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Waxing Crescent

What if your calling was to kill the one you loved?

Disclaimer: I own nothing and am not making money, at all.

1. Will Stand Up

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Isabella Swan was in PE, playing volleyball—or rather, trying not to be hit in the head, when it happened.

There was a rush, a feeling she couldn’t describe, and when the ball came soaring at her through the air, she jumped and spiked it down harder and farther than most people thought possible, especially for someone as athletically challenged as she.

No one was more amazed than Bella herself.



The Slayer spun on her heel to face the bleached blond vampire. “Spike. We’ve been through this. I know, I know, we just moved in, but everyone else is all busy, so we don’t really have a lot of choice. Or at least I don’t. No one’s forcing you to come with me.”

His face softened. “You know I’m gonna.”

“Yeah. But you don’t have to.”

Spike closed the distance between them as he strode from the bed to the closet where Buffy Summers sat packing her clothes into carefully labeled boxes.

“Look, it’s been a long time…since I’ve seen you. I don’t want to lose you now—”

“Lose me?” Buffy looked up from the denim skirt she was folding. “You’re the one who died.”

“Well…I mean…”

“I’m not gonna get back with the Immortal.”

“He’s not the only one in line to get with the infamous Buffy Summers,” Spike muttered almost bitterly.

She stood. “You mean Angel?”

Spike avoided looking her in the eye. “I mean people.” She didn’t answer, and he sighed. “All right, yeah, I mean the Dark Avenger. With the whole…thing where he can walk in the sun without bursting into flame thing, I just thought you might…I…would probably want to kill myself, to be honest…but…I wouldn’t stop you,” he finished quietly, as if each word hurt.

“Spike, Angel and I talked…about us. He’s got his life now, like Connor, and he’s going to hang around in Cleveland with Faith, help with the whole Hellmouth situation there.”

“Do you want me to come with you, Buffy?”

Buffy sat down next to him on the bed. “I do.” A small smile formed on her lips.

Spike stood and lifted a box packed with bras and underwear. “Right, best be getting a move on, then. Forks, here we come.”