone for centuries, dying in the plague before I became a vampire.

What did I expect to get from this girl? I couldn’t take her out of here. What would I be able to do for her? Even in the best circumstances I would not be able to care for a child. This one was broken beyond repair. For some reason though, I couldn’t give her the peace she so needed. So hungry or not, I came every night now, just to make sure she was safe.

It was well past a week since the incident here. Before I started my shift that morning, I had staged the bodies over the drain in the showers. I added a few more stab wounds, planted a couple scalpels and turned the water on. The talk amongst the staff was that the two men must have got into a fight. The authorities assumed the lack of blood was caused by the water taking it down the drain. Nobody had really been interested. Apparently the people that worked here mattered hardly more than the inmates they guarded.

It was early for me as I headed out for the evening. I had been gone only for a few hours, but I was anxious to get back and check on her. More people were about than usual as I strolled down the streets as it was still daylight. I was unconcerned. It was a cloudy cold late afternoon. The humans huddled in their coats, paid me no mind. I hadn’t fed since that night anyhow and my eyes had almost no red in them to reveal what I was. I would need to fix that and feed tonight. I was getting concerned for her safety as my thirst increased. As I turned the corner, my nose caught the smell of one of my own. It had been a while that I had had company. I was well ahead of schedule. She would be fine for a bit longer. I decided to see if I could track him down.

He was sitting in a diner nursing a cup of coffee. For a vampire he seemed kind of plain. His sandy hair and pleasant face blended in much better than I did. Human women were always drawn to me.

As I approached he turned to me with a smile.” I thought I picked up on something when I got into town.”

“I caught you a couple blocks from my apartment.”

He motioned to the seat across from himself and I sat down. “My name is James.” His approach was friendly, but I heard a slight underlying tension in his voice. He was measuring me up, trying to determine the threat I might pose.

“Mine is Thomas” I returned.

“As in Saint Thomas?”

“Hardly,” I said with a grim smile. “It has been a while since I’ve seen a friendly face.”

“How’s the hunting in the area?”

“Plentiful.” I replied. His posture relaxed further. I had made it clear that I didn’t consider this territory mine.

The waitress came up to our table.

“Is there anything I can get you?” Her face flushed as she looked at me. It didn’t escape my new friend’s attention.

James smiled politely at her. “My friend looks a bit thirsty to me.”

“I’ll have a coffee.” I told the girl curtly.

“Here ya go” She flipped over the cup on the table and poured. She was smiling at me when she bent down. I shot her a murderous glare. I wanted her no where near me. Her face became frightened and she moved quickly from our table.

The vampire across from me leered as she turned toward the counter. “Not to your liking? She looks pretty tasty to me.”

“I have other plans for this evening.” I replied.

“Oh, do you have a favored spot?”

“I usually stick to where I work.”

“You work? How intriguing. Where?” James asked curious.

“I work up the road at the State Insane Asylum.”

“And you don’t bring attention upon yourself? How do you manage it?”

They lose a few every month one way or another” I replied nonchalant.

As I said the words an odd sensation washed over me. I felt defensive, territorial. Not about the asylum so much. I search my feelings. It was Alice. I was worried for her. James picked up on my mood almost immediately.

“And you’re not of a mind to share?”

“No, that’s not a problem. Not tonight at least. I haven’t fed in over a week.” I didn’t want to cause an issue. I went there to ease my conscience. If he fed there tonight as well, maybe our waitress would make it home safe.

“Well then young man, lead on.”

“You’re welcome to join me. It will be awhile before we can go in. There are a few rules that I must enforce, to remain inconspicuous. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Naturally, that won’t be a problem.” He said smoothly as he threw change down for our coffee.