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Bridging The Gap

The story of Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen is very well known. However, what about that of the heart and soul of the Cullen family?
The vague outline of Esme's human life, put forward by Stephanie Meyer, leaves a lot to the imagination.
What happens between each of these guidelines? What is the attraction between the eternally youthful pair, the glue that holds them together?

When Esme Platt jumped from the cliff in 1921, she thought she had nothing left to live for. As she goes through the fiery transformation, and comes out the other side she finds two men who will forever change her outlook on the life she lost.

When the worlds of the preternatural and humans collide what are the aftereffects? A continuing story of pain, love and learning to trust the world once again. Continues through the Pre-Twilight life of the Cullen "parents."
Canon, EsmexCarlisle,


10. Epilogue

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"Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."
- Antoine de Saint Exupery


Carlisle POV




Three matters that are a constant throughout the world, yet it was difficult to remember my views on these aspects while I had been human.

Most mortals, mainly those I had lived amidst, believed time was boundless until they finally saw the horizon. Those who had visited me in the hospital during my years of working as a physician saw the end. The horizon which for most of their lives seemed out of their reach was then very much visible, teetering on the periphery between two worlds - living or the hereafter. Time, however was in their hands. It could be used and cherished but it also could be wasted.

Love was something entirely all together. Humans and vampires, although both feel the emotion, have entirely different views on the subject. Where mortals saw love as something that could be broken, could evaporate and wane, vampires saw it as forever. Infinite in its vulnerability, it could only be expanded by nourishment as our preacher put it at our wedding. Love only strengthens and endures in my eyes, time passes and yet you still feel for the owner of your heart as you did all those years before.

Vampires were beyond the constraints that were so naturally placed upon human beings - life and death, and time as a whole. Time, where considered by humans, was endless, limitless and sometimes overlooked by us. It could be counted and measured when we wished to withhold it, but bypassed without much thought.

Each time the clouds transverse across the cerulean skies human beings would wonder how many more times they would witness such as blessing. For us the only passing of time came in those imperative happenstances that change the existence and world in which we lived, however minutely.

The unquestionable power of love had created something beautiful. Edward, Esme and I existed now where those in our place would not.

The young man with wheat hair who lived in the pastor house of London, England, carrying out his father's wishes dutifully.

The young woman destined to grow with her son in Ashland, Wisconsin.

The young man with the vivid bronze hair destined to become a father and husband, under the watchful eyes of his parents.

Each of our stories were individual. We had lived, albeit not complete lives alone in our own worlds. We had each seen the features of our times, and passed the trials that were put in front of us.

It was in our union, it was when the three of our stories combined, that we became something more than the nameless, faceless members of society.


Everything that has happened transpired through a bite.

The coven of vampires in the London sewers biting me.

The dear that had ran past my hiding place on the southern coast of the British Isles.

The identical bites present upon both Edward's and Esme's necks.

Thanks to these four, we had become who we are today. We were bound, not only by my venom that ran in my son's and wife's veins, but by the conscience that we each had developed. The first drink of blood for me, inconsequential though it seemed at the time, had made the three of us evade the coining of coven. The humanity we each have developed through living alongside, and empathizing with, humans that many of our kind see as meat have aided us in becoming a family. Bound, not because of security but of love. Bound not only to each other, but to the world and the humans that God created to walk upon it.

Love, however overlooked it may be, has provided this outcome for me and my family. It was out of love that I ran from London and hid myself from the unsuspecting humans. It was out of love that I studied medicine; it was the happiness of helping someone weaker than myself that I appreciated most of all in my job.

It was out of love for the human kind that I had fled Italy in the nineteenth Century. It was out of love that I had journeyed to the New World to put my taught abilities to the test.

It was love that the small, sixteen year old girl had brought out in me as I set her broken leg.

It was out of love from his mother that Edward had subsisted so long in the hospital. It was out of love that his mother's final plea was made. It was out of love that Esme fled Charles, love for the tiny life within her. It was out of love that Esme nurtured that child for nine months and it had been the loss of that unrequited love that drove her off the cliff.

It was out of love that I had bitten the pair of them, and it was because of our love for each other that we now lived together in harmony.

After almost three hundred years living alone in the dark, despondently merely existing as I struggled to cope with the things that I had been selfishly given - and those that had been taken - it had taken just over three years to change my life. It had taken the presence of two other souls, to other hearts and minds to transform me into the person I now was.

Where, just like human beings, it was hard to see the future and what would happen the next day I would hazard a guess that I would always love each member of my family as much, if not more, than I do now. I was rendered powerless when it came to the future; I was rendered in the dark when it came to the things we would face. Yet, I could not doubt that because of the man I now was and the love that I felt from my family it would be all right. We could face those mysterious tasks, we could face the highs, and we could face the lows because we were together.

I remain content being nothing more than a contributor in our future, along with the two people that I love and trust more than anything else. If the benevolent, omnipresent, omnipotent God brought Esme and Edward into my life, if he had planned our destinies the day I took my first breath on the earth all those years ago I was happy that future decisions did not lay in my solely in my hands. If any change that appeared was as pleasant as those I have already been subjected too I would gladly be led on the path forged by destiny alongside those I support, trust and love among all else.

"What is that smile for, Carlisle?" A beautiful, melodic, tinkling voice broke me out of my reverie. Turning to the source of such music I found my wife and son walking in through the front door.

As Edward sat down at the piano, his fingers moving easily over the keys, Esme folded herself in my lap. Her beautifully plump lips pulled up into a smile, as she pressed her forehead into the crook of my neck.

"Just counting my blessings, my love," I responded, planting a reverent kiss to the soft skin of her cheek.

The young girl in Columbus, ten years ago, had always been destined to become my eternal, rightful and complete match. The young man in Chicago nearly four years ago had always been destined to be my son, brother and perpetual companion. The young man in London had been destined to become the person I am content to be. The three of us together, all strangers, all unimportant in the world, had always been destined to become a family.

My blessings, indeed.