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A Million Raindrops

This one-shot was inspired by the song "A Million raindrops" from Zoey 101. This is my version on how bella feels when Edward leaves her standing all alone in the forest heartbroken and empty. As Bella tries to sooth her broken heart, nature itself is the one thing that helps Bella as she lets out the sorrow she has inside herself. Please read i swear you wont regret it!!! Also please leave reviews i want to know if i did horrible, okay, or ect.


1. Million Raindrops

Rating 5/5   Word Count 651   Review this Chapter

My heart and soul shattered as I saw Edward leave

my life and world. I was breaking and my breathing

was becoming heavier. Now here I am in the very

spot he left me standing. My thoughts were going

crazy but my heart was bleeding. I still looked at the

very spot I saw Edward disappear. my body wasn’t

functioning correctly and instead of going back to my

house I went more into the forest. I walked and

walked not really seeing anything but those words I

kept replaying in my mind. Of course he couldn’t love

an old plain human like me, no vampire could. I was

just a tool, but why did it feel like my heart was

being wrenched out of me. Why did it cause me all of

this pain? I looked towards the sky, the horizon was

darkening. The wind picked up and I shivered in my

jacket. I looked at the path ahead of me and

glimpsed a fallen tree just a few yards away from the

path. I was exhausted and hurt deep down to my

soul. Edward. My heart wrenched in pain and I let out

a small whimper. he had broke me and now I knew I

would never love anyone else but him.

My feet carried me towards the fallen tree without my

doing. I laid on the tree and curled up in a ball. The

sky was getting darker and the day was fading away

just like my Edward had. I let another whimper out.

Even thinking of him hurt me. What also hurt me the

most is that not even my best friend came to say

goodbye. All I got was a heart wrenching it’ll be like I

never existed as a goodbye. After all the love we had,

after I gave him my heart, soul, and life he still had

the strength to just turn away. No I cant think like

that. He had every right too leave me. I was a

pathetic and stupid human who fell in love with a

vampire who I thought felt the same, but I guess I

was wrong. Even if he had every right to leave it still

hurt me. I was empty, I was fading, and most

importantly I was numb. His words had stabbed me

and made me bleed. His distractions told me that he

would be just fine without me, maybe or probably

even better, happier.

The daylight was finally gone and darkness took over.

The sky was pitch black and covered with thick gray

clouds that looked like raging monsters. Then as the

clouds started approaching the rain came with it. The

rain was like a blessing telling me to let it all out. To

cry my heart out and finally to move on. But I knew I

couldn’t move on, but I did cry my heart and soul out.

I thought about all the times we spent together, the

sweet kisses we shared, and the love we used to

have. Tears came streaming out and then mixed with

the rain that fell on my face, blessing my broken

heart. I cried and cried and the rain kept coming

down. I was drenched to the bone. I closed my eyes

with tears escaping my closed eye lids. The rain

lightened and I felt big arms wrap around me. Was it

Edward? No these arms were big, strong, and warm. I

opened my eyes as I caught sight of my house. The

rain now only drizzled on my face as more tears fell,

the rain keeping me company as my heart screamed

with pain.

A million raindrops

Upon your face

Tears disappear

Without a trace

A million raindrops

Follow you home

They trample with you

So your not alone

No need to run for cover

Just wrap your arms

And let them kiss

Your face